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Alexander Rybak in the Russian TV-show “You’re great! Dancing” 02.12.2017

Alexander performs in the Russian TV-show “You’re great! Dancing”

The show is broadcast on NTV.ru Saturday 2. December, starting at 21.00 Moscow time, and last to 23.40. CET time 19.00 to 21.40.  The show is pre-recorded. 

Link to watch online on : NTV.ru and HERE

The show will also be available on the TV-channel’s YouTube channel

The show is about children who are left without parental care and who are fond of dancing.  Several well-known artists supports the participants in the different epiosdes, and in this episode Alexander supports  the 16-year old Alina Grevtseva, by playing when she dances to “Fairytale”. 



Alexander Rybak and Franziska Wiese in Schlagerboom 21.10.2017

Alexander Rybak and Franziska Wiese performed their “Fairytale” duet in the big Schlagerboom Festival broadcast onTV .

Below you’ll find a video of their performance, pictures and an interview made after they performed. The interview has subs in several languages 🙂   Continue reading Alexander Rybak and Franziska Wiese in Schlagerboom 21.10.2017

Alexander as a judge and performer in the Russian TV-show “The New Star Factory”

Alexander Rybak in the Russian TV-show “The New Star Factory”.

Alexander will perform together with one of the contestants in the show and he also take part as a judge. 

The show was recorded Thursday 12. October and will be broadcast on Russian Muz-TV Saturday 14. October at 18.00 – 20.00 Moscow time, 17.00 – 19.00 CET. 

Link to watch Muz-TV online: 

Alexander on “Friday News” – Russian TV

Alexander Rybak in “Friday News” – Russian TV

Alexander was interviewed by the TV-channel Friday Russia in Moscow this weekend. The interview will be broadcast Tuesday 23.05.17 in “Friday News” at 00.45 (local time),  23.45 CET Monday. 

This episode of “Friday News” will also be broadcast at 04.40 and 06.00 local time the 23.5.,  03.40 and 05.00 CET. 

Links to watch onlinehttp://kuvalda.tv/pyatnica-online and http://seetv.tv/vse-tv-online/pyatnica#link=10999


Recording of “Beat for Beat” 2017 on NRK – few tickets left

Alexander Rybak in the popular musical TV-show “Beat for Beat” on Norwegian TV NRK. 

Thursday 27th of April the recording of this year’s “Beat for Beat’s” Christmas show take place, and Alexander is one of the participants. 

Book tickets (free admission) here: Ticketmaster.no

The show will be broadcast at NRK a Friday in December 2017

The competing teams:
Team 1 : Maria Haukaas Mittet and Alexander Rybak
Team 2 : Kine Ludvigsen Fossheim and Peter Johansson
In addtion, two choirs: Traces og Safari

Link to watch online (only from Norway): NRK.no

Link to watch from archive (only from Norway): NRK.no/archive