Dear friends,

As you might know Alex has released his new song in Russian recently. This song, named “Tak i skazhi” (Just say so ) became so popular from the very start, that the most popular Russian chart “Golden grammophon” has added it to the chart-list! Now Alex has a very good chance to win one more prize in Russia – Golden Grammophon!:)

To became a winner his song should be on the first place in the chart-list, of course;)  And also it should be staying among first 10 song for 20 weeks!

So, friends, we have to vote like crazy to make this song the best from now on!!

Once we made it – Alex won Muz TV award for “The best breakthrouth of the year”;) Let’s do that again!:))))


So, here are short instructions made by our sweet facebookie Anastasia from Greece:) It is for those who still doesn’t understand Russian (seriously, we all should speak Norwegian, English and Russian fluently, because of our dear Fiddler;)):

1. Open the link

2. Scroll down and check the little box next to the :”Рыбак, Александр – «Так И Скажи»”
3. Scroll down at the bottom of the list and click on the red button which says : ” ГOЛOCOBATЬ! ”
4. You can vote once per day from one IP address;)

And here are some screenshots, made by our dear facebookies Ingegerd and Milena, to make the voting more easy for you:)

28 thoughts on “VOTE FOR ALEX’S NEW SONG!!!!”

  1. 2nd place ! (as for now 😉
    Congratulations Alexander ! :*
    Let’s voting friends . Alex will be in the first place 🙂

  2. Спасибо за ссылку!С удовольствием поддержу Сашу!=)

  3. When I just voted he is in 3rd place -- keep voting everybody.

    If this keeps up we are all going to learn Russian! I only know the Greek alphabet, and that just helps a very tiny bit.

    1. Vera, yes it is true:( They changed the name of the song! We are working on the new instructions.

  4. hey people dun worry!he’s so0on GOING TO BE ON TOP!
    cuz this is US! A.R. fans and not anybody else’s fans!
    we can even make him the US president,if we want! 😀 :S (well,not a bad idea,but …we’ll talk about it later 😀 )& we don’t want, this is why somebody else is the us president right now!lol! 😀 😀 :S
    just don’t forget to make it your daily habit!
    I promise he’ll get the first place!YES,I REALLY PROMISE!
    we can make a deal;if this won’t happen,you can slap me in the face(both sides)…well…(soft please!!! :S )! \m/ 😉 🙂

  5. Привет. Голосовать лучше по этой ссылке, т.к. каждую неделю обновляется голосование, и в прошедшей неделе уже голосовать не нужно.

    1. Луиза, спасибо! Но для внглоязычных этой ссылки недостаточно, нужны новые инструкции, над которыми уже работаем.

  6. He doesn’t deserve 2-nd place, because he’s Alexander Rybak. He has to take the first place

  7. That’s So nice … we all love that one day you become very popular singer…

    we love your voice so you will be the only winner…!!!

  8. ON TOP!! :)))
    Thank you, friends…you made it so easy to vote for us Still-No-Russian-Speakers!!

  9. It looks like he really is going to win if are keeping this up. He has gone up very fast.
    Lets do the work!!

  10. голосую каждые 24 часа :)очень рада что ты на первом месте!:) =*

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