20 hours in Ål with Alexander Rybak – A video report by Hilde M.

So once again many had travelled to see Alexander Rybak perform. About 20 Facebookies from around the world. And the occasion was to see Alexander reunited with Frikar for a last performance of Fairytale together at the Folk music Festival in Ål, Norway. The home of Ulf-Arne Johannnesen, from Frikar and he was also the manager of the festival.

I arrived at 19:30 on Friday, and I discovered that Alexander had arrived at the same time from the opposite direction from my friends who came to greet me. They had met him heading to the station to pick me up and exchanged hugs:)

We went straight to the hotel in Ål to have dinner. Alexander was also there, ordering his dinner for take-out, but we did not meet. There was a folk-music band, Sundre Jetset (Ulf-Arne’s band), rehearsing in the restaurant. And we got to know Alexander would do a song with them at their concert later in the evening.

So we all gathered in the very crowded restaurant, enjoying ourselves, and sometime after midnight this happened:

Alexander Rybak jamming with Sundre Jetset. Part 1

Alexander Rybak jamming with Sundre Jetset. Part 2

Alexander Rybak jamming with Sundre Jetset. Part 3

It was a really great bonus we had not expected, and we left for our cabins full happy.

The next morning we went to the centre of Ål to see some Hallingdance competition with the Frikar guys and to wait for Alexanders performance that would happen afterwards. We had a great time basking in the Norwegian sunshine,enjoying the great atmosphere at the Festival.

Here is a video from the final in the Hallingdance competition, they performed in a style called “laus”, and that can probably be translated to freestyle. The competitors in the final were Sigbjørn Rua, Torkjell Lunde Børsheim and Ådne Kolbjørnshus, all the Frikar guys that have collaborated with Alexander.


And the winner was Ådne Kolbjørnshus.

Alexander first performed “Roll with the wind” which I did not record. And then it was time for the big moment. Apparently I had sat just where Frikar needed the space, so I had to move, but I ended up with a great spot:

Alexander Rybak & Frikar “Fairytale”

Ah, that was so amazing to see again. The energy Frikar emit makes it fantastic.

So we all had a cosy time at a cafe after the show. Catching up and being satisfied that this trip had been so great, for me at least, I got much more than I expected.

Alexander was signing in the flower-shop below the cafe, and I am not sure if any of us went there. I went to do some shopping, and when I returned back he had already been at the cafe to say goodbye to everyone 🙂

Then it was time to catch the 15:30 train home. As my train arrived there was this guy with a violin running to catch the train for the opposite direction leaving one minute later 🙂

Header picture by Folkemusikkuka.no

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