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Alexander Rybak rebelled against classical music-VG newspaper article 7.4.2018

My rebellion was playing jazz

Alexander Rybak about his youthful rebellion

Our Eurovision hope in May would probably not have been where he is at today without his youthful rebellion against classical music.

Source: Paper issue of VG and vg.no 07/04/2018. (Online original article HERE)
Text: Stein Østbø, Photos: Mattis Sandblad
Translated by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Anni Jowett.

Saturday night the winner of Melodi Grand Prix, Alexander Rybak (31) is the interval act in NRK’s “Virtuos” which can be described as Eurovision for young soloist talents within classical music. And even if Rybak says he is a 100% classical at heart- it was after all where he began- he is well known for mixing every possible genre outside of the classical music into his music. Continue reading Alexander Rybak rebelled against classical music-VG newspaper article 7.4.2018

Alexander Rybak: His own chaos pilot

Alexander Rybak has learned how to handle a racing mindset and depression

He experiences an eternal mindset, can suddenly be depressed. And smiles less than before. Still, Alexander Rybak (31) has never felt better.

Source: VG Published on VG+ 26.02.2018 – Updated 02.03.2018. Published in VG paper issue 3.3.2018. Text by  Lena Storvand. Photo: Gøran Bohlin
Translation by Jorunn Ekre and TessalA. Revision Anni Jowett
A few hours more now, and it will be over . Then the forehead suddenly will feel so easy. Then the heavy mind will be replaced with joy. He knows it well, it’s like this every time the soul darkens. He never knows when the light is muted, that’s what sucks, that there’s no explanation for it.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak: His own chaos pilot

Alexander Rybak wrote a birthday song for his girlfriend.

Alexander Rybak was in a deeply romantic mood when he wrote “To Julie” for his girlfriend Julie Gaarud Holm. 

Julie turns 23 years old today and was overwhelmed early this morning by her artist boyfriend. 

Source: VG.no Text: Stein Østbø. Photo: private
English translation Jorunn Ekre. Revision: Anni Jowett

– Getting a music piece by Alexander on my birthday was really fantastic. How lucky I am! When I saw the music video, I was so shocked that I became speechless and let the tears speak for themselves, Julie Gaarud Holm says smiling. 

Continue reading Alexander Rybak wrote a birthday song for his girlfriend.

Alexander Rybak – Interview in VG Weekend 04.10.14

Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak (28) doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night because of heartbreak anymore. Now he dreams about sharing his life with a mind reader.

Read the whole “In Bed” interview in English here

Alexander Rybak interview in VG 06.07.2014

Alexander Rybak and Thomas Værnes tell about their close friendship in the paper issue of VG 06.07.2014

Author: Line Orfjell
Photos: Trond Solberg

Found by Ulli Cologne/Venche Mellemstrand. Translated by TessaLa. Revised by Anni Jowett.


Rybak and his best friend helped each other against the bullies at school

Keep in touch: It has been a busy time for Alexander lately. It’s therefore especially good to relax with his best friend at home on the couch. Tonight it’s video games and the World Championship in football on the program.  Continue reading Alexander Rybak interview in VG 06.07.2014

Alexander Rybak in Norwegian press due to upcoming episode of HGVM. 14.03.2014

Rybak speaks out about ESC-time: – I was stressed and overworked.

Article published on tv2.no Author: Tore WaskaasFound and translated by Tessa Lande. English revision by Katie Anderson.

Alexander Rybak speaks about crushing his violin, and when he broke his hand. Continue reading Alexander Rybak in Norwegian press due to upcoming episode of HGVM. 14.03.2014

Alexander Rybak – Article and videos from the launch of HGVM

Published 01.03.14 on VG.no

Authors: Camilla Norli and Marcus Husby. Photo: Trond Solberg

Found and translated by Hilde M. English revision by Anni Jowett.

HGVM artists talk behind each other’s back – Rybak was the most flirtatious!

* Sigvart Dagsland was advised by Anita Skorgan to bring an extra-large wardrobe
* Rybak made Anneli Drecker blush
* The artists were song-muzzled

Alexander Rybak took the prize when it came to flirting, Sigvart Dagsland was the funniest and the most vain, Lars Lillo-Stenberg impressed in the kitchen, while Simone Eriksrud was the crying queen in this year’s “Every time we meet.”
Continue reading Alexander Rybak — Article and videos from the launch of HGVM

Recording of “Hver gang vi møtes”

Pictures from the photo-shoot, which took place at the farm in Våler (Moss, Norway) on 31.08.2013, where Alexander Rybak, Øyvind Elgenes, Anneli Drecker, Lars Lillo Stenberg, Simone Eriksrud, Samsaya and Sigvart Dagsland  had been living for 2 weeks while filming the 3rd season of the popular Norwegian TV-show “Hver gang vi møtes” (Every time we meet).

Photographer: Robert S. Eik for VG

You can find more pictures here.



Review of the new Alexander’s album “Christmas Tales”. VG, Nov. 25th 2012

From paper issue of VG from 25.11.12. Internet version here.

Written by Stein Østbø.

Found by Venche Mellemstrand. Translated to English by Tessa La. English revision by Katie Anderson.


 The Christmas Album: jazz
Alexander Rybak
“Christmas Tales”

Sober, but somewhat predictable choice.

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” is Alexander Rybak’s sonorous start on this CD, and the warm atmosphere of Mel Torn’s “The Christmas Song” runs through Rybak’s Christmas album with a heartwarming theme, where his two own new Christmas songs fit in with the rest.

Beyond this, the repertoire is really quite predictable and interpreted to death, but with Rybak and partners tapping into what might have been just another Christmas album with all the old American hits, through fine and soft string arrangements. Rybak himself has the same correct hesitation in his voice, making “Christmas Tales” into a Christmas album that will be a nice complement to the increasingly large family of Christmas albums.

Best song: “The Christmas Song”.

Stein Østbø

Article: ” Trio with a punch”. Review of Showconcert – Tønsberg. July 6th 2012

 Article published on www.vg.no 6.7.2012.  Link to original article here

Written by Borghild Maaland. Photo: Alf Øystein Støtvig/VG

Found by Sonya Luzina. Translation by Hildebjørg Ha. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Photo: Trio with a punch. Elisabeth Andreassen has been joined by the young guys Alexander Rybak and Didrik Solli-Tangen in a show that swings. 

A trio with a punch

 TØNSBERG (VG) It swings with fairytales and musical Kindereggs in this summery concert-show, which has a good flow with it´s entertaining tone. 

 Where: Hotel Klubben in Tønsberg
Bettan, Alexander & Didrik
Regi: Tom Sterri
With: Elisabeth Andreassen,
Alexander Rybak, Didrik Solli-Tangen.
Bandleader: Øystein Lund Olafsen

Together,  Bettan, Alexander and Didrik possess a wide range of musical talent, and they have the ability to convey it. With a helping hand from the director, Tom Sterri, they have put together a bundle of songs that reflect their diverse skills. In addition to their own material, they have found room for various genres in popular music and also classical music.

Continue reading Article: ” Trio with a punch”. Review of Showconcert — Tønsberg. July 6th 2012

Article: “Rybak takes off his clothes in the Russian music video”. June 20th 2012

Article published on http://touch.vg.no/ , 20.6.2012

Written by Marcus Husby. Photos: YOUTUBE/ETTER AVTALE

Link to original article here .

Found and translated by Tessa La. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn.

NEW TONES: Alexander Rybak is not afraid to show skin in his new Russian music video – It is disgusting to wear clothes in the shower. I wanted to make an artistic video, – Rybak says. 

Rybak takes off his clothes in the Russian music video

GP-violinist shows off the summer body

Alexander Rybak (26) has a background as a personal trainer. In his new music video he takes off his shirt – and cries in the shower with angel wings on his back.

The video is meant only for the Russian and East European audience. But it was posted on YouTube yesterday.

Rybak’s manager, Kathryn Synnes Finnskog, does not think they would have made a lightly dressed video in Norway. Continue reading Article: “Rybak takes off his clothes in the Russian music video”. June 20th 2012

Article: “Read this, Sweden: Rybak is still the biggest”. May 27th 2012

Article published on www.vg.no 27.05.2012

Text: Tommy Brakstad. Photo: Scanpix

Link to original article here:  

Found by Vigdis Nor. Translation by Marianne Saietz

Photo: Meeting of masters. Lorine Zineb Noka Talhaoui – better known as Loreen – and Alexander Rybak, visited the party of the Swedish embassys at Villa Petrolea in Baku on tuesday.

Read this Sweden: Rybak is still the biggest!

Loreen got more 12-points but Alexander Rybak still has the highest scores of all time.

“Euphoria” made Eurovision-record of number of 12-points with 18 of 41 possible and won with 372 points in total. When Rybak won Eurovision in 2009 with his “Fairytale”, he got 387 points alltogether. 16 of those were 12-points.

” Wow, that was close. Do not try to run away from me again, my high-score “, Rybak writes on Facebook, sunday. Nevertheless, he  praises Loreen and describes her stage-show as the most original of all times.

Continue reading Article: “Read this, Sweden: Rybak is still the biggest”. May 27th 2012

Interview to newspaper “VG” 19 June 2011

Translated by Ida Marie Brøske Kleven.

Photo from the printed issue taken by Tessa La.


“I love to live in the past, with a little hope for the future”

Alexander Rybak (25) has made big money on songs about his ex-girlfriends. Now he has written two Swedish folk music songs to his new girlfriend.


The songs “Maria” and “Din första kyss” are about his doctor girlfriend Maria Strøm Slyngstad (25), and participate on the famous violinist’s new CD “Visa vid Vindens Ängar” which is made in collaboration with the famous Swedish folk singer Mats Paulson (73).


– You have to ask Maria what she thinks about the songs. But I like to write songs about love. I think that it gives the songs more suspense when the audience knows who the songs are about, Rybaks says, and refer to “Fairytale” and “Oah” which are dedicated to his ex- girlfriends Ingrid Berg Mehus (23) and Moa Meinich (19).

Continue reading Interview to newspaper “VG” 19 June 2011

Interview to the paper issue of VG 12.5.11

Found and translated by Tessa La. Photo on the paper acquired by Tessa La through phone and enhanced by Yannis P.

By: Morten Hegseth and Marcus Husby

Alexander leans to his mother’s comforting words, when the scandal headlines and life is as toughest. Now he has moved on after the tough “Shall we dance” –time in Sweden with sleeping pills, disease and infidelity stories in the weekly press. I don’t think about the time in Sweden anymore, it’s so long ago now.  I’m done with that period of my life, Rybak said.


Both the Swedish and Norwegian magazine unfolding Rybak’s alleged relationship with his Swedish “Shall we dance” partner Malin Johansson (24) at the final party to the dance competition. This happened while Rybak is in a relationship with his doctor girlfriend Maria Strøm Slyngstad – which he proclaimed his love for at the “Spellemann” this year.

– I felt disgusted when the article was published. It was not good. It is not myself I think of first and foremost, but my closest family and friends. I always notify them before such “doomsday cases” are in print, but this was not ok. No one wants to see kissing pictures smeared out all over a front page, he said.

Continue reading Interview to the paper issue of VG 12.5.11

Meet & Greet in Tønsberg in VG, 31.7.2010

(Translation to English and photos by Tessa La)

Stole a kiss from the hero!

Alexander Rybak hugged his Facebook fans for two hours yesterday. However, only Victoria A. stole a kiss from the hero. Victoria A. was one of about 100 women and a man from 20 countries, who via the Facebook site of Rybak fans had gathered in the city to watch the hero play last night.

Victoria had travelled the longest of them all, from Canada. And when Rybak entirely surprising invited all participants of “Rybak Facebook-tour” to a Meet & Greet at the Klubben Hotel before the concert, Victoria knew what she wanted. A kiss from the hero. With a fan to keep her head clear, she leaned forward and gave Alexander a kiss on the tip of his nose when it was her turn in the two hour-long hugging queue. Continue reading Meet & Greet in Tønsberg in VG, 31.7.2010

If I wanted, I could have made an album that got a 6 on the dices- VG June 18th 2010

Link to original article: http://www.vg.no/musikk/grand-prix/artikkel.php?artid=10001858

Translation by Marianne Saietz.

Rybak in the sun. “I think, many people think, it is IN trend not to like Alexander Rybak”,- says Alexander Rybak, when he met VG on a pier at Nesodden.

Foto: Krister Sørbø

Alexander Rybak doesn´t recognize the problem of the difficult second album.

– I think, many thinks, it is “in” not to like Alexander Rybak. I am prepared , it might be slaughter,- Alexander Rybak says to VG.

Monday, the Eurovision-winner releases his second album, which has been called «No Boundaries» and gets a 3 on the dice from VG. The first single, ” Oah” had the dice-throw one, but Rybak states, that he doesn’t care for the critique of the music he makes. Continue reading If I wanted, I could have made an album that got a 6 on the dices- VG June 18th 2010