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Alexander at the national ESC final on Iceland 11.03.2017

Alexander Rybak and Greta Salome with a brilliant duet in the national ESC final on Iceland. 

In addition to the duet, there were also an interview and at the end Alexander performed his legendary “Fairytale”. Below you find videos of the duet, the whole part with Alexander – interview, duet and “Fairytale”, and a video of only “Fairytale”.

The duet with Greta Salome

Recorded by TessaLa

Interview, the duet with Greta Salome and his performance of “Fairytale”.

Recorded by May Elisabeth Nipen





Alexander Rybak in Swedish live show “Allsång på Skansen” 10.07.2012

Alexander together with the Swedish violinists Linda Lampenius and Kalle Moraeus performed as a surprise guest artist at the live Swedish singalong  show “Allsång på Skansen”.

He played “I Dovregubbens Hall”   by Edvard Grieg and then they all performed “Stockholm i mitt hjärta ” by L. Bernhagen.

See pictures from the show HERE

Here are videos from the show, recorded by Tessa Lande and translated by Ingegered Claesson. Subs by Julia B.

Alexander Rybak, Kalle Moraeus & Linda Lampenius “Underbart”