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Alexander Rybak on Eurovision Radio International 29.10.2014

Juergen Boernig from Eurovision Radio International met Alexander Rybak  for an interview during Alexander’s stay in Luxembourg for the ESC Gala Night 2014. The interview was aired in their 3 hour long live stream radio show on Wednesday 29th of October. It was a very good interview about his participation as a composer in the national selection for both Malta, with “Still Here” performed by Franklin Calleja, and Belarus with the song “Accent” performed by a girl band. They also played his new song “What I Long For”.

Recording by Sonya Luzina

Source: Eurovision Radio International

October 30, 2014 0:29 UTC
Author: tessala
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Alexander Rybak – “Still Here” Lyrics and Video

We present to you the lyrics to “Still Here” composed by Alexander Rybak and performed by Franklin Calleja in the National Eurovision Song Contest Selection in Malta.

Franklin Calleja and Alexander Rybak


October 23, 2014 17:04 UTC
Author: Katie Anderson
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Alexander Rybak in the national selection in Malta Eurovision 2015

Franklin Calleja and Alexander RybakAlexander Rybak takes part in the national selection in Malta ESC 2015 as a composer with the song “Still Here” performed by Franklin Calleja. Yesterday the song was released on YouTube, and revealed a powerful ballad that shows off Franklin Calleja’s amazing voice.

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October 21, 2014 17:38 UTC
Author: tessala
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Article: Alexander gives Interview to the magazine “Gwida”. Malta. Nov.6th 2012

 The article was published 6.11.2012 in the biggest weekly magazine of Malta “Gwida“.

Written by Frederick Zammit. Photo by Oliver Vanhoutte

Re-written by Marianne Saietz and Mary-Ann Hansson

“Eurovision gives me energy and inspiration” – Alexander Rybak.

Frederick Zammit chats with the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest winner, Alexander Rybak ( Fairytale ), who talks about his latest music release, Leave Me Alone, also broadcast on Radju Malta´s 90-minute weekly Eurovision program Euromix on Friday 9 November between 20.30-22.00

What is your new single Leave Me Alone all about?
“It´s called Leave me Alone. I have a stalker after me, who is from Israel. She is calling me 70 times a day, she is scaring my friends and this summer, she was outside my parents house for many days. I thought “if you can´t beat them ,join them”, so I made a song about this crazy woman and now I get to experiment with a new genre ( It´s a dance track ). And she finally gets attention, so everybody´s happy”


November 21, 2012 18:28 UTC
Author: Marianne Saietz
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Video: Alexander in Skype-Interview on TV-show in Malta. Nov.4th 2012

While Alexander visited Belgium from 3 – 5th of November, he appeared  Nov.4th, direct from his hotel-room in Belgium,  on the Maltese TV-show “Hadd Ghalik”  in a Skype-interview followed by the broadcast of his Music-Video “Leave me Alone”. All rights belong to TVM.

Recording by Tessa Lande. Subtitles in English by Katie Anderson, Russian by Sonya Luzina, Romanian by Laura Ser and Spanish (Mexico) by Veronica Tovar

November 7, 2012 20:38 UTC
Author: Marianne Saietz
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Concert in Russian Boarding School in Malta, May 24th, 2011

PHOTO: (researched by Sonya Luzina)

May 29, 2011 20:51 UTC
Author: Irina Kuvaldina
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