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Alexander Rybak as guest performer at concert of the Virtuosos-talents in Hungary 27.02.2016

Alexander’s concert with the young musicians of the Virtuosos Talent Show, 27.2.2016

“I LOVE this show!   (Alexander) – or: a stylish entry.

After have introduced in Hungary with a performance in the Open Air Theater on the Margaret Island in August 2015, Alexander returned to Budapest and gave a concert together with the finalists and winners of the previous series of the Hungarian Virtuosos Talent Show (in Hungarian: “Virtuózok“) in the Várkert Bazár.

Before arriving, he sent this video message to his Hungarian fans:

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Alexander Rybak on tour in the Czech Republic, 4-5.10.2017

Two classical concerts with the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra

This autumn, after his visit in 2016 Alexander returned to the Czech Republic, this time with classical concerts in a project together with the renowned orchestra from Ostrava. The concerts took place in Ostrava on the October 4th and in Plzeň (Pilsen) on the October 5th.
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Videos – New Year concerts 2017

Videos from Alexander and TrondheimSolistene‘s New Year concert tour 4. to 7. January 2017 in Norway. 

Thanks to Lena Jørgensen, Trollheimsportalen, Yulia Filatyeva and alena_alena for all the recordings 🙂

Alexander’s variations of “Vi tenner våre lykter” and “Fairytale” from the concert in Surnadal.


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Alexander Rybak and Tonica Orchestra in Helsingborg 17.04.2016

Alexander was invited to perform at Tonicaorkestern’s (Tonica Orchestra) 60s anniversary celebration concert.

One of the many highlights of the amazing concert was the duet between Alexander and the conductor Bo-Göte Nygren playing
“Czardas” of Vittorio Monti and “Viva la Vida“.  Thanks to  Anastasia Silakova for these great videos 🙂

Pictures and greetings in both Swedish and English from Tonicaorkestern 🙂

Alexander Rybak at Østersjøfestivalen, Karlshamn, Sweden 16.07.2015

Alexander was the soloist in the  opening concert of Østersjøfestivalen 2015 in Karlshamn, Sweden the 16.07.2015. The chamber orchestra concert of 30 young musicians was conducted by Mikaela Brorsson.

Alexander  took part in half of the concert, and performed several of his song, among others these three beautiful classical pieces which is recorded by Ulli C 🙂


Alexander Rybak soloist at the Norwegian National Youth Orchestra’s New Year Concert 2015

nyttår3Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd of January Alexander took part as a soloist in the Norwegian National Youth Orchestra’s New Year concert in Elverum and Oslo. In addition to Alexander, Arve Tellefsen, Eivind Ringstad and the boys choir “Sølvguttene” took part. Bjarte Engeset was the conductor. Luckily for those who couldn’t be present, some of Alexander’s performances were recorded and you find them below. Enjoy! Continue reading Alexander Rybak soloist at the Norwegian National Youth Orchestra’s New Year Concert 2015

Alexander Rybak in Charity concert for Mercy Ships

Videos from the concert uploaded to AlexanderRybakVideo

Highlights from the the preparation for the concert, some of the speech during the concert and some songs by Alexander.

Article below

Published on the website of the Norwegian newspaper Dagen.no 20.11.2014 . Translation by Jorunn E.

Mercy Ships gathered over a 1000 people

Erling Natvig in Mercy Ships hoped for a miracle when they invited people to a concert with tickets costing a thousand NOK each. Over a thousand people showed up at Grieghallen on Monday evening, which the head of the organisation was satisfied with.

We don`t know the final result yet, but we`ll get a fantastic surplus, he says.

Skjermbilde 2015-01-22 kl. 22.21.58

Performed for free

Alexander Rybak was one of the artists that performed for free for Mercy Ships. He writes in a text message that he likes to work with nice people and that Natvig did a great job explaining the concept to him.

Natvig said before the concert that the contact with Rybak was established at an airport. They had never met before, but Natvig was bold and got in touch. Three hours later he got an SMS from the artist where he asked for an e-mail.

Mercy Ships had to change course because of the Ebola epidemic.

For free 

Rybak writes that the concert went even better than he had expected and that he particularly enjoyed playing together with Ung Symfoni.

Several artists performed for free for Mercy Ships, Carl Espen Thorbjørnsen, Josefin Winther and Roda Achieng. In addition to Ung Symfoni a group of 40 strings from 9-11 years old took part too.

Will there be a concert in Bergen next year too?
I think so. One of the important things for us is to make the work known. In Bergen we, among other things, got to meet a company that wants to give some of their proceeds to our work. This is how we see the effect of the concert right away.

Old concept 

The concept isn’t new. Five years ago the organisation held a charity concert with artists like A-ha and Secret Garden, to mention just a few. Last year they missed 2000 NOK to get 1 million NOK in surplus in an evening in Kristiansand.

Will the ticket always cost a thousand NOK?
It’s the price we normally charge. We do it a bit a bit differently from others, the artists get nothing and we get a lot. I think that`s fun for them,too.

Around 50 volunteers participated in connection with the concert, for which Natvig is very grateful.


A little fan report.

It was a great atmosphere and a well visited concert hall. People had gathered to support a good cause and enjoy the music. Alexander first did a session with the pianist Stefan Zlatanos including “Hungarian Suite”,  “Clair de Lune” and “Jealous”. Later he came back for a session with Ung Symfoni (youth symphony orchestra). My highlight was hearing him play Viva la Vida with a full orchestra. For the finale the very cute and young little musicians joined in for “Roll with the wind” and “Fairytale”.

Wish I had brought a camera instead of an old phone, here are some clips from the concert.                                                                                     Hilde M

Alexander Rybak meets his fans in Jurmala, Latvia, 19.06.2012.

Article published on puaro.lv  June 20 (2012) 10:53

Written by Agneta Niedra. Photos by Kristaps Bergs.  Link to original article here

Translation by Yanis Baksha. English revision by Tessa Lande and Anni Jowett

 However, even though his victory in the international Eurovision Song was over three years ago, Alexander Rybak by his every step still forces girls to squeal and cry.

On Monday evening the singer,with his obvious charisma, came to Yurmala, and next day went on the stage with his dad Igor Rybak and family and childhood friends Michael and Boris Kazinik. The unique tandem of father and son brings a unique musical experience to the Dzintari audience.

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Article: “Rybak – and a whole gallery of stars!”. April 2nd 2012

Article published on www.hallingdolen.no,  2.4.2012. Written by Harald Wold-Reitan. Photo: Archivephoto.

Link to original article: http://hallingdolen.no/article/20120402/ARTIKKLER/120409964/1007

Found by Ulli Cologne. Part about Alexander, translated by Tessa Lande


Part about Alexander:

Maundy Thursday Alexander Rybak will come to Vestlia Resort with the concert “Classic Gems”.

Alexander doesn’t need any further presentation, and we are very proud that he comes to Geilo during Easter! Alexander now wants to return to his roots and play more classical music. He has studied classical violin at Barratt Due in Oslo, and has played several classical concerts throughout Europe. Alexander has, the last year, traveled allover the country and visited music schools, where he has played together with the children. This has been incredibly popular and the number of violins sold in Norway has sky rocketed thanks to him, after he won the Eurovision Song Contest.

Although he is now going to play classical pieces, we don’t ignore the possibility that he also will play some of his most famous “schlägere”!


Link to the event-post on Alexanders FB-page about this concert, here

Alexander Rybak – Concert Master of Barratt Due’s Symphony Orchestra. 03.02.2012

Alexander was the concert master of Barratt Due’s Symphony Orchestra at the  Concert in the University Aula, Oslo. Continue reading Alexander Rybak — Concert Master of Barratt Due’s Symphony Orchestra. 03.02.2012

Alexander Rybak’s performance at the classic concert in Tromsø Domkirke, 18.10.11.

Alexander performed at the classic concert dedicated to 150 years anniversary of Tromsø Domkirke together with Orchestra from St. Petersburg and Tromsø.

Thanks a lot to Sara Anja for providing us with such great concert videos!:)

“Summer” from Vivaldi’s “Four seasons”. Part 1.

“Summer” from Vivaldi’s “Four seasons”. Part 2.

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Alexander Rybak, Vivaldi Orchestra and T. Stanghelle at the University of Oslo, 12.10.2011

Alexander playing with the Vivaldi Orchestra of his father, Igor, and Thomas Stanghelle, for the 200 years Jubilee of the University of Oslo (Universitetet i Oslo), the following pieces:

  • Bergrosa, by Sven Nyhus
  • L’inverno (the Winter), from Antonio Vivaldi’s “Four seasons”
  • Two songs from “Some Sunny Night” with Thomas Stanghelle, the composer of this work, based on the life of Ketil Moe. At the presence of his friend in life, Mark Wang.

Recording by Alev Can and Venche Mellemstrand. Montage by Yannis Pap. English translation by Tessa La. Subtitles by Julia B.

Also on Dailymotion

Alexander Rybak and the Vivaldi-Orchestra, Oslo, Norway, May 20th, 2011

(found by Julia Bezbakh, Zhanna Sergueeva, Ingegerd Claesson, videos by Laila Solum Hansen, Hildebjørg HauganPolish Rybak’s Mafia)

Bergrosa (composer: Sven Nyhus)

Träden i Villa Borghese (new Alexander’s song)

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Alexander’s self composed ballet for two – “Pas de Deux” 19.02.2011

Listen to Alexander Rybak’s self composed classical piece for ballet, «Pas de Deux» (=steps of two), which he performed with Kathrine at the Opera Festival in Kristiansund, Norway, 19 Feb. 2011!

Many thanks to Hildebjorg Ha for this recording!

Also on Dailymotion: http://dai.ly/hLd7IN

Alexander and Igor Rybak performing at Compatriot Award in Moscow 11.02.2010

Alexander was awarded with the Russian award “Compatriot 2009”

The awarding took place the 11th of February at the Final Gala Concert at Grand Hall of House of Trade Unions, Moscow.

Alexander performed at the Gala Concert, and together with his father Igor he played “Hungarian Suite”. Here is a video of the performance, and pictures from the show you’ll find below.

Pictures from the show: