Fanaposten Article : Found the tune with Alexander Rybak – 23.10.2012

Article from the paper issue of Fanaposten 23.10.2012
Written by Maria Møen Nygaard
Article found and English translation by Hilde M., English revision by Katie Anderson.

Found the tune with Alexander Rybak

Nesttun: More than 60 young strings were radiant on stage with Alexander Rybak when they met for a grand concert in the culture house Sunday evening.

– “You are very clever, I have grown very fond of you.”
Alexander Rybak praised the youth and children from Nesttun young strings and Askøy young strings from the stage where he was playing a concert with them in the Fana culture house Sunday evening,

– “You have been very nice to spend time with, you have great musicality and dare to experiment fully with every musical genre. And you give a hundred percent” he said further.

Good contact. Rybak payed great attention to the young strings and followed them closely. Here the Eurovision song Fairytale is performed with the youngest strings in front.

String Cooperation

The concert is the biggest that the Nesttun strings have ever done.
There are about 40 musicians in Nesttun young strings, and that is a bit too few for a project like this. That’s why we cooperated with Askøy, so we had a bigger orchestra. Now we are 60+ on stage, says board member Øyvind Hermansen.

Cellist Maria Rogde (13) from Nesttun SAYS it has been very fun and inspiring to play with the strings from Askøy. And not least, she thinks it has been fun to have Alexander Rybak as conductor this weekend.

– He is incredibly clever and funny. We have been practicing for hours together, so it has been a bit exhausting too. But to get to play a concert with him is very fun, she says Alexander Rybak thinks the cooperation with the young strings from Nesttun and Askøy has gone very smoothly.

– I think it is much more fun to come to a place two days before, then to come in a limousine two hours before A concert starts. So that is why I prefer to do it this way, he says to Fanaposten.

Crreative bow usage had been practiced during the weekend.

Long practicing weekend

Rybak landed at Flesland airport Friday afternoon, and went directly to practice with the young strings. All Saturday they practiced and then at 12 on Sunday they were at it again.

– Alexander came straight in and asked the conductor Arthur Vevik to take a break. He took control and found the tune with the children at once. They have been very focused and clever the whole weekend, says Erik Vikinstad, leader for Nesttun young strings

– It has been a crazy, long, and good practicing weekend with a lot of work. The young ones show big commitment. And to get the Askøy and Nesttun strings to go together has gone well, says Arthur Vevik who usually conducts both orchestras.

Nesstun young strings have got 11 new recruits just this autumn. That is very inspiring and motivating says board member Hermansen.

The kids have been full of expectations in front of the concert. This is a giant lift for us, both musically and socially. Fana culture house is our home arena and we are very proud to show ourselves here.

Sunday evening nearly a full house got to experience what Alexander Rybak and the young strings had used the long weekend practising for. And that was really not something small.

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