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Alexander performs at the festival Sveiomarknaden, Sveio, Norway

Alexander Rybak performs at the festival “Sveiomarknaden” 3. June 2017.

Alexander Rybak, Frode Alnæs, Ole Andre Westerheim and the Norwegian Festival Orchestra perform at the concert on Saturday the 3. of June 2017.

The concert starts at 14.30 and lasts till around 16.30

Sveio is a 30 minutes drive from Haugesund city.

Alexander about Norway, Norwegian values and 17th of May in Magasinet 13.05.2017


Source: Magasinet, Dagbladet. Published 13.05.2017.  Text:  Silje Kathrine Sviggum. Photo:  Agnete Brun. Found by Mónika Menyhért. Translated by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett. 

Alexander Rybak (31) is still influenced by the time that he lost the 17th of May. The year was 2009 and «Fairytale» had  brought home victory in the Eurovision Song Contest. When the confetti hit the floor in Moscow and Rybak was thrown into a congratulation swirl, he realised that he would miss the celebration of the 17th of May. Continue reading Alexander about Norway, Norwegian values and 17th of May in Magasinet 13.05.2017

Alexander in the Swedish parody of SKAM in Melodifestivalen 2017

Alexander as the character “William” in a Swedish parody of “SKAM”.

Clara Henry and Alexander Rybak played the characters “Nora” and “William” In Melodifestivalen’s  “SMAK” (taste), which is a parody of the Norwegian popular youth TV-series “SKAM” (Shame). “SKAM” has become very popular also outside Norway, and has been broadcast both on Swedish and Danish TV.  Continue reading Alexander in the Swedish parody of SKAM in Melodifestivalen 2017

The biggest inspiration for young violinists

The weekend 12.–14. of February Alexander Rybak worked with almost 90 young string players.

The young violinists biggest inspiration

 – Andrine Longa Kopperstad  about Alexander Rybak 

Source:  Parts of an article in Mørenytt published 18.02.2016. Text: Ingvild Runde. Photo: Oddvar Alfsvåg and Kristian Skeide. Translated by Tessa La, revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak og strykere i fosnavåg 2016 – We have had a very inspiring weekend. It has been a fun and educating experience, with a fantastic final concert. Nobody has inspired so many young string players to continue playing the violin as Alexander Rybak. He has really given the violin a comeback, says Inna Svendsen, who is the violin teacher at the culture schools in Volda and Ørsta. Continue reading The biggest inspiration for young violinists

Orchestra seminar in Sandefjord, Norway 15. – 17. of January 2016

150 lucky ones have a dream weekend with Alexander Rybak

150 young strings from all over Vestfold got a solid dose of extra playing pleasure and enthusiasm, after a hectic but oh so fun weekend together with Alexander Rybak in Sandefjord.  Continue reading Orchestra seminar in Sandefjord, Norway 15. — 17. of January 2016

6. December – Letter E – Eurovision medley

julekort calender2014Eurovision Medley julekort calender2014

Alexander Rybak Melodi Grand Prix 2012 Eurovision Medley

Header photo made by: Dorly Jackson Wolff

british-american flagToday we have the letter E, and wish to highlight the fantastic tributes Alexander has made to other Eurovision contestants with his own Eurovision Medley. Performed across Europe on many occasions to celebrate the contest and it’s diversity in music. Here we have the performance of Alexander’s Eurovision Medley at the MGP Final in 2012, where he gave a special tribute to Stella Mwangi who had just lost her father, and made all the audience to raise up and dance and sing along.

Flag Russsia6 декабря – Евровидийное Попурри. Сегодня у нас в календаре буква “Е”, и мы хотим вспомнить фантастическую композицию “Eurovision Medley”, с которой Александр выступал с в честь других участников Евровидения. Эта композиция исполнялась на ряде мероприятий как прославление конкурса песни и разнообразия музыки на нём. Мы выбрали выступление Александра на финале национального норвежского отбора на Евровидение в 2012, устроенное в честь Стеллы Мванги, которая незадолго до этого потеряла отца, и это выступление заставило всю публику встать со своих мест, и начать танцевать и подпевать.

Flag SpainHoy tenemos la letra E, y deseamos destacar los fantásticos homenajes que Alexander ha hecho a otros concursantes de Eurovisión con su propio Medley. Lo interpretó a través de Europa en varias ocasiones para celebrar el concurso y su diversidad en la música. Aquí tenemos la actuación de Alexander con un Medley de Eurovisión en la final de MGP en 2012, donde rindió un especial tributo a Stella Mwangi, quien acababa de perder a su padre. Alexander hizo levantarse a toda la audiencia y consiguió que cantasen y bailasen con él.

tyskland-flaggHeute haben wir den Buchstaben “E”, und möchten die fantastische Homage, die Alexander anderen Eurovisions-Teilnehmern mit seinem eigenen Eurovision Medley gemacht hat in den Blick bringen. Aufgeführt quer durch Europa zu vielen Gelegenheiten den Contest und seine musikalische Vielfalt zu feiern. Hier haben wir den Auftritt von Alexanders Eurovision Medley beim MGP Finale 2012 in Norwegen, wo er besonders Stella Mwangi besonders ehrte, die gerade ihren Vater verloren hatte. Er brachte das ganze Publikum dazu aufzustehen und zu tanzen und mitzusingen.

julekort calender2014

Some explanation about what we are collecting:

british-american flagWhat other songs has Alexander composed, performed or taken part in starting with an “E”? If you remember anyone, please tell in a comment below or under our post on Facebook. Links to videos are highly appreciated too 🙂

Flag RusssiaЕсли вы знаете какие-то другие песни, начинающиеся на букву “E”, которые Александр написал или когда-либо исполнил, то, пожалуйста, напишите в комментариях ниже или под нашим постом на Facebook. Ссылки на видео очень приветствуются. 🙂

tyskland-flaggWelche anderen Lieder die mit “E” beginnen hat Alexander komponiert, gespielt oder in ihnen mitgewirkt? Wenn Sie sich an ein Lied erinnern, bitte schreiben Sie einen Kommentar unten auf dieser Seite oder unter unserem Beitrag auf Facebook. Links zu Videos sind auch willkommen! 🙂

Flag Spain¿Qué otras canciones que comiencen con “E” ha compuesto, cantado o colaborado Alexander?
Si recuerdas alguna, comenta en la parte inferior o debajo de la publicación en nuestra página de Facebook. Si quieres compartirnos el link de la canción, es más que bienvenida.

photo-polandflagJeśli pamiętacie jakieś inne utwory zaczynające się na literę “E”, które Alexander skomponował, wykonywał lub brał w nich udział, prosimy piszcie o tym w komentarzach poniżej lub pod naszym postem na Facebooku. Linki do filmików są także mile widziane.

Alexander Rybak pranked by Jan Thomas in Tusvik & Tønne

Alexander was one of the many celebrities who were pranked in the Norwegian talk show “Tusvik & Tønne” on TV2 tonight.

“Tussvik & Tønne” is a talk show with two crazy ladies who demand the guest be the host while they come up with some crazy ideas. Jan Thomas, the Norwegian stylist who did a makeover on Alexander  in 2011, was the guest tonight. And those crazy ladies took his phone and sent a text to all the people in his contact list. Alexander was one of them, and he was the second one to reply 🙂

Alexander Rybak Jan Thomas prankes Tussvik & Tønne

The text message:

Hi dear friend! You know, I can’t keep quiet any longer! what on earth are you wearing these days? Hope you see that yourself. You need a makeover, I’ll book you for a consultation next week, what time is best for you?

Alexander’s reply:

He,he, brave:) I like my style, but notice I have worn the same for quite some time now. I am mostly behind the camera now, so there is no hurry. How much do you charge for your time?