2 articles about the release of Alexander Rybak’s new music video “Strela Amura”.

 Alexander Rybak presented his new music video in Baku.

Article published on  http://www.1news.az/  24.05.2012, 23:05

Journalist  V.S.  Link to original article here.

Found and translated by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Anni Jowett.

On the May 24th at the Press Center «Baku Crystal Hall» the winner of Song Contest “Eurovision-2009” Alexander Rybak held a presentation of his new music video for the song “The Arrow of Cupid”.

The singer told reporters that the clip was shot in Kiev.

According to 1news.az, Rybak told how the clip reflects his life.

-I feel lonely and in this clip I tried to reflect my inner state. 
I do not want to become famous. I do not want to reconcile with everything like well-known stars do. I just want to stay a musician and a composer, – he said.

Speaking about his victory in 2009 at the contest, Alexander Rybak noted that one just needs to want something from the heart for that.

– One should want everything with all one’s heart. In this case the victory will be yours. And this is the reason for my success. In addition to the show, the song, the performance the participant should be able to find their way to the heart of the viewer. 
This is the only way to achieve a success, – he told.

Alexander Rybak noted that among the participants of “Eurovision-2012” he roots the most for “Buranovskie grandmas.”

Alexander Rybak: “I can not explain my feelings about the group ” Buranovskiye grandmas”…

Article published on  http://vesti.az/  24.05.2012, 16:35

Journalist  V.Gasanov.  Link to original article here.

Found and translated by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Anni Jowett.

– For me the main thing is what is going on inside a person, not the events around them. The video for the song “The Arrow of Cupid” – itis about me, about my life, which consists of the airports and hotels. You give happiness to others, and you are left alone yourself.

According to the Vesti.Az the winner of “Eurovision 2009 Alexander Rybak talked about this at his press conference today, and killed two birds with one stone, by presenting his video for the song “The Arrow of Cupid,” which is directed by Alexander Filatovich.

The singer also said that no specific changes have occurred in his life since winning the “Eurovision 2009” contest in Moscow.

– In my soul still remained the resentment and bitterness of failure, – he stressed.

Speaking of the rich and ancient culture of Azerbaijan, Rybak said that he tries to learn to play the kamancha, although it is very difficult.

– Azerbaijan has really rich and complex culture at the same time, – said the winner of “Eurovision”.

Asked about his favourite on “Eurovision 2012” in Baku, A.Rybak said clearly: “I want to go to Moscow next year . I can not explain my feelings and opinion regarding the group “Buranovskie grandmas,” but they just sank into my soul. “

Alexander also said that in the future he intends to write songs for the participants of the competition.

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