2 articles about concert of Alexander Rybak, Thomas Stanghelle and Koriallverda choir in Evje. 26.8.12

Article from www.moisund.com

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Foto: Torbjørn Leifsen

Found by Ulli Cologne, translated by Tessa Lande

Well done Koriallverda!

Sunday it was the premiere of what the Koriallverda had used the sumar holidays to practice on with their new director, Thomas Stanghelle. They were going to sing together with Alexander Rybak, the winner of “Eurovision Song Contest” in 2009 with the song “Fairytale”. The winner song and many others were performed in Evje church after a sneak premiere in Kristiansand Zoo somewhat earlier in the day. There is no doubt that there is a lot to build on in this choir! Still they need the new members, so if you are on the aged from eight grade and up and would like to join singing. Show up at Hornnes chapel on Tuesday from 18:00.


Article from paper issue of newspaper “Setesdølen “, published on 28.8.12

Text and photo: Odd Birger Lien.

Found and translated by Tessa Lande.

Rybak in great mood in Evje church!

Approximately 200 spectators in Evje Church Sunday experienced an Alexander Rybak in great mood, with the “Kor I all verda” as musical support.

In the first part of the program was only the choir. So one might think that people sat impatient waiting for Rybak, but in this case it’s only partially true. For “Kor I all verda” gave a well done entertainment with good timing, great interaction and musical joy, before the Grand Prix star started.
Foto: Torbjørn Leifsen
Childhood Friends
The background for the concert with Alexander Rybak was the new conductor of “Kor I all verda”, Thomas Stanghelle. He is originally from Nesodden. There he met a five years little boy with a fiddle, the rest is history, as they say. Together Stanghelle and Rybak have done many musical projects. Now it was time for Setesdal.
Picture taken from the Facebook page of Evje church 
Bundle of energy
Both Alexander Rybak and “Kor I all verda” came directly from a concert in Kristiansand on Sunday. Rybak arrived only half an hour before he was going on stage, but the tiny stress didn’t affect this guy much. He went on with humor and energy, communicated very well with people in the church and brought out both the song and joy. People clapped, threw themselves into the chorus and did most of what Rybak asked for. Everything done with humor and good mood as the red thread. Rybak was “all over” this day. He performed as part of the choir, and also along the aisle. He and the fiddle swirling about just as much. There were certainly plenty of power in the stride !
The mood was on top in Evje Church when Grand Prix winner ALexander Rybak performed one hit after the other. Songs like “Europe Skies, “Funny Little World” and of course “Fairytale” were well appriciated by more then 200 spectators.

Many classics
It may be that many people think that Alexander Rybak is the song Fairytale and not more. That is very wrong. Sure enough it was with Fairytale he won the Grand Prix, but also other songs have become popular and sold well. Especially the performance of Europe Skies and Funny Little World, were powerful in Evje Church, with an artist who apparently was in top singing and playing mood this day. And Rybak also seemed very pleased with the support from the “Kor I all verda”, which had practiced backing vocals on several of his classics. The concert in Evje church was a musical upswing. The only sad thing was that the church was not fully packed.

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