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“From Fairytale to Christmas music”. Review. Dec.22nd 2012

Review published on www.uriks.no 22.12.12 . Link to original article here

Written by Maria Ludvigsen.

Found by Tessa Lande. Translation by Marianne Saietz. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn.

Alexander Rybak – “Christmas Tales”

From Fairytale to Christmas music

Most of us know Alexander Rybak best as the boy, who brought home the gold in the Eurovision Song Contest. Some have also seen him in the talent-competition “Idol” and we have all, in some way or another, heard the song Fairytale. Now, he has put together a Christmas album, which has got the title “Christmas Tales”.

I for my part, got more than enough of this man in the Fairytale-time, but will try the best I can to review the album objective and with an open mind. My first thought about the album is that it is very much in Rybak-style and easy to recognize. It is clear that he has managed, to put his own touch to well-known Christmas songs.

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Alexander Rybak: “Christmas Tales”! Release Nov.23rd 2012

Info found by Sonya Luzina, Jorunn Ekre, Ulli Cologne, Hildebjørg Ha, Hilde M., Tessa La and Venche M. Translated by Marianne Saietz

Release  from Grappa.no in Norway Nov.23rd 2012


Sale and WORLDWIDE delivery of the physical album:

The Norwegian Record-Label “Grappa.no“,  sell and deliver the physical album worldwide. Their page in English here

Swedish shop “Bengans skivbutik“. Sell and deliver the physical album worldwide .  Also sale from their shops in Sweden. Their page is  here 


WORLDWIDE sale as MP3 from

Grappa.no:   HERE

Musiconline.no:   HERE


 Sale for many countries as MP3 from Amazon.com:

Link to Amazon.com where you can listen to a snippet of all songs and preorder the album as MP3 HERE

 Sale for many countries as MP3 from iTunes:

You have to look up the link to iTunes in your country, yourself. Here is the link to preordering by iTunes in the USA

Sale for many countries as MP3 from emusic:


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Article: Annsofi praised by Rybak. Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad. 21.11.12

Article published in the paper issue of “Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad” on 21.11.12

Author and photo: Mats Duan

Found by Ulli C. Translated by Tessa Lande. English revision by Katie Anderson.

 SINGS ALONG: Alexander Rybak is ready with the Christmas CD “Christmas Tales”, which will be released 23rd of November. Annsofie Pettersen Borgenhaugen sings along with him on one of the songs.

Photo: Mats Duan

Annsofi praised by Rybak

The singer from Sarpsborg on the new Christmas CD 

Annsofie Pettersen and Alexander Rybak have definitely found the tone. On Rybak’s new Christmas album they sing in the Christmas spirit together. – It is very gratifying to work with Annsofie. She is energetic and always well prepared, something that makes the rest of us feel safer. Thus, we can enjoy ourselves more spontaneously when we sing,- Alexander Rybak says to SA.

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Where to get the Music! All releases of Alexander Rybak!

Album”Fairytales” 2009

 Album “No Boundaries” 2010

Album “Visa vid vindens ängar” 2011

Buy all Alexanders albums and  the DVD , “Fairytale-the movie” here. Worldwide delivery:

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