Videos: Alexander Rybak – club concerts in Germany

Alexander performed in 2 clubs in Germany this weekend. He did a concert at the night club “Ray” in Munich on September 6th, and in the club “Infinity” in Hannover on September 7th. Our Facebookies-agents were there and have brought recordings of each song for you 🙂 Enjoy!

Full playlist of the concert in Munich.

Thanks Sabine Fundel and her friend Markus for the recording!

Full playlist of the concert in Hannover.

Thanks Ulli, Ellen and Sonya for their brilliant recordings!

“Europe skies”

by Ellen NL

“Dovregubbens Hall”

by Ellen NL

“Сказка” (Russian version of “Fairytale”)

by Ellen NL

“I’m in love”

by Ulli C.

“Funny little world”

by Ellen NL


by Ulli C.

“Leave me alone”

by Sonya Luzina

“Roll with the wind”

by Sonya Luzina

“Eurovision Medley” / “Fairytale”

by Sonya Luzina


This post is also available in Русский.

2 thoughts on “Videos: Alexander Rybak – club concerts in Germany”

  1. Oh! That’s great. I always wish that I can have such wonderful time.I’m a fan of Rybak from Vietnam, we love him and wish to meet him in Vietnam, soon.

    1. @Phuong, you have to ask some clubs to invite Alex for such a concert 😉 You can show them these videos 🙂

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