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Alexander’s violin version of Jamala’s ESC winner song “1944”.

Alexander Rybak’s  beautiful violin version of the 2016 Eurovision winner song “1944” by Jamala.

Alexander’s violin version of “1944” was meant to be performed at an ESC event during Eurovision in Kiev May  2017. An event where the invited artists would perform their version of an Ukrainian song. Unfortunately the event was canceled only a few weeks before it was going to happen. 

Luckily we can enjoy this beautiful violin version of “1944” on YouTube 


The original “1944” by Jamala


Alexander and Philip Cecil – Looking My Way

Alexander Rybak steps into the modern sound EDM in collaboration with Philip Cecil

“For a long time I have wanted to do something modern, something fun and fresh. @philipcecilmusic gave me that chance” –  Alexander

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Alexander and Pernille – “Venner” with lyrics in several languages

“Venner” (Friends) is a song from Alexander Rybak’s children’s audiobook “Trolle og den magiske fela” (Trolle and the Magic Fiddle). The music from the book is now also out on CD. You can listen to, buy and download the songs from the album HERE

Since many of Alexander’s fans doen’t understand Norwegian, we have translated the lyrics, so below the video you’ll find the lyrics, so far, in Norwegian, Spanish, Russian, Azerbaijani and English.  Continue reading Alexander and Pernille — “Venner” with lyrics in several languages

Alexander at the Russian morning show “Life News”

Alexander promoted his new music video “Kotik” on the Russian morning show “Life News” today 5.6.2015, and he also played a short acoustic version of “Stary Klion”.

Recording by Tessa La. English translation by Natalya P. & Sonya L. Revision by Katie A. Subs by Sonya L. 

Alexander Rybak – music video – “Kotik” (Kitten)!

Alexander Rybak’s first Russian song project “Kotik” (Kitten). The music video was made in the beginning of May 2015 in Moscow.  Below the video you’ll find the lyrics in English, Russian (transliteration), Azerbadijani, Spanish, Turkish, Czech, Slovakian, Polish, Vietnamese  and Hungarian. 🙂

Director: Rustam Romanov
Music: Alexander  Rybak
Lyrics: Alexander Rybak & Yaroslav Rakitin

The song is also available on iTunes and Google Play


british-american flag

 Translation by Sonya L. Revision by Katie A.

I decided a long time ago that I’ll never fall in love again
But then you appeared, my kitten-kitten-kitten-kitten
I was independent, but now it’s so boring without you
You break my heart, you play with my soul

And I don’t mind, let people laugh at me
But as soon as I fall asleep, my bunny-bunny-bunny
You’re right here, and I grow wings on my back
And flying above  the ground, I’m dreaming only about one thing

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