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Fan reports from the Meet and Greet, Warsaw, Poland 16.08.2017

Alexander Rybak invited his fans to a Meet & Greet in Warsaw, Poland. 

Some happy fans who got the chance to meet him want to share with us their great moments from this meeting with Alexander. Enjoy reading these nice reports 🙂 

“I’m ready for hugs. Wednesday, after a hard days studio work, I’ll be hanging around hotel Indigo, Warsaw (Smolna 40) ca.19.00 NO MORE MORE PRESENTS PLEASE, I just want to see some new and old Polish mafia members.”-Alexander Rybak

After a busy day of working with music producers SOF productions, Alexander had some free time to meet his Polish fans.  Despite feeling a little sick he was determined not to let his fans down and took along lots of vitamins and medicines to boost his fans immunity after meeting him.  However I don’t think we can ever be immune to his charm. As you can read below for yourselves in this collection of warm reports from fans who were present… (and an extra report from one who was not).
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Alexander with Meet & Greets in Istanbul, Warsaw and Athens :)

Alexander Rybak invites his fans to Meet&Greets  in 3 cities in Europe the next days, Istanbul, Warsaw and Athens. 

The details that are published so far:

13. August – Istanbul at 20.00 local time at Mr. Cas Hotel Address and google maps you’ll find HERE

16. August – Warsaw. The Meet&Greet will be held in the early evening. More info HERE

19. August – Athens. The Meet&Greet will be held in the early evening.  More info HERE


Fan reports from meeting Alexander in Warsaw, Poland, 14.04.2016

Fans meeting Alexander Rybak in Warsaw, Poland.

Anna Katus and Ania Bednarek have been so kind and shared with us their happy meeting with Alexander. Enjoy their reports and the nice video made by Ania Bednarek. Continue reading Fan reports from meeting Alexander in Warsaw, Poland, 14.04.2016

Alexander in Warsaw – Interview with “Good Evening Europe” 14.04.2016

Alexander Rybak: “I want to manifest myself as a composer”

Interview by Maciej Mazański from “Dobry wieczór Europo!” (Good Evening Europe!) made in Warsaw when Alexander visited the city to record his performance for the TV-show “Jaka to Melodia”.

The interview is in English, but Alexander talks a little bit in Polish in the beginning. You’ll find the translation below the video 🙂

R: Hello, this is the Maciej Mazański portal Eurovizja.org.  And my guest today is Alexander Rybak, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009.

R: Hi, Alexander!
A: Hi.

R: How many times have you been in Poland?

A: Five…five.  Five.  How do you pronounce it?

When I was little I was in Warsaw, Gdansk, Gdynia….

Alexander Rybak: ‘I like Polish models’ – Interview for Polish portal Topstars

Interview published on www.topstars.pl 29.03.2012.  Link to original article:


Written by Tomasz Piekarski

Translation by Martyna Agnieszka Jasińska

 ‘I like Polish models’

He’s only 25 years old, but has already conquered Europes music stage.  When he won Eurovision Song Contest he opened the door for a career. Special for the readers of Topstars.pl: Exclusive interview with Alexander Rybak!
[T]opstars.pl: You performed on Polish TV, you gave a concert, you met your Polish fans…Do you like our country?
[A]lex: I love Poland as a country. Polish people are awesome, warm people. And you wear nice jeans!

T: Many of your fans are in love with you. Is your heart free right now?
A: My heart has never been free. Especially now, when I met th most wonderful girl of all.

T:What kind of girls do you like?
A: I like few Polish models and Natalie Portman. But mostly I like my girlfriend – she’s number 1! I try to meet her every month, sadly we don’t live in the same city…