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Grandmother of Alexander Rybak told about her grandson

 Grandmother of Alexander Rybak, in Vitebsk, told about her grandson to the reporter of “Vitbichy”

Published: 6.3.2014.
Source: vitbichi.by Text and photos: Natalya Drozdova
Translated from Russian by Mónika Menyhért

I went to visit the grandmother of Sasha Rybak, a charming Norwegian guy with Belarusian roots, who wasn’t famous when waking up that day, but  he was when falling asleep on the night of his triumphant victory with the piercing song Fairytale at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 in Moscow. Maya Borisovna watched her grandson’s performance on television exactly in this apartment on Chernyakhovsky Avenue in Vitebsk, along with her sister Natasha, and … she is thinking back now:

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Alexander Rybak and MILKI in the talk-show “Good evening Vitebsk” 20.07.15

Alexander and MILKI were guests in the talk show “Good evening Vitebsk” 20. 07.15. The show was recorded when Alexander was in Vitebsk earlier this month to perform at the annual Slavic bazaar.

In the beginning of the video there are some glimpse of Alexander’s  visits in Vitebsk, among others the beautiful performance of Kupalinka in 2009. His first performance in Belarus 🙂

Video recorded by TessaLa


Alexander Rybak at the concert “Golden Hit” at Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk

Kotik” and “Fairytale” 

Unfortunately, there were problems with a sound (echo) at the concert, so  it was decided to close the video.  Sorry for that.

Thanks to Lesya Kozhevnikova for the recording


Alexander Rybak at the opening of Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk 2015

Alexander  performed at the Grand Opening of the 24th Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk, Belarus, on the 9th of July, where he sang the song “Made in Belarus” together with other Belorussian artists – Alyona Lanskaya, Teo and Ruslan Alekhno.

Alexander Rybak in Slavic Bazaar, Vitebsk, Belarus 2014

Alexander’s performances in the Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk in July 2014

Alexander performed at four events during the festival, and he was also a jury member in the contest “Pop song performers”. Below you’ll find videos of his performances. 🙂

“Into A Fantasy” at the Opening Ceremony of the festival 11th of July.

“Roll with The Wind” at International Song Contest “Vitebsk 2014the 12th of July.

“Strela Amura” at the Slavic Bazaar 12th of July 2014 . Video recorded på Catalina Balan.

“Kiss and Tell” at the “International Song Contest “Vitebsk 2014″ 13th of July.