1 December – That’s when the magic happens…

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Is it snowing where you live? There is always something magical about the little snowflakes falling down from the sky. The season of miracles and dreams come true has come. But just as Alex said, if your dreams are to come true, you must first dare to dream. And just as we believe we’ll have A white Christmas and the snowy carpet will grow, we should believe in ourselves and let our talent grow too. After all, the magic happens in the moment we decide to believe it exists, and what time to do so is better than Christmas time? Dare to dream and let Alexander’s quotes and songs inspire you, day by day, until we find ourselves celebrating the day of Christmas..
By Slavka

A festive version from Moscow:)


Quote from Alexander Rybak´s Twitter bio.

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