A Birthday-present for Kjell Arild. Dec.1st. 2011 Part 1

Dear reader! December 1st. is the birthday of Kjell Arild Tiltnes! He is a good friend and manager of Alexander Rybak, but also the person, responsible for the opening of Alexanders facebook-fanpage in may 2009 and for being the contact-person between Alexander and his fans, a job that has given him many friends among the fans. This year, we decided to give him a very special birthday-present: A book with memories from a discussion-thread, we opened on the fanpage: A fanclub-thread about Kjell Arild.

Being pretty sure, he never found time to read it, while it existed on the fanpage, we found it a nice idea for a birthday-present. It was necessary to edit and I hope, you will forgive, dear reader, that the editing brought the texts down from 140 word-pages to 35, which makes it more likely, that Kjell Arild will find time to read it:-)

I have tried to edit in a way, that shows the variety of moods, that we shared in the discussion-thread. There was  joy and happiness, but also frustration, worries and sometimes,  even anger. I have tried, to show a glimpse of all of it, as it was – during our days and nights on Alexanders fanpage. The following text is a true copy of the book, Kjell Arild received for his birthday, except that I added some more pictures here:-)

Part 2 is here


Hillerød, Danmark 29.11.11

Dear Kjell Arild!

You have been with us from the start and we think, it is about time, you get a hint of how much you mean to us.

First a little history:

As you might know, a very important place, for the community among Alexanders fans, were the “discussion-threads” on his fanpage! This belongs to the past now, cause  01.11.2011, the Facebook-owners decided to delete all discussion-pages on Facebook. They were too expensive to maintain and didn´t bring in any money(!)

However, they warned about their decision and that gave us time, to save some of the stuff, we were fond of.

One of the threads, that was saved was THE FANCLUB-THREAD FOR KJELL ARILD TILTNES.

This thread was opened in the summer of 2009 and it was used for greetings and appreciations for your work but also for discussions about the state of the fanpage and for concerns about its future!

Happiness and joy has been expressed in this thread, but also worries, concern and frustration. It shows a glimpse of the history and developement of the fanpage with all the up´s and down´s, shifting moods, setbacks and improvements.

I have edited a lot in the pages, cause otherwise, you would have been holding a big fat book in your hands right now and we all know, you don´t have time for thatJ

I hope, you will enjoy this collection from your own fanclub-thread and I hope it will make you feel really proud, cause you deserve that! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Marianne Saietz & Rybak´s Facebookies

Irena Bay

Somewhere above in Europe
some place I’ve never been
there lives the man who helps us
to map the violin

which is on Alex’ shoulder
travellin’ from town to town
And it’s Kjell Arild’s postings
that make us jump around

la la la la la (Irena)
la la la la la (Anastasia with a choir cause so tiny with a voice so weak)
la la la la la (Kjell’s humming)

Tania Voice

Irena! great!

we pay all our attention on Sasha and forgot about
real cool man

Irena Bay

Ok, let collect 25 reasons why we love Kjell:

1. He keeps us updated.

2. He is funny (“stay tuna!” hahahaha!)

3. He answers us.

4. He is bloody gorgeous (never seen him, but something tells me that he is!)

5. He thinks WE are funny — I can hear him giggling every night all the way to Germany!

Hege Anita Steinvik
Count me in the fan club too 🙂

Tania Voice

6. He is Sasha’s neighbour

7. He perfectly knows Norwegian (and we want it too)

Victoria CAn

8. He is very helpful to certain ladies from a certain class and helps them the best that he can to achieve their goal..:-)

Raquel Jimenez Sanguino

8. He knows Alex very well
9. He can speak with Alex when he wants
10. He read our comments

Irena Bay

haha! appearantly he’s a good sport as well! (#11)

11. Maybe he forwards our comments to him =)

Irena Bay

12. He is very polite and diplomatic!

(should we expanded it to 100 things we like about Kjell? I really did not expect you guys falling all over Kjell so quickly – he must be the true reason, we all are here on FB. Alex is just a decoy ;))

Irina Zhk

13. He is patient with us

Marion Kubek

Maaaybe we could give Kjell a violin so than he could start playing, too and that we just fall for him… that would be perfect…

Grete Strub

I second

Irena Bay

*whispering conspiringly*
But I thought, I wait couple of days with nagging that it’s time that he posts something new (it’s been a while actually… a day or something) – wanted to sweet-talk him first and then squeeze him out like a lemon when he at least expects it. 😉

Irena Bay

“At LAST some females talking and caring for him for a change!! ”

We are talkin’ here about Kjell, hello?! He was the (listen to the song), long before Alex stopped wearing diapers, sweetie!

*very close and whispering*

 That’s what I mean with sweet-talkin’, dear! *winking* Men looove it, trust me!

ah.. a bit old-fashioned… but it works for me and most definitely will work on Kjell: he is a romantic! Mmm! Don’t get me started!! *sigh*

Seriously, he looks like a really really nice person… (what number are we now?)

Vero Nica

Ok 🙂

14. He has a nice voice and talks warmly about Alexander


Irena Bay

what does he say?

Vero Nica

This is a newsreport from the communitycenter on Nesodden where many neighbors had gathered to watch Eurovision and from 04.07 it goes :

Journalist: And Kjell Arild Tiltnes, you a neighbour and a good friend of Alexander, how do you think he has it now while waiting to go on stage?

Kjell: I think he is calm and very focused, and now he has experienced several times that he delivers when it really matters, so I think he is confident in himself, they are proberly sitting craming with the dancers, backingvocalists and the choreograph.

J : How do you think he is preparing? 

K : They go through what they should do time and again and again. And now I think they just sits accumulate themselves.

J : Do you think he will win tonight?

K : I’m absolutely sure he will do that, but even so I don’t think he is totally convinced of it. He is a very humble soul.

Irena Bay

It shows that Kjell (just did a little research how to pronounce the name correctly) is someone with his feet on the ground and has a good heart. (15)

Susanne Berlin

16) He ‘s got a very cool name!! Irena,how do you pronounce it?

Grete Strub

Maybe rather off- topic:

Kjell is a masculine given name in Norway and Sweden, in Denmark the cognate is Kjeld or Keld. It’s derived from the Old Norse ketill, meaning “kettle” or “cauldron” or “helmet”. [1]

In recent years, Norwegian social groups based on underground electronic music has started refering to someone as being “kjell” as them being affected by party drugs. Thus, saying someone is “Kjell”, refers to their current affected state, rather than their actual name. This has spread across the country with amazing speed. Thanks to large music festivals abroad, the meaning has started to spread across the European Mainland as well.

Irena Bay

[ch-ie-l] und can here it also the reporter saying his name in the interview Veronica has posted.
thank you for this very interesting piece of information, dear Grete.

Grete Strub

The russian thread talks about making a fanclub for Kjell-Arild too

Asya Katsarenko

Spies=) I have joked!
Your fan club is pleasant to us=)

Irena Bay

Kjell deserves it :DDD

Actually, I think the Russians should join us: It’s better to be a star of one big fan club, then a star of many little ones! 😉

Marianne Saietz

I agree with Irena..Its time to raise the iron-curtain and break down the wall.

Tania Voice

If all our numerous clubs shouldn’t not move soon… Neither Sasha not Kjell write us any messages…

Marianne Saietz

No 5 days now..but its not the first time..perhaps they have FB-trouble too.
Now, Yannis has been blocked completely from Facebook, on top of all the other trouble..

Irena Bay


My co-fans of Kjell,

thanks for coming. I saw myself forced to call an emergency meeting tonight. Our dearest friend Yannis Papadopoulos is celebrating his departure to Army tonight and I feel that he deserves a comment/a little thank-you from TEAM RYBAK for all the work he has done for Alex’ FB page!

 KJEEEEEELLLL!!! Hello over there in Norwaaaaay!! Can ya hear me? It’s been 5 days! Now come out and say farewell to Yannis!!

*jumping higher to see over the heads of the FB community*


Anastasia Dourvetaki

I’m with you Irena!!


Marianne Saietz

I think happiness over having his own fanclub, has overwhelmed Kjell. The poor man has fainted.

Irena Bay

For a whooole day???

Marianne Saietz

Perhaps he went off with one of the hot russian fans?

Irena Bay

Not Kjell! No no! If he runs off, he will take all of us with him!

Irena Bay

No news today
Kjell left us crying here
We scared and want to know
What’ll happen to us all

No news today
It’s been now a whole week
What is it that we’ve done
Did we have too much fun?

How could you know
just what this page is worth
It’s the place where we create, from all around the earth
How could you know
the palace we have here
Behind your WALL we reign in harmony

No news today
And Alex wants to leave
A page done by some pros
Will makes us “Long ago”

What’ll be left is a place dark and lonely
a terraced house in a main thread up in there
We are in tears when we think of it only
Just let us know why???

(Ok, the art requieres some sense of drama, so you can think one question mark away. But seriously, what will happen to us when Alex has moved to his new fancy website in October?)

Marianne Saietz

@Irena..you make me cry…we are so abandoned here…no Kjell. Alex went to Sweden. Took the Frikars with him..all we have are eachother..and the booze.

And all my home-made bombs and missiles…
Is anyone in for a suicide-mission?

Or, maybe not! I have a concert-ticket for the 10.10.

Irena Bay

suicide missions suck: It’s all big fun, but then you have no eyes and mouth necessary to drool

Renia Thenou

Hullo Kjell,
Just stopped by to give this thread a boost up! Showing you our appreciation for your hard work! Here is a small gift from Greece:

A fairy without a fairytale” I think you will find the violin part interesting! It is not a traditional song although it has traditional elements.
Have a nice day!


Marianne Mata Hari Saietz 

Hi Kjell. The page is improving and it is taken good care of. Thanks for all your hard work. We do miss the little REPLY-button in the right side of the postings here, though..Its been missing for a long time now.


Renia Thenou


Good evening my dear Kjell!
My name is Dr. Renia Thenou and I am a world-wide successful Psychoanalyst with MSC and PHD and FBTR and KUIOP diplomas and an Award for my specialty in Facebookian complexes. The last days I have sensed some anxiety in this thread, combined with a fear towards success and since I am a good and caring-for-humans person as well, I thought I came by to introduce myself.
Here is my card. Feel free to visit my luxurious office any time! Danke!
*Gets inside her Ferrari and vanishes behind the dust the car is leaving. She is in a hurry. Someone by the name Rybak is waiting in the office and the famous Dr. Renia is curious about this new case *


Marianne Mata Hari Saietz


***Kjell is standing paralyzed on the pavement, looking after Dr. Renias dust-track, with mouth open, thinking : What on earth was that all about???****


Renia Thenou


Dear Kjell, you are all invited to the Dr. Renia’s new office, opening party, later this evening!
There will be drinks and “snacks” for everyone. Dress informally and bring Rybak with you!!


Marianne Mata Hari Saietz


****Kjell is searching the internet, for information about this mysterious Dr. Renia….He is getting his cell-phone and calling a number…the cell-phone, he is calling is, right now, in Kiev****

Irena Bay

Something happened to Kjell … when was the last time, someone saw him here?

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

Ehhhh….Did we ever see him here?

How long since there was messages on the wall? the 17th?
Good thing, we are sooo patient.

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

KJELL ARILD!!!! Kjeeeeell Aaaaaariiiiiiild!!!

Where are you? We need neeeeeews!!! Have you forgotten us?

We have been waiting, since we heard from you last time. Please write on the wall and tell Alex to do the same..HURRY!

Some of the girls in here are not the patient and modest kind. They have russian blood and hot temper!!! It will get very hot in here..and not in a nice way, if we don´t get some news on the wall…

Irena Bay

Marianne, I came to help you screaming Kjell out of his hideout: KJEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Irena Bay


Irena Bay

*thinking hard*

… maybe we get more attention if we sang his name in a fugue form??


Alev Can

Kjell, we feel like abandoned…

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

Okay, enough of the sweet-talking:


OOOPS. Was I too agressive??Jan Paulsen

Attention fans!
Something very strange is going on just today. Alexander’s new site web site is only pointing to Martin Fjellanger’s FB site “European Song Contest 2009” with the remarks “Join me on my official FaceBook site”.

It might be just a stupid mistake, but now it is highly time for you, Kjell Arild, to come out and comment on this directly!

What is really going on?

The fans here have experienced many earlier periods of uncertainty and confusion. I think it is overdue now for you and Alexander to face up to the challenge and give a clear answer.

I think it would be extremely unwise for Alexander to continue to close his eyes, make some occational small “boyish” and nice remarks, but in fact continue to treat an important part of his fan base as idiots who never can be really informed.

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

I CALL ALL MEMBERS OF THIS PAGE: On Alexanders new web-site, his official Facebook-page is linked, but it is not this one. It is another one, larger, but much more dull.
Please, register as members on his website and write a comment, pointing out, tha…t we like this page and want to keep it. Some of us have done so allready, but it would have much more effect, if more would do it. Show the link to this page in your comment, to leave no doubt about, which page, you are referring too.
If we stay passive, I am afraid this page will be neglected by Alex and his management in favor of the other one.
Best regards.

After 10.10.2009

Irena Bay

!!! TEAM ART CLASS met TEAM RYBAK last night !!!

Alev Can

@Irena : how did he treat you? he knows this fanclub?? 🙂 🙂 🙂 we’ll be waiting whole report from you 😀 😀 😀 lucky ones!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Victoria CAn

@Team Art-class: Good job, girls…Did you hug and kiss him on our behalf as well? 🙂

Vero Nica

It would be cool if we are noticed by Team Rybak. I think this FB- page are much better, more fun and especially faster on news, links, photos, articles and TV-appearances and so on, than Alexander’s own new homepage….he he.
This is because fans/friends from all over Europe are working together in here to find stuff, and do translations for each other, we take turns depending on which country he is in at the moment : – )

We have had many funny moments in here trying to follow Alexander around Europe this summer and autumn, I think sometimes we knew better than Alexander himself where he was at the moment…. he he.

It would be great if Alexander was told about the Funny Little World in here in the “backroom” of his official FB-page. And if he ever feels lonely on tour, please come on in to visit us 🙂 LOL


Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

Good morning Kjel Arild..I hope you have found this fan-club-thread of yours, that you were so amazed to hear about, when we met you in Oslo. You told, you were going to be in Rotterdam these days, to work in the evenings, but in the daytime, you wold have time, to look into these pages.

As you have discovered, if you are reading this, this whole discussion-forum is a huge world of its own..sometimes, we call it PLANET RYBAK, cause it has so many nationalities ( more than 60, we counted)

I think, this thread was started for fun, but also because we wished to get in contact with you as our landlord and facebook-keeper “:-))
We know, how busy you are, but everytime we get a message from you, we are very excited.

Enjoy your reading now..

Jan Paulsen

So, as I read on other threads, the future plan is/was to join the 2 FB pages into one big one?

Well, that can only be done by asking the members of one page to migrate over to the other page and become members there.

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz
It was the most overwhelming good concert in Oslo..All of us agree..( all 18-19 or 20 of us ) Also meeting eachother and having this experience as a group, was wonderful..You must tell this to Alex, if you talk to him..If he is still unsure of himself or puzzled about being popular, he should just forget it and feel confident. Great artist, no doubt about it. Hope it was fun to play for the grown-ups for a change, while the kids was stuck away on the balcony:-) The grown-ups enjoyed it very much, I can assure you!

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

Kjell Arild, how long will it take?
Do I have to bake you a cake?
You sure wish to read this
Its all about Tiltnes
And we waiting here, still awake:-)

Jan Paulsen

One thing is rather remarkable.

Every person on this FB page that has met or communicated with Kjell Arild, is not merely positive, but rather enhanced or impacted.

Some have even stated that the meeting with Kjell Arild was better or more giving than meeting with A.R.

Seems that K.A. is so secure in himself that he can afford the peace of mind that is required to be a very good listener and that he dares to give something of himself.

But he is not a good reader, as many here know who have tried to reach him in vain. But as he has explained, he is so occupied that he can not even read the postings on his own wall.

Anyway, having these qualities must be rather handy when your profession is business consultancy on an European level.

Sara Anja

Hi, Kjell-Arild. It was great to meet you and talk to you Saturday. You was very nice to us and interrested in our story. Also, thanks for our group-picture with Alex. That ment a lot to me.

Renia Thenou

Good morning Kjell!
From what I have heard for you, from the people that have met you, you must be a very polite and likeable person! I’m looking forward to meeting you too!
Congratulations about this page, we all hope it will be getting bigger and bigger! … and exactly as it is now!
You see Kjell, this page has become something much greater than a mere fun-club page. It has become a “home” to a lot of interesting and exciting personalities, and that I consider it a big compliment to you and Alex!
Not to mention that a lot of us in here are starting to become friends in real life too! And that’s the most wonderful thing about this page!
Have a nice day!

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

Kjell Arild is reading along
And soon, he will feel glad and young!
It is with great pleasure
We show him our treasure
That all started out with one song!

Irena Bay

*Anastasia is trying to lift the thread up … no freaking chance … too tiny …*

Anaaaaastaaaasiaaaa, Iiiii’m cooooooming toooo helppppp! *whosh!* *fell down cause too long*


Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

Here comes the viking and all her warriors….uuuuuuuuuuup it goes!

And stay up!!!!…( starting to get annoyed with this stupid thread and feels the viking inside starting to get furious)

Laila Solum Hansen

Well, as others also have said – He was very polite, seemed interested and surprised over what we told him – he also said he was very busy but would try to read when he had some time off ( which wasn’t much) – and he gave us an e-mail adress to send important messages, because he will always read his e-mail… Has anyone tried that one? Personally I was interested in what he is doing professionally (consulting/ advising thingy) – I’m trying to find out more about it.
And of course he was very service-minded (and a little’ uplifted’ by some kind of beverage..), to get Alex to come to us after he had finished signing authographs ( I think the poor boy was just a little tired by then, and wanted to get away..)

Jan Paulsen

Here is a link to some professional facts about Kjeld Arild Tiltnes:


He is a consultant, project manager and lecturer. The link points to the firm Kundefocus (Customer focus).

Notice his great interest in FISH! philosophy (!!!!!!!!). Is that the reason for a FB page for the fishermann?

Here is the translation:

Kjell Arild Tiltnes

– Satisfied customers are easy. Create experiences that are greater than the expectations!

Kjell Arild engages its audience – guaranteed! Specialist expertise is in sales, customer care, behavior and attitudes. He knows what he’s talking about, when he still works in the field with responsibility for sales and marketing activities for a variety of clients. He has an innate love for sale.

The last four years, he has inspired many organizations in Scandinavia, with FISH! philosophy, and he loves it! Kjell Arild’s message is liberating different, wonderful individual and very feasible.

• 10 years in radio and television as a journalist, presenter, producer and editor
• Lecturer in the media industry in communication and presentation skills
• 3 years as a consultant and lecturer in Dynamic Sales Institute
• 2 years as project manager for Ralph Bolin Result Consulting
• Hired a consultant in Steen & Strøm ASA during the creation of “Norway’s largest center chain”
• 2 years as Project Manager for Aker Media
• 2 years as a consultant and lecturer ITC World Solutions
• Project manager for a variety of sales and marketing activities in Norway and abroad, including for Telenor, Nokia, Ford, Opel, Statoil, Thorn, D: E: R, G-Sport and Steen & Strøm.

Latest highlights:

• Speaker at the Big Sale Day
• Lecturer at the annual meeting of Nordic Council of Shopping Centers
• Retail Price – This year’s best internal motivation program and campaign
• Goodwill Award
• Activities with sales records in the new car, used car and new housing

“Common language for tribal people.”


Here is something I at first thought was a description of the NB thread:

“… has a so vital and infectious atmosphere that people of all types of occupations are there in their lunch time just to see and absorb the enthusiasm and energy that is unfolding”.

But it turned out just to be a description of Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle.


Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

@ Jan. WOW! Great detective work..:-)

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

Kjell, this is your last chance..I am going away in 2 hours,..for 5 days vacation in Amsterdam…You must be a very busy man!!!

There are some suggestions here, to make people with double membership on the two official facebook-pages, to skip their membership on the other one and stay here…

What if this happens, and it turns out, that actually, this one is the biggest group??? Interesting thought, don´t you think?
Would the creator of the other page be very mad or sad, if this one ended up being THE page?

Something to think about..While we wait for answers about our future and the future for all the treasures of knowledge, we have collected here, we keep feeding the page with our hearts and souls and bodies ( ok, not! ) and brains.

Have a nice day!

Jan Paulsen

Actually, I think that of all Alexander’s pages and sites, this FB page is the only one where elements of the FISH! philosophy are at work.
As a result, it has “a so vital and infectious atmosphere that people of all types of occupations are there … just to see and absorb the enthusiasm and energy that is unfolding.”

Irena Bay

I will try to express my sadness with music:
*clearing throat*
A new song to sing along to “The song from a secret garden”:

And it’s been days and days
Since we have seen his face
and we have heard his voice
and now

We’re waiting here again
for any little glance
for any tiny chance
but no

He’ll never know what he makes us do
He wakes the beasts in wives and in girls, too
He heats them up and makes them dream of more
of rolling on the floor
of waiting on the shore …


(and FYI: I take diamonds, money, convertibles as apology!)

Ellen Snoeij

Alex is mentally preparing that he will give away his violin this weekend and Kjell Arild is in Rotterdam… may be… still… Or may be he is on Hawaii reading the book in silence so nobody disturbs him.

I’ve sent Kjell Arild a message. Hope it helps… you never know.
“Niet geschoten is altijd mis”, we say…, “If you don’t shoot you alway miss”.

Jan Paulsen

@Ellen, your message worked. The new post from Alex on the Wall came only very few minutes before the program started.

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

I have used my 6th and 7th senses, looked in my crystal bowl and tried to see, what our 2 missing friends are up to.

Kjell is in a beach-chair in Hawai, wearing a flowery shirt, shorts, hat and sunglasses. He is reading a little blue book and laughing, shouting, gasping and sipping a strong drink all the time.

Alex is trying to find his book, but his room is so messy from teddybears, clothes, flowers and papers…Ahh, there he found it. He jumps back into bed and reads on…Moa is trying to get in, but he locked the door..

Ahh, the picture disappeared

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY. …So much better to pop in here this time…

Great messages on the wall from Alex…
So glad…I just feel like singing like a little bird..tweet, tweet…

Dont care about Madonna..Our hobbit is much nicer and he has only been famous for half a year…

Life is great.

Irena Bay

I miss Kjell – it’s been a while … he is so funny (go fish … :))), actually it was the only joke he cracked up … maybe time for a new … but still :))) )

A concert in Berlin 2.12.2009 was announced and a fan-meeting prepared. But the concert was cancelled. The fan-meeting was not cancelled – and by a miracle, it ended up in lunch in Berlin with Alex, the Smurf and Dan, the tour-manager

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

27 LADIES IN BERLIN ( mel. 13 horses by A.Rybak)

Twenty-seven ladies in Berlin
Waiting for some smurfy kissing
They are prepared
And none of them are scared
(Just sad, the Viking-girl is missing)

They have a plan
To steal the fiddling man
and give him a good time in France
And all is set!
He´s been so hard to get
But finally they see their chance

Twenty-seven ladies in Berlin
Running out the door like crazy
They caught their prey
And now, they´re on their way
With Alex, looking schocked and hazy.

Some ropes and drugs
and chains with solid locks
and then he goes into the trunk
And then…Full speed!
To France with precious meat
Soon, there will be lots of **BONK**

Twenty-seven ladies from Berlin
Sending words to all the missing:
“The smurf on stage
Is now, a bird in cage,
So come and have some fun and kissing!”

And there, that night
Everything gets right
They all show up
They get him in the tub.
They make him *Bonk*
He prooves, his not a monk!
And happy, he will stay
Forever and a day!

Marion Kubek

*hoping that Kjell will very soon post the video that was made in Berlin with us FaceBookies*


Do you think that Kjell forgave Alex that he had forgotten Kjell’s birthday?! =)

Marijke Arentsen

@ Marion: I’am sure Kjell will forgive him !:-)
I ‘am not really sure if he will post the video, maybe Alexander will keep it for him self. 🙂





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