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Alexander Rybak at Sveiomarknaden 3.6.2017

Alexander performed at the Norwegian festival Sveiomarknaden 2017

Featured picture: Photos by Marit Olavsdatter and Daniel DeNiazi 

Alexander performed four songs, one of them, “Dyrene i Afrika”, he performed together with the children’s choir. Alexander was joyful and the audience showed their enthusiasm and sang along the songs. Continue reading Alexander Rybak at Sveiomarknaden 3.6.2017

Alexander performs at the festival Sveiomarknaden, Sveio, Norway

Alexander Rybak performs at the festival “Sveiomarknaden” 3. June 2017.

Alexander Rybak, Frode Alnæs, Ole Andre Westerheim and the Norwegian Festival Orchestra perform at the concert on Saturday the 3. of June 2017.

The concert starts at 14.30 and lasts till around 16.30

Sveio is a 30 minutes drive from Haugesund city.