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Christmas traditions of Alexander Rybak and his family

Article from Ukrainian website  tochka.net published on 26.12.2013

Author: Leff Svetstsky

Found and translated by Julia B. English revising by Anni J.

Picture provided by MasterManagement

Alexander Rybak: As a child I loved to look for a Christmas stocking!

After the traditional Christmas concert tour the singer went on a well-deserved Christmas vacation.

This year the singer Alexander Rybak spends the holidays with family, in the company of relatives and close friends.

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A Christmas Story by Alexander Rybak

On  Christmas Eve Alexander shared a lovely story about his family traditions for this day on his official Facebook page :)

Today is Christmas Eve. A day for traditions.

Since I was a little boy, I have always celebrated Christmas with my parents. Of course there was more magic when I was a child, but now it has become a …well …tradition!

In the morning I always woke up to Christmas music around me, that my mother put in the CD player. And that morning, I always ran very fast to my mothers room where there was a Christmas stocking hidden (yes, very silly tradition). And in that stocking there was candyyyyyy. It was the only day of the year when I could eat as much chocolate as I wanted to (well, except for my birthday). And my next post of the day was to run over to my fathers room where all the presents were. And that pile of presents was big big big and so I really looked forward to putting them under the tree.
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Review of the Christmas concert with Alexander Rybak in Arendal, Norway.

Article published at http://www.agderposten.no on 04.12.13
Author and photo: Liv Ekeberg 
Found by Sara Anja. Translated by Jorunn Ekre. English revising by Anni Jowett.
 The five artists (from left) Alexander Rybak,Tor Endresen, Marian Aas Hansen, Elisabeth Andreassen and Rune Larsen delivered an instant Christmas mood and joined the audience in an emotional rollercoaster ride at the Trinity church. Photo: Liv Ekeberg.

An evening for emotions

- Christmas has been called a magnifying glass. The joy gets bigger but so does the sorrow, said Rune Larsen when he created the Christmas mood for a sold out Trinity Church.

The church seats are seldom more packed with the exception of Christmas Eve. This is also true for the Trinity Church in Arendal last night. The audience filled up the gallery too and extra chairs had to be placed in the church. Continue reading

Review of the Christmas concert with Alexander Rybak in Herøy church (Fosnavåg, Norway)

Article from the paper issue of Vestlandsnytt.

Published on  03.12.13

Found by Ulli C. Translated by Jorunn E. English revising by Anni J.

Humorous Christmas medley a capella in an intense tempo, solo performances and beautiful singing. And Rudolf`s nose is still red. It`s easy to see that the bunch is having a great time.

Tranquil and beautiful night at Herøy church.

The Christmas concert “Silent Night Holy Night” with the Norwegian top artists Elisabeth Andreassen, Marian Aas Hansen, Tor Endresen, Rune Larsen and recently also improved with Alexander Rybak, also gathered a sold out church in Herøy and created a nice Christmas mood for a stressed out pre-Christmas mind.

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Article and video: Alexander Rybak performed at the Christmas concert in Molde

Article published in the paper issue of “Romsdals Budstikke” on  29.11.13

Found by Tessa Lande. Translated by Anni Jowett. Revising by Jorunn Ekre.

For the online version of the article click here


The artists (from left) Tor Endresen, Alexander Rybak, Marian Aas Hansen, Elisabeth Andreassen and Rune Larsen impressed with artistic professionalism during the Christmas Concert Silent Night - Holy Night

The calm before the storm

A peaceful Christmas concert with great musical range.

Author of the text and photo: Svein Magne Harnes

The frozen wind swept souls that blew into the cathedral on Wednesday night found a quiet moment to laugh at life’s storms.
Molde, Norway: Rune Larsen, Elisabeth Andreassen, Marian Aas Hansen, Tor Endresen and Alexander Rybak performed both together and individually a solid pre-Christmas program, packed with well-known and beloved Christmas carols and spiced up with more unknown material. The approximate 500 attendees in the cathedral on this windswept pre-Christmas night would hardly regret this visit.

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