1 Year Anniversary – Happy birthday, Facebookies.org!

It was Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010, when our funny little world began its journey on the internet. This site was started by the Facebookies, friends of Alexander who met each other online, with the ambition to create the top Official International Fansite of Alexander, to gather every single piece of information related to him and to help people get acquainted with his incredible music, personality and talent.

Today, our funny little word is still here, always fresh with the latest news, translations, photos, fan art and videos. It counts almost 45.000 individual visitors from 131 countries, 565 posts and 2256 comments. And the most important, it keeps connecting people from all around the world through Alexander and music.

A warm “thank you” to

all of you

who kept this project alive throughout the year with your contributions, your comments and your love!

And of course, our thanks goes to Alexander, who brought us together and changed our lives!

28 thoughts on “1 Year Anniversary – Happy birthday, Facebookies.org!”

  1. Happy Birthday Facebookies.org 🙂 This is a great example of what Facebookies can achieve when they get together 🙂 Hope for many more years!

  2. Как всё-таки здорово что мы все друг у друга есть!!!Спасибо Вам))И спасибо конечно же нашему Саше,благодаря которому мы все сдесь и знаем друг друга)))Спасибо за его огромный талант и его обаяние…СПАСИБО,НАШЕМУ СКОРМНОМУ САШЕ!!!И вам всем спасибо,и еще раз с двойным праздником))

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FACEBOOKIES. :-))))) Hoping for continue many many years :-)))) You are doing such a great job!!!

  4. Thank you sooo much to all you wonderful people who put this site together -- CONGRATULATIONS!
    And thank you to all you wonderful people who come to this site and help Planet Rybak -and everything on it, happen! May we live forever!

  5. Happy birthday and thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all the people, who spend their youth, doing this for all of us:-))

    I will sing a birthday song, from Denmark:

    Idag er det fansitets fødselsdag.
    Hurra, Hurra, Hurra!
    Den sikkert sig en gave får,
    som den har ønsket sig i år
    Med dejlig chokolade og kager til!

    Hvor smiler den, hvor er den glad
    Hurra, Hurra, Hurra
    Men denne dag er også rar
    For hjemme venter mor og far
    Med dejlig chokolade og kager til!

    Thank you:-))

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TEAM!!!! LOVE YOU!!! *smask* :`)
    Looking forward to more fun together!!!! And God knows, we will 😀
    Thanks for the video.

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