Vote for “Europe Skies” on Radio Norge!


(researched by Tessa La)

The “Norwegian HIT of the week” on Radio Norge.

The song with lowest number of votes (of 5 songs) is out, and a new challanger is introduced every Monday. Last week Alexanedr’s Europe Skies was the challanger, and he got 89% of the votes and won that week. This week’s challanger is Didrik Solli-Tangen with “Best Kept Secret”. Alexander is in the lead this week too, and if you want to keep him at the top, you have to vote.

You can only vote once a week from each PC!

Vote by pressing the yellow star next to the song you want to vote for in this link:

Let’s keep on voting, friends!:))

2 thoughts on “Vote for “Europe Skies” on Radio Norge!”

  1. weeell…Didrik is in the list!?!!huh?!?:D …then…it gets harder to decide whom to vote for!!!! :S
    uhhhum…but…weeell…u know…i guess…i’ll fight my inner demons…and vote for…for…:S…well…of course the fiddler! *SIGH* 😀 🙂 WE KEEP ON KEEPING ON voting! 😉

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