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Article and video: Press-conference of Alexander Rybak in Alanya. 10.04.13

Article published in HaberFX on 10.04.13

Author: Teoman ERİŞ

Found by Ulli C. Translated by Marina Ageeva. English revision by Katie Anderson.


Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak, winner of Eurovision 2009, in order to strengthen connections with foreigners who live in Antalya, as a part of the project “They are our Countrymen” will give a concert in Alanya.
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Video: Alexander at Press-conference in Moscow, Russia. Nov.7th 2012

Alexander visited Moscow November 6th- 9th 2012 to promote his new single and music-video “Dostala” ( Leave me Alone ). On Nov.7th, he held a Press-conference, which was attended by Russian Facebookie Snezhanna Poluboyarinova, who filmed it all for us:-)

Recorded by Snezhanna Poluboyarinova. English translation by Anita Lysak. English revision by Katie Anderson. Subtitles by Julia Bezbakh.

Article: Alexander Rybak spent 3 days in Moscow. Reportage by Russian magazine StarHit. Nov.12th 2012

At nov.9th 2012, the magazine Starhit posted a short “teaser” on their website – as advert for a longer article about Alexander, to be published in their paper-issue Nov.12th.

Published at www.starhit.ru 09.11.2012.

Photos by Sergey Milansky. Link to original article here

Found and translated by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Katie Anderson

Text: The star of ESC, Alexander Rybak, came to Moscow for a few days to present in the capital his new Russian-language single and the video for the song, “Dostala”/(“You’ve driven me up the wall).” According to Rybak, the song is dedicated to one annoying female fan, who pursues her idol too actively . “StarHit” decided to find out what Alexander Rybak did in Moscow, besides the participation in presentations and press conferences. Read the big report about the several days, the musician spent in the Russian capital in the next issue of our magazine that goes on sale on November the 12th. For now, we present to our readers a few shots of Alexander Rybak taken during his stay in the First Throne.


Nov. 12th 2012, the longer article was published in the paper-issue of StarHit.

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Article from the press-conference of Alexander Rybak in Moscow 07.11.2012

Article published on paparazzi.ru  on 07.11.2012. Link to original article here

Text by  Alice

Translation by Sonya Luzina

Александр Рыбак посвятил клип сумасшедшей фанатке и хочет спеть с Бурановскими Бабушками

Alexander Rybak dedicated his video to his crazy fan and he wants to sing with “Buranovskiye babushki”

The delusional fan from Israel has been stalking Alexander Rybak for a few years. The musician answered her insinuations with a video, in which he appears in a straight jacket, showing to the woman that she sent the boy to the mental hospital.

Alexander asks the fan “don’t call me anymore” in the chorus of the song.  And, by the irony of fate, the lady called him exactly during the presentation of the video

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Video: Press-conference of Alexander Rybak. Full version. 13.10.12

Recording and subs by Julia B. Translation from Russian to English by Julia B. & Zhanna Sergueeva, from Romanian to English by Laura Ser.

English revision by Katie Anderson.