17. December: Wonderful Peace at Christmas

Click the picture for link to more info on Christmas Tales
Click the picture for link to more info on Christmas Tales

“What will save the world?: Definitely not fighting.

At Christmas time, the landscape is covered in a white blanket and everything’s quiet. The world seems to be standing still, as if protected by the angel’s white wings.

The Christmas season is a time to calm down, make time for peace and all the good things. To enjoy the first snow flakes and being together with our loved ones.

 “Jul, jul, strålande jul”  as performed by Alexander Rybak and Anne Vada on the 2011 Vinterbilder Christmas tour (with English translation in subtitles). The lyrics of this song describe Christmas as white and snow-filled, and depict Christmas blessings with a wish that Christmas brings light and peace.

Quote from Alexander, click on photo for full interview.

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