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Alexander Rybak on tour in the Czech Republic, 4-5.10.2017

Two classical concerts with the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra

This autumn, after his visit in 2016 Alexander returned to the Czech Republic, this time with classical concerts in a project together with the renowned orchestra from Ostrava. The concerts took place in Ostrava on the October 4th and in Plzeň (Pilsen) on the October 5th.
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Review of Alexander Rybak’s concert in Ostrava, Czech Republic

The Eurovision winner instead of a lecture

On Saturday, October 15, we could see the cinema “Vesmír” as we’ve never seen it before. There were no empty seats, after all some people even stood behind. Economic lectures were replaced by the winner of Eurovision 2009 – Alexander Rybak!


Source: www.sokolska33.cz, published 18.10.16.
Text:  Photos: Adam Popelka.
Translation by Sonya L. Revision by Anni J.

 Alexander not only sings and dances, but also accompanies on the violin. Sometimes all at once. He brought with him four very energetic dancers from Lithuania, who helped him to create the whole picture of his performance . There is joy and positive energy in all his songs. Maybe that’s why he conquered the audience during the first song. There was singing, clapping, snapping their fingers… whatever was needed.
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Concert in Ostrava, Czech, 15.10.16 – Alexander Rybak

Videos from Alexander Rybak’s concert in Ostrava, Czech.

Thanks to several fans of Alexander who recorded the performances, we can all enjoy the concert. Alexander also had a guest artist, Elis,  with whom Alexander performed a duet with a song from his favorite fairytale “The Beauty and the Beast”.

You can watch the whole concert in the videos below, or clik on the bold titles in the playlist to see each song.  🙂


Thanks to Joerg Kollan, Ulli C. and Sonia Ogrocka for these videos.

  1. Europe’s Skies, 2. Fairytale, 3. I Came to Love You, 4. Kotik, 5. If You Were Gone, 6. Alexander feat Elis, 7. Beauty and the Beast, 8. Oah, 9. Into a Fantasy, 10. Roll with the Wind, 11. Eurovision Medley, 12. Fairytale.
And a big thank you to Magdalena Kwiecień and Dorota Podsiadła, who has recorded the whole concert in these three videos 🙂