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Alexander performs with Franziska Wiese in “Schlagerboom 2017” on German TV

Alexander Rybak and Franziska Wiese perform together in “Schlagerboom 2017” on German TV

Official premier of Alexander and Franziska Weise English/German version of Alexander’s big hit “Fairytale” in the big show “Schlagerboom 2017. 

The show is a joint production of the ARD, the ORF and the SRF in cooperation with Jürgens TV, and can be watched in Germany (Das Erste) , Austria (ORF) ad Switzerland (SRF). The time is the same for all three TV-channels: 2015 – 23.30 CET.

Link to watch online IF the show is available from abroad:
Das Erste:

http://www.daserste.de/live/index.html or  




More than 10,000 raffle fans in Dortmund Westfalenhalle,  Florian Silberreisen invites to the bigges Schalgerfest ever with the artists Andreas Gabalier, Marianne Rosenberg, the Kelly Family, KLUBBB3, Beatrice Egli, Roland Kaiser, the Höhner, Maite Kelly, Franziska Wiese & Alexander Rybak and many other stars.



Alexander at the national ESC final on Iceland 11.03.2017

Alexander Rybak and Greta Salome with a brilliant duet in the national ESC final on Iceland. 

In addition to the duet, there were also an interview and at the end Alexander performed his legendary “Fairytale”. Below you find videos of the duet, the whole part with Alexander – interview, duet and “Fairytale”, and a video of only “Fairytale”. Continue reading Alexander at the national ESC final on Iceland 11.03.2017

Alexander in Eurovision UK’s selection You Decide 2017

Alexander Rybak in the UK’s selection for Eurovision 2017 – “You Decide”.

Photo above: Thanks to the guys in ESC Kazakhstan for this great picture 🙂 

Alexander was one of the guest artists in UK’s selection show “You Decide” broadcast on BBC Two.

Alexander performed his legendary “Fairytale” in front of an enthusiastic audience, and he was really sparkling 🙂 

Before the live show, he took part in a Q & A, and he also gave a short interview after his performance. Watch this in the videos below 🙂  Continue reading Alexander in Eurovision UK’s selection You Decide 2017

Alexander in the Finnish TV-show “På resande not” 29.10.2016

Alexander Rybak performed  his legendary “Fairytale” and did a beautiful cover of the Eurovision winner song from 1987 – “Hold Me Now” (Johnny Logan) in the TV-show “På resande not” on the Finnish TV-channel YLE.
The show was recorded 15th of June this year, and Alexander also gave an interview while he was in Finland. You can read the interview HERE.

Pictures from the TV-show you’ll find HERE

And a big thanks to Annika Sandess, Finland,  we now can watch these two great performances. Enjoy 🙂


“Hold Me Now”


Alexander in a live stream broadcast on radio TKM, Argentina 27.04.2016

Alexander at radio TKM, Argentina where he performed “Funny Little World”,  “Ambrazame”, “Roll with the Wind” and “Fairytale”.  The video shows short parts of each performance. To see the  whole live streamed interview with performances, click on the picture below the video 🙂