22. December: Heading home for Christmas

“I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams”

Click the picture for link to more info on Christmas Tales
Click the picture for link to more info on Christmas Tales

Life can be busy. We often become so caught up in our work and studies that we’re constantly on the go. And the same is true for Alexander; he’s always busy travelling around the globe attending to his various musical projects. Now is the season to take a deep breath, step back, and value what’s most important in life: spending time with the ones we love.

Alexander said on  NRK Klassisk last week “This Christmas will be a bit special for me because it will be my first Christmas away from my parents and in fact away from Norway.!
–I will be in another country. It’s a bit sad, but it doesn’t matter where you are at Christmas. The most important is to keep together, and that was also the topic today – It’s fun to play music, but much more fun to play together.!
–I will end this with “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”.

“I’ll be Home for Christmas” from the Christmas concerts in 2010.

Read how Alexander and family usually celebrate Christmas here.Skjermbildetest

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