23. December: The versatile violinist…

“I like versatility. This is my way to make myself a versatile life” Alexander Rybak

Click the picture for link to more info on Christmas Tales
Click the picture for link to more info on Christmas Tales

 Alexander has always focused on versatility in his career. Based on his Classical education, graduating with the highest grade from the acclaimed Barratt Due Music Institute as a performing violinist, he has laid the foundation for being able to experiment in different music genres, and he does it with bravura. Be it jazz, pop, rap, reggae, funky rhythm, techno dance,  rock, Swedish folksongs, folk music, Slavic music, soundtracks .This versatility together with his enthusiasm and dreams has given him many opportunities to show his skills, in many different ways, like musicals, theatre, revue shows, orchestra seminars, TV and radio shows (both as guest and host), worldwide projects, collaborations with other artists, a music video for DreamWorks and even dancing. And his grand slam victory in ESC 2009, has made him a forever Eurovision star. He is a popular guest in national selections and has often been present at the big happening in May , as a guest, performer or even a reporter 🙂

julekort calender2014His goal is to one day be a well-known composer. On his way to reach that goal, he has already, as a composer for other artists, taken part in Eurovision selections both in Norway and Malta, and also released classical pieces, both funny ones and serious ones and now recently an aria.

This song is a traditional Norwegian Christmas song, composed by Alf Prøysen, who was a well-known Norwegian composer, famous for his cosy folk songs.  You can watch Alexander singing another Christmas song of his here.

Today’s video is about preparation for Christmas and to let the Christmas peace sink into our souls. And while most of us are preparing for the holiday season, he is preparing too, but not for Christmas, but for probably one of his most emotional projects, by taking part in the national ESC selection of his native country Belarus. Christmas time, away from home and a big event coming up in some days. There will be some exciting and emotional days ahead for Alexander for sure. The final will be on the 26th of December, and we wish him and his girls band MILKI the best of luck with Accent, and hope to see them in Vienna.

 TELL ME WHEN julekort calender2014

Alexander performing his own song “Tell Me When”, 8 years ago on TV for the first time the 23rd of December 2006, on a TV-show called “The night before Christmas Eve” on Norwegian national TV, NRK.

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