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A good place to be, said Alexander Rybak – Article in Sør-Varanger Avis 16.11.2018

It’s a valuable promotion when Alexander Rybak shows beautiful Sør-Varanger in Muitte Mu. 

The artists in “Muitte Mu-(Remember me)”, about coming to Kirkenes and Sør-Varanger

The artists who come to Sør-Varanger say they experience a unique tranquility here, tells Ole Rune Hætta, editor of NRK Sápmi and co-responsible for this year’s season of the programme “Muitte Mu-Remember Me.”

Article published in Sør-Varanger Avis on 16/11/2018
Author: Kjersti Sundland , Found by TessaLaTranslation by Jorunn Ekre. revision by Anni Jowett

With Alexander Rybak as one of the personalities, the images from Sør-Varanger will reach fans in a number of countries worldwide.

The artists who have joined us in Kirkenes and Øst-Finnmark express that they have experienced a unique, almost indescribable tranquility when they get here, tells Hætta to SA.

GOOD PLACE TO BE: Rybak felt a unique tranquility in Sør-Varanger. Photo: NRK


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Event: Alexander Rybak in the season premiere of NRK’s TV-show “Muitte Mu”, Saturday 10th of November 2018

Alexander Rybak is the first artist in this season of NRKs TV-show “Muitte MU” – “Remember Me”.

Six established artists will have 3 days to learn to joik. Together with a mentor they will compose a joik for a person close to them.   Continue reading Event: Alexander Rybak in the season premiere of NRK’s TV-show “Muitte Mu”, Saturday 10th of November 2018

Listen to Alexander Rybak’s music inspired by Edvard Grieg

The “Kjempesjansen”- winner Alexander Rybak shows the way in “Urørt’s” Grieg project. He has recorded his own music inspired by Grieg, but will not make a pure style-copy

NRK.no’s Urørt/Grieg-project has started. From 13th. February 2007 you can upload music you have made yourself on NRK.no/Urørt.

Article from nrk.no, published 12.2.2007. Text and photo:  Anne Christine Bratt / NRK. Translated by TessaLa, revised by Anni Jowett

One who already has been inspired by Grieg to make new music is the “Kjempesjansen” -winner Alexander Rybak from Nesodden. He won the talent competition on NRK with self-made music where he both sang and played violin. The song he performed seemed more influenced by American music than the essence of Norway, but Alexander tells that through the years he has been inspired by a lot of different music, including Grieg. Continue reading Listen to Alexander Rybak’s music inspired by Edvard Grieg

EVENT: KORK’s “Ønskekonserten 2018” with Alexander Rybak and other artists

Alexander Rybak  performes with KORK at their summerfest “Ønskekonserten 2018”

Alexander Rybak, Helene Bøksle and Didrik Solli-Tangen will all perform with KORK at KORK’s annual  musical summer party at  Ingierstrand Bad and Restaurant. The people’s own music wishes is on the playlist and Øyvor Bakke is the host.

KORK is the Norwegian broadcaster NRK’s orchestra

20. June  – recording of the concert at Ingierstrand Bad og Restaurant (Norway), and if you  want to be in the audience, send an email to   klassisk@nrk.no . Read more HERE

29. June kl 19.55 till 21.05 – broadcast of the concert on NRK1. The concert can be watched later from NRK’s  ARCHIVE

Alexander Rybak on the Blue Carpet in ESC 2018 Lisbon 06.05.2018

Alexander Rybak at the opening ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest ESC 2018 Lisbon 

The opening ceremony  took place 6th of May on the Lisbon riverside, next to MAAT, the Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia. 

With the theme of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest revolving around the oceans, the organisers chose to replace the traditional red carpet with a spectacular blue carpet.

Alexander and his team were nr 30 to walk the carpet, but were the last one to finish 3 hours after they started, and it was already dark. Most of the interviews made on the Blue Carpet, you’ll find in the playlist below.

Photo by Vyacheslav ProkofyevTASS via Getty Images


Eurovision royalty graces the Blue Carpet in the form of Alexander Rybak!
Alex is also wearing the male uniform of black trousers and black shirt, but he wears a dark teal jacket to match with his team and give him a more distinctive look. His tie is noteworthy, as it was especially made for the occasion by the Norwegian fashion designer Peter Løchstøer.  information from  ESCTODAY.com 


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Alexander Rybak in NRK’s “Lørdagsmagasinet” 28.04.2018

The last preparation before leaving for Eurovision

The Norwegian broadcaster NRK’s “Lørdagsmagasinet” (The Saturday magazine) dropped by when Alexander did his last preparation before leaving for Eurovision. 

Event: Alexander Rybak on TV and radio the week before the final of MGP 2018

Alexander Rybak will appear on both radio NRK P1 and NRK1 TV the week before the  final of Melodi Grand Prix 2018.

Stig Karlsen promises great promotion on NRK.no and in social media during the last week before the final.

Both the radio show and TV show are available from abroad.

During the week the artists will be guests in “Nitimen” , which is broadcast on NRK P1 between 09:00 and 11:00 Monday to Saturday. Who will be there when is not announced yet. Link to listen live.  Link to the archive.

In addition, the live evening show “Norge Nå” (Norway now) moves into Oslo Spektrum  and have MGP as the topic for the whole week.  First show will be aired Monday at 20.15 and last to 20:55. Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday  the show will last for 30 mins. and starts at 20:25. There will be interesting guests and stuff related to the big final. In addition, says Karlsen, all the artists will be guests and be allowed to present themselves. There is no info which artist will be when yet, but you can watch the show live from this link  or from the archive.


Fans Report: MGP presentation of Alexander Rybak as one of the 2018 Artists

The 2018 Norwegian MGP finalists are revealed! Fans Report from the Press conference

Oslo 15.1.2018

The 10 acts competing in Norway’s national final for Eurovision, Melodi Grand Prix 2018 , were announced on 15th January during a special press conference held by the Norwegian national broadcaster NRK. Press, celebrity guests and members of the public were invited along to be present in the TV studio during the live broadcast which revealed this year’s participants. Stine and Trine are two Norwegian MGP fans were present at the event and give us the inside scoop from the studio… 

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Everyone wants a piece of Alexander Rybak – Aftenposten 18.11.2006

Modelling, concerts, theater parts and marriage proposals.

After two rounds in Kjempesjansen on NRK, young Alexander Rybak from Nesodden can almost wade in exciting offers. The finale is on Saturday.

Text to photo: Even if he has been a bit ill lately, Alexander Rybak has spent the days before the finale practising and performing at closed events for various companies. Photo: Tor G. Stenersen.

Source: aftenposten.no. Published 18.11.2006. Text: Arve Henriksen. Translated by Jorunn Ekre, revised by Anni Jowett. Continue reading Everyone wants a piece of Alexander Rybak — Aftenposten 18.11.2006

Alexander won Kjempesjansen – Aftenposten 18.11.2006

The audience made sure the multi-talented Alexander Rybak (20) beat the sisters from Valdres.

Text to photo of Alex, Dan Børge Akerø and Trond Giske : Alexander Rybak is congratulated by host Dan Børge Akerø and minister of culture Trond Giske.

Source: aftenposten.no, published 18.11.2006. Text: Anders Nordstuga. Translated by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Anni Jowett.

Tonight`s finale in the NRK programme Kjempesjansen became a very thrilling showdown. Finally the battle stood between Rybak and the sisters Ragnhild (18) and Eldbjørg Hemsing (16). The sisters got the majority of the votes from the professional jury consisting of Eddie Skoller, Trond Giske, Elisabeth Andreassen, Anneli Drecker, and the director Halldis Rønning. The sisters got 120 000 NOK from the professional jury, while Alexander Rybak got 80 000. Rybak however won in the end thanks to the TV votes.
This is surprising and great, said a happy Alexander to Amta right after the decision was made. Rybak won with his distinct voice and music he had composed himself, that he had arranged himself for the orchestra.

At 18 he won the Anders Jahre culture award for younger artists which was worth 100 000 NOK. He is the head of Ung Symfoni in Bergen, and he has performed with Morten Harket, Arve Tellefsen, Stephen Ackles and Knutsen and Ludvigsen. Last year he participated as a violinist in Thomas Stanghelle`s opera musical “Some Sunny Night” which amongst others visited China and New York. Normally he studies at Barratt Due Music Institute in Oslo.

Eldbjørg (left) and Ragnhild during the dress rehearsal of Kjempesjansen Saturday night.

Alexander performed in the TV-show Quizdan on NRK 13.11.2016

Alexander Rybak was the guest artist in the final of the Norwegian Quiz-show “Quizdan”.

In addition to an interview, Alexander performed his song “I Came to Love You”, and the classical piece “Liebesleid” by Fritz Kreisler, accompanied by the pianist Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos. In the video below you can watch his performances and interview with English subs 🙂  The show was recorded the 21st of September.

Video recorded, edited and uploaded by May Elisabeth Nipen. 

Alexander in “Reiseradioen”, radio show on NRK P1 2.7.2016

Alexander was a guest in teh Norwegian summer radio show “Reiseradioen” (travelling radio)  where he talked about his new song “I  Came to Love You”, his 10 years anniversary show “Entertainer” and how he met Julia and what they when he is not working.

Recorded and translated by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett.

6. December – Letter E – Eurovision medley

julekort calender2014Eurovision Medley julekort calender2014

Alexander Rybak Melodi Grand Prix 2012 Eurovision Medley

Header photo made by: Dorly Jackson Wolff

british-american flagToday we have the letter E, and wish to highlight the fantastic tributes Alexander has made to other Eurovision contestants with his own Eurovision Medley. Performed across Europe on many occasions to celebrate the contest and it’s diversity in music. Here we have the performance of Alexander’s Eurovision Medley at the MGP Final in 2012, where he gave a special tribute to Stella Mwangi who had just lost her father, and made all the audience to raise up and dance and sing along.

Flag Russsia6 декабря – Евровидийное Попурри. Сегодня у нас в календаре буква “Е”, и мы хотим вспомнить фантастическую композицию “Eurovision Medley”, с которой Александр выступал с в честь других участников Евровидения. Эта композиция исполнялась на ряде мероприятий как прославление конкурса песни и разнообразия музыки на нём. Мы выбрали выступление Александра на финале национального норвежского отбора на Евровидение в 2012, устроенное в честь Стеллы Мванги, которая незадолго до этого потеряла отца, и это выступление заставило всю публику встать со своих мест, и начать танцевать и подпевать.

Flag SpainHoy tenemos la letra E, y deseamos destacar los fantásticos homenajes que Alexander ha hecho a otros concursantes de Eurovisión con su propio Medley. Lo interpretó a través de Europa en varias ocasiones para celebrar el concurso y su diversidad en la música. Aquí tenemos la actuación de Alexander con un Medley de Eurovisión en la final de MGP en 2012, donde rindió un especial tributo a Stella Mwangi, quien acababa de perder a su padre. Alexander hizo levantarse a toda la audiencia y consiguió que cantasen y bailasen con él.

tyskland-flaggHeute haben wir den Buchstaben “E”, und möchten die fantastische Homage, die Alexander anderen Eurovisions-Teilnehmern mit seinem eigenen Eurovision Medley gemacht hat in den Blick bringen. Aufgeführt quer durch Europa zu vielen Gelegenheiten den Contest und seine musikalische Vielfalt zu feiern. Hier haben wir den Auftritt von Alexanders Eurovision Medley beim MGP Finale 2012 in Norwegen, wo er besonders Stella Mwangi besonders ehrte, die gerade ihren Vater verloren hatte. Er brachte das ganze Publikum dazu aufzustehen und zu tanzen und mitzusingen.

julekort calender2014

Some explanation about what we are collecting:

british-american flagWhat other songs has Alexander composed, performed or taken part in starting with an “E”? If you remember anyone, please tell in a comment below or under our post on Facebook. Links to videos are highly appreciated too 🙂

Flag RusssiaЕсли вы знаете какие-то другие песни, начинающиеся на букву “E”, которые Александр написал или когда-либо исполнил, то, пожалуйста, напишите в комментариях ниже или под нашим постом на Facebook. Ссылки на видео очень приветствуются. 🙂

tyskland-flaggWelche anderen Lieder die mit “E” beginnen hat Alexander komponiert, gespielt oder in ihnen mitgewirkt? Wenn Sie sich an ein Lied erinnern, bitte schreiben Sie einen Kommentar unten auf dieser Seite oder unter unserem Beitrag auf Facebook. Links zu Videos sind auch willkommen! 🙂

Flag Spain¿Qué otras canciones que comiencen con “E” ha compuesto, cantado o colaborado Alexander?
Si recuerdas alguna, comenta en la parte inferior o debajo de la publicación en nuestra página de Facebook. Si quieres compartirnos el link de la canción, es más que bienvenida.

photo-polandflagJeśli pamiętacie jakieś inne utwory zaczynające się na literę “E”, które Alexander skomponował, wykonywał lub brał w nich udział, prosimy piszcie o tym w komentarzach poniżej lub pod naszym postem na Facebooku. Linki do filmików są także mile widziane.

Alexander Rybak in the radio show “Jacobsen” on NRK 16.09.2015

Alexander was a guest in the radio show “Jacobsen” on NRK, where he talked a bit about the process of his book,”Trolle and the magic fiddle”, from idea to publishing.

Recording and subs by TessaLa, English translation by Jorunn Ekre

Alexander in “Call in the music” on NRK Classic 28.03.2015

Alexander was challenged by the film music composer Magnus Beite to choose the next classical piece played on the radio show “Call in the music” on NRK Classic, in their musical relay.

Check out which classical piece he chose, and to whom he forwarded the relay baton. 🙂

Alexander Rybak NRK Klassisk

Found by Ulli C, translated by TessaLa/May E. Nipe, revision by Anni Jowett

If you want to listen to more classical music chosen by Alexander, check out these classical radio shows .

Alexander in Melodi Grand Prix 2015

Alexander gives advice to future winners, and talks about how it was to perform and win ESC in the pre-party show for Melodi Grand Prix 2015, Norway.

During the show NRK encourage people to tweet with the hashtag #nrkmgp, and they showed a few of them on the screen. Here is Alexander’s tweet:)

tweet on mgp nrk 2015

Alexander Rybak – Min Favorittmusikk on NRK Klassisk 13.11.2014

Thursday 13.11.2014 Alexander again was the host in the Norwegian classical radio programme “My Favourite Music” on NRK Classic.

The topic of the day was  LOVE, and maybe we should follow his advice about just listening to the lovely music and do nothing.

Source: NRK Klassisk


Alexander Rybak om kjærlighet og klassisk musikk –
Frederick Delius: La Calinda (fra) Koanga – London Symf Ork + Barry Wordsworth (dir)
Alexander Rybak om Liebestraum –
Franz Liszt: Liebestraum nr. 3 (fra) Liebesträume, S.541 – Paul Crossley
Alexander Rybak om Romeo og Julie –
PjotrTsjajkovskij: Romeo og Julie – Fantasiouverture (utdrag) – BBC Welsh Symph Orch + Tadaaki Otaka (dir)
Alexander Rybak om Brahms og fiolinkonserten –
Johannes Brahms: 2. sats. Adagio (fra) Fiolinkonsert, op. 77, D-dur – Igor Oistrakh (fiolin) London Symf Ork + Raphael Frühbeck de Burgos (dir)
Alexander Rybak om Carmen av Bizet –
Georges Bizet: L’amour est une oiseau rebelle (fra) Carmen – Grace Bumbry + Théâtre National de l’Opéra Ork + Raphael Frübeck de Burgos (dir)
Alexander Rybak om Escamillos hyllest til “mannemannen” –
Georges Bizet: Votre toast (fra) Carmen – Kostas Paskalis + Eliane Lublin + Viorica Cortez + Grace Bumbry + Théâtre National de l’Opéra Kor og Ork+ Raphael Frübeck de Burgos (dir)
Alexander Rybak om å være forelsket i orkesteret –
Nikolaj Rimskij-Korsakov: The Young Prince and the Young Princess (fra) Scheherazade, op. 35 – Philharmonia Orch + William Boughton (dir)
Alexander Rybak om å bli forført i Spania –
Francisco Tárrega: Recuerdos de la Alhambra – Celedonio Romero
Alex om Tarrega –
Franz Schubert: Klaverkvintett, D.667, op. 114, A-dur “Forellenquintett”: 3. sats. Scherzo. Pre – Lars Anders Tomter + Janne Saksala + Benjamin Schmid + Antti Siirala + Jan Vogler
Alexander Rybak om Rakhmaninovs preludium i ciss-moll –
Sergej Rakhmaninov: Preludium, ciss-moll (nr. 2 fra) Morceaux de Fantaisie, op. 3 – Marta Dayanova
Alexander Rybak om Ave Maria av Schubert –
Franz Schubert: Ellens Gesang III, D.839, op. 52 nr. 6 – Budapest Strings
Alexander Rybak om Ave Verum Corpus av Mozart –
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Ave verum Corpus, K.618 – Choir of Christ Church Cathedral Oxford + Francis Grier (dir)
Alexander Rybak om Rutters “A gaelic blessing” –
John Rutter: A Gaelic Blessing – Polyphony + Bournemouth Sinfonietta + Stephen Layton (dirigent)
Alexander Rybak mer om Rutter –
Alexander Rybak om Elgars Salut d’amour –
Edward Elgar: Salut d’amour, op. 12 – Baltimore Symf Ork + David Zinman (Dirigent)
Alexander Rybak om Chopins Nocturne –
Frédéric Chopin: Nocturne nr. 2, Ess-dur (fra) Tre Nocturner, op. 9 – Peter Katin
Alexander Rybak om Mahler –
Gustav Mahler: 4. sats. Adagietto (fra) Symfoni nr. 5, ciss-moll – London Symf Ork + Jack Kaspcyk (dir)
Alexander Rybak om Satie –
Erik Satie: Gymnopédie nr. 1 (fra) Trois Gymnopédies – Utah Symf Ork + Maurice Abravanel (dir)
Alexander Rybak om kjærlighetens vesen –
Sergej Rakhmaninov: 2. sats. Adagio sostenuto (fra) Klaverkonsert nr. 2, op. 18, c-moll – Jorge Luis Prats (klaver) + Mexico Filh Ork + Enrique Batiz (dir)
Alexander Rybak takker for følget –
Johannes Brahms: Ungarsk dans nr. 7, – London Philharmonic Orchestra + Marin Alsop (Dirigent)

What I Long For – Alexander Rybak

Alexander took part in the  Norwegian TV-show “The Hit” on October 10th 2014, where famous artists compete with songs written by amateurs. If you want to read more about the concept of the show, you  can find it here. Alexander chose a wonderful song “What I Long For”  written by Elisabet Mjanger. Unfortunately, Alexander didn’t win the duel, but he did his best and made a great performance which we can enjoy now! 🙂

The song is also available on:

 iTunes | Spotify | Amazon | Deezer  | Google Play | Wimp 


This is what I long for more in life, that’s what you bring.
Passion, full compassion. You’re the one who takes me in.
I’m jumping around. Diving in. Coming around.

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Alexander Rybak in The Hit on NRK Friday 10.10.2014

Alexander Rybak The Hit - photo Stig KarlsenPhoto: Stig Karlsen, NRK – From the rehearsal for The Hit on NRK 

Friday 10th of October Alexander Rybak will be one of the two artist who perform in the songwriter competition The Hit on NRK.  Five songs are so far ready for the Grand Final the 24th of October, and tomorrow  Alexander Rybak and Trine Rein will perform the songs they have chosen among their six alternatives.

If you want to read more about the concept and see the list of songwriters and artists, you find it all here.

The five song that are already in the final, you can listen to here 

Alexander chose two songs already in early June, and tomorrow he will be reveal which one of them he has decided to release as his new song.
You can listen to the 6 songs he could chose between here.

Alexander Rybak – “My favourite Music” on NRK Klassisk 18.09.14

Alexander will this autumn be a host in the classical Norwegian radio show “Min favorittmusikk” (My favourite music). Thursday 18.09.14 was his first programme broadcasted, and he presented us many beautiful pieces of music and interesting stories connected to them. We are looking forward to the upcoming programmes. Here you can listen to his favourite classical pieces, and the video has English subs for those who don’t understand Norwegian.

Source: NRK Klassisk

Alexander Rybak – Preview of The Hit on NRK 2014

A preview of the music show “The Hit” that will be broadcasted on NRK1, 8 weeks in a row, starting 5th of September. This part of the show is pre-recorded already back in June, and shows how the artists pick their songs among the six songwriters they can choose among.

Recorded and translated by TessaLa, revised by Bita Janz

Source: NRK.no

Alexander Rybak about The Hit on NRK 2014

Alexander tells in this video why he takes part in the Norwegian music show “The Hit”. Alexander will perform his chosen song in the show  broadcasted Friday 10th of October, starting 20.05 CET. More Info about the show and link to book tickets here

Recorded by Ulli C, translated by Jorunn Ekre, revised by Anni Jowett.

Source: NRK.no


Alexander Rybak in “THE HIT” 2014 on NRK TV


Today it was revealed that Alexander Rybak is one of the 14 famous artists that will take part in NRK’s new  music concept this autumn. The show will be broadcasted 8 Fridays in a  row starting 5th of September and ending with a grand final the 24th of october.  If you want to be in the audience, click here to book tickets, and chose the actual show date.

You can follow The Hit on Instagram here, Facebook here and Twitter here

You can read more about the concept, show dates, list of songwriters, their songs, the artists and details about the broadcasting on this page “THE HIT”.

The list of the artist that will take part in the show:


  • D’soundNRK The hit Alexander Rybak
  • Atle Pettersen
  • Maria Haukaas Mittet
  • D.D.E.
  • Trine Rein
  • Alexander Rybak
  • Maria Arredondo
  • Vidar Busk
  • Helene Bøksle
  • Alexander With
  • Jørn Hoel
  • Åge Sten Nilsens Ammunition
  • Venke Knutson
  • A1


Source last picture posted: instagram.com/ronnieartistpartner

Alexander Rybak on Reiseradioen NRK P1 09.07.2014

Alexander talks about giving voice to Hiccup, how “Into a Fantasy” got on the soundtrack for “How to Train Your Dragon 2”, and  about being an old soul in a young body. Reiseradioen NRK P1 09.07.2014

Alexander Rybak on “Filmpolitiet” on NRK P3

Interview on the radio program “Filmpolitiet” on NRK radio P3 about giving the voice to the main character, and his contribution to the soundtrack with his new song “Into a Fantasy” for DreamWorks Animation’s movie “How to Train Your Dragon 2”.

Recorded by Hilde M. Translation and subs by Tessa Lande. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak – Interview on nrk.no and host in “Min Favorittmusikk 26.03.14

Article published at NRK.no on 26.03.2014

Journalist: Ola Nymo Trulsen

Found by Ragnhild Veire. Translated by Venche M. English revising by Anni Jowett.

– I will never forget my classical roots,- Alexander Rybak said when he took over the airwaves for an hour to be radio DJ on NRK Classic.

In the programme “My Favourite Music” on Tuesday it was the artist Alexander Rybak’s turn to pick out his favourite pieces.

– Versatility is the key for me. No genre is more versatile than classical music,- Rybak said right at the start of the broadcast and fired up “Champagne gallop.”


Deeply concentrated: There is something familiar with this stand in! Alexander Rybak prepares a broadcast in NRK classic newsroom.
Photo: Sven Ole Engelsvold / NRK Classic


Rybak even played one of the few recorded tracks where he is the solo violinist.

– I am very self-critical. That is why I rarely recorded tracks as violinist. But I tried it though five years ago, as a bonus track on my pop record,- Rybak says and spin starts his own interpretation of Rakhamninovs “Vocalise”.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak — Interview on nrk.no and host in “Min Favorittmusikk 26.03.14

Article about Alexander’s song for MGP, “I’m With You” and Annsofi Pettersen.

Authors: Sebastian Nordli/Trond Øyvind Karterud
Source: NRK.no

Found by Zhanna Sergueeva. English Translation by Anni Jowett.
Revision by Tessa Lande.

Annsofi Pettersen was visiting NRK Østfold on Monday morning
Photo : Espen Torgersen/NRK

When you pass through to the final, there is always a party.

Annsofi Pettersen went on to the finals of the MGP this weekend. But what will happen at the final she dare not predict. Hear the interview with the MGP finalist.

Continue reading Article about Alexander’s song for MGP, “I’m With You” and Annsofi Pettersen.

Article about Alexander Rybak and Annsofi in NRK.no. 24.01.13

Article by : Nina Marie Askim & Hege Bakken Riise
Source: NRK.no

Found by Ulli C. Translated by Susanne B. Revised by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak won MGP-final in Moscow in 2009.

Foto: Pontus Lundahl/Scanpix

Have been dreaming about since I won

Alexander Rybak didn’t want to become a MGP composer before he had found an artist who could represent the essence of Norway. Then the girl from Sarpsborg Annsofi Pettersen turned up.
Yesterday NRK.no revealed the seven artists who will participate in the MGP semifinal in Florø next Saturday. The 18 year-old Annsofi Pettersen from Sarpsborg is one of them.
She enters with the song “I’m With You” which is written by the greatest ESC winner ever : Alexander Rybak.
He tells NRK.no that he is looking forward to come back to MGP.
Continue reading Article about Alexander Rybak and Annsofi in NRK.no. 24.01.13

Video: Annsofi with the song “I’m with you” by Alexander Rybak – announced to MGP 2013!

 23 January 2013 NRK announced participants of the second semi-final of MGP 2013 (Norwegian selection to Eurovision Song Contest 2013). Among 7 participants they named Annsofi with the song “I’m with you” written by Alexander Rybak.

Here you can see the announcement, little interview with Annsofi  and the opinions of MGP experts about the song.

 Recording by Venche M. English translation and subs by Tessa Lande. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Official video of “I’m with you” on Annsofi’s Youtube channel

Join Annsofi of Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annsofiofficial


Article: Million coup of Alexander Rybak. VG. 22.02.2009

Text: Camilla Bjørn and Marcus Husby

Photo: Espen Braata and Kristian Helgesen

Found by Marijke Arentsen. English translation by Jorunn Ekre. English revision by Katie Anderson and Anni Jowett.

Alexander gets the royalties: Million coup.

Alexander Rybak can laugh all the way to the bank after his record breaking victory in Melodi Grand Prix yesterday.

– It feels great, and overwhelming. It`s so wonderful that I get the chance to be the fiddler I`ve always dreamt of becoming.- Rybak says to VG. Last night the heartthrob celebrated his crushing Grand Prix victory at Hard Rock Cafe, after having received the amazing amount of 747 888 audience votes (the highest amount in the history of MGP), and beating the seven other finalists with the song “Fairytale”.

Thanks his ex-girlfriend

Rybak and his Frikar dancers got 600,000 more votes than their arch rival, Tone Damli Aaberge, who became second.

Continue reading Article: Million coup of Alexander Rybak. VG. 22.02.2009

Performance of Alexander Rybak & Didrik Solli-Tangen in a duet at Chat Noir 100-years anniversary



On October 29th Chat Noir in Oslo celebrated its 100-year anniversary with a concert, where Alexander and many other artists participated. The concert was recorded by the national TV-channel NRK and was aired on November 17th. Alexander made a duet performance along with Didrik Solli-Tangen.

Recording by Tessa Lande

Per Sundnes

NAME: Per Sundnes

 BIRTHDAY: 160666



Happy Go Lucky



Some small change after buying an Ice Cream at the beach.

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Portrait of Per Sundnes “Northern Norways Potato” June 8th 2012

A portrait article about Per Sundnes,

published on www.dagbladet.no 8.6.2012 Text: Hallgeir Opedal. Drawing: Finn Graff 
Found and translated by Tessa Lande. English revision by Anni Jowett.

The parts, where Alexander Rybak is mentioned, are highlighted in blue.

Northern Norway’s potato!

It is not “Gay Patrol” that attracts Per Sundnes (46) to TV3. It is a woman.

-” There is national mourning in England now because I quit”.

Per Sundnes shuffles around in the kitchen, wearing pirate pants and shock yellow t-shirt.

– “You know, I stop when I’m on top”.

There is a smell of spices, chocolate and buns. We stepped over a vacuum cleaner. A bulging garbage bag leaning against the fridge, the balcony door to the backyard is open, the radio is tuned in on “Nitimen.”

– “National mourning”?!

– “In Birmingham, there are some who call themselves Schlagerboys, funny boys with a lot humour, and those boys find it very sad that I quit. The first thing I did when I started in this job was to take care of the fans. You know, Grand Prix fans are like soccer fans: The hard core are there in good times and bad. I listened to them and asked how they wanted it. And the last three years I have organized it so that fans get to meet the artists. And why do I do that? Because I can!”

He tilts his head to one side, smiling coquettishly.

– “They are eternally grateful”.

There is a lot of confidence in the dense body of Per Sundnes. During the next hour, he manoeuvres between bragging and humility, and tries to find a balance. Now he stops, looking around to take stock.

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Alexander on NRK after his exam-concert. June 7th 2012

Video-recording of “Dagsrevyen” – NRK, 7.6.2012 with subtitles.

Link to original broadcast from NRK here

Recording by Venche M. English translation by Tessa Lande. English revision by Anni Jowett. Subs and Russian translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. Polish translation by Martyna Agnieszka Jasińska. Slovak translation by Danka Čolláková.

Thursday June 7th, Alexander gave concert at Barratt Due Musicinstitute. It was his bachelor-exam as violinist and he passed with the top-grade “A”.  NRK was there and filmed before, during and after his exam. In the evening, he was guest in the news-program “Dagsrevyen” and interviewed by Viggo Johansen.

Alexander Rybak -“Got top-grade at violin exam” June 7th 2012

Photo: Alexander Rybak had Gunnar Flagstad with him on piano at his exam-concert thursday afternoon.

Got top-grade at violin exam

Article published on nrk.no 7.6.2012. Text and photo by Fred Olav Vatne. 
Found by Tessa La. Translation by Marianne Saietz

There was room for both humor, seriousness, anecdotes and song when Alexander Rybak held his final violin exam at Barratt Due Music institute today, for which he got the grade A.

When Alexander Rybak opened his exam-concert Thursday afternoon the concert hall of Barratt Due was “As full as we are allowed to fill it”,  as the spokesperson of the house said in his introduction.

Typical that the things, you struggled with goes like a dream.

The concert opened with challenging and virtuoso music by Johann Sebastian Bach and Franz Schubert, before Rybak came with “lighter” music as ” Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy. It was nevertheless here the difficulties began for the exam-candidate.

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Video interviews after Alexander Rybak’s violin exam at Barratt Due 07.06.2012

Interview on VGTV

Recording by Sonya Luzina. Englis translation by Laila S.H. Polish translation by Klaudia Jasińska. Subs by Julia B.

Interview on NRK

Recording by Julia B. English translation by Tessa Lande. English revision by Anni Jowett. Subs and Russian translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. Slovak translation by Danka Čolláková. Polish translation by Klaudia Jasińska.