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Alexander plays the role of Ole Bull in “Soot-Spelet” 2017

Alexander Rybak will also this year play the role of Ole Bull  in “Soot-Spelet”. 

The play about the canal builder Engebret Soot was launched the summer 2015 as one of Norway’s annual historical plays. Now there are built traditions in the spectacular area in and around the unique lock amphitheater in Ørje.

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Friday  23. June at 19.00 – PREMIERE
Saturday 24 and Sunday 25. of June at 19.00
Tuesday 27. till Friday 30. of June at 19.00
Saturday 1. of July at 15.00 and 19.00
Sunday   2. of July at 15.00 and 19.00








Alexander is very skilled

No summer without the “Soot-Play”

When this year’s “Soot-Play” is premiered this Friday, Edda (6), Moa (12) and Vilma (10) share the stage with their dad, Lars Johansson. Continue reading Alexander is very skilled

See and hear Rybak in Ørje

Alexander Rybak is one of several big names when Ørje offers Soot-Spelet at the canal locks from June 24 to July 3. Director Anneli Solli says there are still a few tickets left.

Continue reading See and hear Rybak in Ørje

Alexander Rybak in the theatre play “Soot-Spelet” 2015

Engebret Soot was a big admirer of the famous Norwegian violinist Ole Bull. In the theatre play “Soot-Spelet” there is a scene where Engebret Soot travels to Oslo for one of his concerts. He was delayed and the concert was over when he arrived.  Engebret Soot was not a man who gave in easily, so he went to the hotel where Ole Bull stayed, woke him up  and demanded him to play for him.

Dennis Storhøi as Engebret Soot and Alexander Rybak as Ole Bull. The video has subtitles in English, Turkish, Azerbaijani and  German 🙂

The video is recorded by Ulli C, translated to English by TessaLa and revised by Anni Jowett. Azerbaijani by Azadə İmranzadə. German by Ulli C, Turkish by Behire Nilüfer.

Alexander Rybak – interview on NRK after the premiere of the Soot-Play 27.06.15

Interview with Alexander Rybak, Dennis Storhøi and Anneli Sollie on NRK Østfold after the premiere of the  Soot-Play in the Canal Amphitheater in Ørje, Saturday 27th of June 2015.

Found by Ulli C, and uploaded to YouTube by May E. Nipen. Original photos by Niels Peeters.