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Nominate Alexander for the Norwegian Award “Gullsnutten 2017”

Nominate Alexander for the Norwegian Award “Gullsnutten 2017”

From Monday 20th of February till Monday 6th of March at 16.00 cet, you can nominate Alexander for the Norwegian award “Gullsnutten 2017”.

“Gullsnutten” is Nordic Screens’ annual award for Norwegian Youtubers, and the Award show will be broadcast live 1st of April on NRK3 and on YouTube at 19.55 CET.

This information is also available in POLISH, HUNGARIAN, TURKISH

There are 9 awards, and we can nominate candidates in 8 of them. The 8 videos/channels that get the most nominations in their category, will go further on to the next level, where a jury will choose the 4 that will go further on to the final. 

  • You can nominate only ONE candidate/video etc. in each category.
  • If you make more then one nominations in a category, your last one will count.
  • To nominate  you will have to log in using FB, YouTube or Instagram. 
  • A nomination is the same as a vote.

We suggest that you nominate Alexander in the categories:

– nr 1  – This year’s Funniest – AlexanderRybakVideo
– nr 2 – This year’s Music  – AlexanderRybakVideo
– nr 6 – Video of the Year – the “Q&A with Piano”




Go to: www.gullsnutten.no  – log in with FB, Instagram or YouTube.
Category nr 1 – This year’s Funniest
Category nr 2 – This year’s Music

NB! nr 1 –  Alexander doesn’t actually fill the criteria for this category, and the jury may reject the nomination. But it is worth a try 🙂 

Type in – alexanderrybakvideo in the text box (1), and Alexander’s YT-channel will pop up. Confirm by clicking on (2) and then (3)

Category 6 – Video of the year:

Copy and paste the video link into the text box (1) from HERE or   here: https://youtu.be/GfKe8pxEi-M Then click on (2)  

 Share your nominations on Facebook, and encourage others to do the same.
Thank you for supporting Alexander 🙂 

This shows up after you have  nominated, click on the Facebook button.


19. December – Letter V – Violin Medley

In 2009 Alexander won the “Årets Spellemann” Award (artist of the year) in Norway. Together with other Norwegian violinists he performed the in the opening ceremoney. Enjoy his marvelous contribution to this “Violin Medley”. Continue reading 19. December — Letter V — Violin Medley

Vote for Alexander Rybak on RealMusicBox (Russia)!

Alexander has been nominated as a candidate for the RealBoxMusic award of popular Russian music channel MusicBox. There is online voting where every person can vote once a day. It’s good opportunity for Alexander to come back to Russia to take one more award back home 😉 You all remember how he won MuzTV award in 2010? So, let’s make him win, and he will come  to the awarding ceremony in Kremlin Palace, Moscow on November 19th, 2013! 🙂

It is only possible to vote using the profile of Russian social net Vkontakte, so you need to register in Vkontakte first. This is simple instructions on how to register in Vkontake and how to vote for Alex on RealMusicBox chart:

1. Go to www.vk.com

2. Register your profile 

3. Go to  www.realmusicbox.ru

Continue reading Vote for Alexander Rybak on RealMusicBox (Russia)!

Alexander Rybak received the award “Top 50 successful and beautiful people of the city of Minsk”

The original article here

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Sonya Luzina.

English revision by Anni Jowett

This spring, the project “Top 50 successful and beautiful people of the city of Minsk” has awarded the known people, who grace our everyday life, make it more colourful and interesting, now for the fifth time. The results of the project for all the time of its existence were summed up. The main feature of the event was the fact that in the rating were not only new names, but the winners of previous years. The special guests of the ceremony were: Alena Sviridova, Alexander Rybak, Evgeniy Litvinkovich – the finalist of the Ukrainian show “X-Factor,” the popular Russian band “Machete”, the winner of the title “Miss Supraneshnl-2012” Ekaterina Buraja. Minsk had not seen so many beautiful and successful people from different areas: sport, fashion, beauty, business and media, in one place at the same time for a long time.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak received the award “Top 50 successful and beautiful people of the city of Minsk”

Alexander Rybak performed at the award ceremony “Top 50 successful and beautiful people of Minsk” 30.04.2013.

“Top 50”  is the award  for artists, businessmen, actors, models, athletes and TV-hosts. “Top-50” – is a recognition of success, beauty, elegance, impeccable style, and most importantly – high-achieving, that’s how the general producer of this ceremony describes it. This year’s ceremony took place in the club  «Dozari» in Minsk on  April 30th.  Alexander Rybak was the guest of this  ceremony, who got the award among other celebrities, and performed his song “Europe’s skies” in Belarusian at the end of the evening.

Pictures from the press

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Alexander Rybak at the “Sound Track Awards 2011” (ZD Awards). Moscow, 27.01.2012

Alexander performed at the annual awarding ceremony of the oldest Russian hit-parade named “Sound Track”. He made a special show-number with the mix of 2 his songs “Europe skies” and “Fairytale” accompagned by a great choreography of  famous ballet “Todes”. Also he was awarded with the special prize of “ZD Awards 2011”  for “A music without boundaries”, which was handed to him by a Norwegian Minister-Counsellor in Russia, Mr. Bård Ivar Svendsen.

Recording by Lesya Kozhevnikova

Translation and subs by Zhanna Sergueeva

Alexander Rybak аt “Spellemann awards 2010”.05.03.2011

Alexander has been interviewed by the press on the red carpet of Oslo Spectrum, where he gave the Spellemann-2010 award. Also Alexander introduced his gorgeous girlfriend Maria to the world;) Cheers!:))

Video recording and editing by Julia Bezbakh. English translation by Tessa La. Russian translation by Sofia Khodorovskaya and Sonia Lusina. Greek translation by Yannis P. Czech translation by Jitka Holanova. Turkish translation by Alev CT. Subs by Zhanna Sergueeva.