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Concert and interview at the Estonian festival “Seto Jaanituli” 08.07.2017

Alexander Rybak performed at the popular Midsummer Festival “Seto Jaanituli” in Estonia. 

In addition to perform his most popular songs, he also gave a short interview to Tallinna TV Suvestuudio.  The parts from his concert and the interview that were broadcast  on Suvestuudio’s daily summer programme 13.07.2017, you’ll find it in the  video below.
The lyrics of the song “I’m in Love” and the interview has subtitles.

Thanks to Mónika Menyhért and Anglesina Est. for finding this 🙂 

Now Tallinna TV Suvestuudio has uploaded “I’m in Love” and “Dovregubbens Hall/ Fairytale” on Youtube 🙂

Interview with Alexander Rybak in the program “High five” on Estonian “Sky” radio

The interview was recorded on 26.04.2013. in Tallinn and broadcasted on 02.06.2013

Recording provided by Baltic Rybakstyle. English translation and subs by Sonya Luzina. English revision by Katie Anderson

Alexander Rybak on Estonian radio- “Sky Plus” 26.04.2013

Recorded by Sonya Luzina. English Translation by Anglesina Est.
Revision and subtitles by Katie Anderson.

Gallery: Alexander Rybak in club Deja Vu, Tallinn 27.4.13

Source: GoodNews

Found by Sonya Luzina. English translation by Anglesina Est.
Revised by Katie Anderson.

Gallery: World-famous Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak partied with fans in the Lounge Deja Vu!


Last Saturday, on April 27th in the Lounge Deja Vu the ever fun party Babulja took place, where a bit of spice was added to the entertainment by the one and only world famous Eurovision singer Alexander Rybak!

An unheard of amount of guests had come to hear the beloved Eurovision singer, and the audience wouldn’t be disappointed. The silver-voiced singer gave a powerful concert for the full house, making quite a few girls sigh, and taking their breath away.

The queue of fans was enormous and one could hear the output of Alexander Rybak already outside. The party was on already before entering the place of Lounge Deja Vu, many fans had arrived from foreign countries such as Sweden, Norway, Russia and USA.

Meet & Greet with Alexander Rybak in Tartu, Estonia, 27.04.2013.

The original article here

Translation by Anglesina Est

Alexander Rybak gave autographs  today in Tartu

Yesterday the fans of talented Alexander Rybak had the unique chance to see and hear him in their hometown in Tartu, in the “Club Tallinn“.

Alexander Rybak became famous by winning The Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Fairytale“, which shortly after became one of the most sold hits in the world.

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