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Rybak kicked off music fest at the gymnasium 12.11.2017

Alexander Rybak kicked off the music fest at the gymnasium

It doesn’t happen every day that world famous artists perform at a gymnasium with the local marching band, at least not out here at Hurumlandet.

Text to featured picture: Hurum and Røyken big band: Rybak played amongst others “Ain’t That a Kick in The Head” together with the big band. Continue reading Rybak kicked off music fest at the gymnasium 12.11.2017

Concert with marching band and big band, Åros, Norway

Concert with Frydenlund Marching Band and Hurum & Røyken Big Band.

Book tickets HERE

The concert starts at 16.30. The doors open at 15.45. Only standings.  
A limited number of seats can be arranged for those who needs that. Inform about it when booking ticktes.

For the first time in Åros.

Alexander Rybak meets Hurum and Røyken Big Band and Frydenlund Marching Band.

Don’t miss this remarkable possibility. For the first – and maybe the only one in Åros – the multitalent and world star Alexander Rybak. He will perform alone and in some collaborations with Hurum and Røyken Big Band and Frydenlund Marching Band.

Frydenlund Marching Band will have their traditional cafe open. And it will be possible to buy Rybak’s books “Trolle og den magiske fela”.

The concert will take place in the schools gymnasium.

Åros is a place south of Oslo, about 1 hour drive. 

The organizer’ event info so far (in Norwegian)

“Trollfest” in Kragerø, Norway

Alexander Rybak – “Trollfest” (Troll Festival) in Kragerø, Norway

The Troll festival starts at the square at 12.00.

kl 13.20- 13.40  Mini troll concert with Alexander
kl 13.40 – 14.00 Alexander signs books
kl 15.10 – Alexander plays a troll marsch
kl 19.00  – Troll party at Tollboden with a  3-course dinner and a mini concert with Alexander Rybak. Tickets NOKr 1.650 pr pers. More info and booking  HERE       


Saturday 16. September the Troll festival will be arranged for the 3rd time. Fun for big and small trolls. This time Alexander Rybak will visit the Troll festival. You have something to look forward too. Zoe – Loes Barre from Kragerø will sing a duet with Alexander. She is known from her participation in The Voice Kids Germany.  

The Trollfest starts at the square at 12.00 and ends with entertainment at “Tollbuden, starting at 19.00. Alexander will perform at that evening event.

For more info about the Troll Festival 2017, follow this Facebook page.  

Alexander performs at the festival Sveiomarknaden, Sveio, Norway

Alexander Rybak performs at the festival “Sveiomarknaden” 3. June 2017.

Alexander Rybak, Frode Alnæs, Ole Andre Westerheim and the Norwegian Festival Orchestra perform at the concert on Saturday the 3. of June 2017.

The concert starts at 14.30 and lasts till around 16.30

Sveio is a 30 minutes drive from Haugesund city.

Alexander about Norway, Norwegian values and 17th of May in Magasinet 13.05.2017


Source: Magasinet, Dagbladet. Published 13.05.2017.  Text:  Silje Kathrine Sviggum. Photo:  Agnete Brun. Found by Mónika Menyhért. Translated by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett. 

Alexander Rybak (31) is still influenced by the time that he lost the 17th of May. The year was 2009 and «Fairytale» had  brought home victory in the Eurovision Song Contest. When the confetti hit the floor in Moscow and Rybak was thrown into a congratulation swirl, he realised that he would miss the celebration of the 17th of May. Continue reading Alexander about Norway, Norwegian values and 17th of May in Magasinet 13.05.2017