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Alexander Rybak as Dima Bilan – “One to One” Show, Episode 2

The 2009 Eurovision winner performed the song with which Dima Bilan triumphed in 2008.

Article was published on super.ru. Photos: Weit media.
Translation by Sonya L. Revision by Marina Rolbin.

Another season of the popular show “One to One” began on TV channel “Russia-1″. The Norwegian 2009 Eurovision winner, Alexander Rybak, joined the group of Russian celebrities who will get into someone else’s skin and show mastery of transformation. The performer of “Fairytale”, the biggest European hit of 2009, sang the song “Believe”, with which Dima Bilan won Eurovision six years ago.

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Alexander Rybak International Fansite´s Birthday Quiz

We´re celebrating our 5th anniversary!

On Valentine’s Day,  February 14th 2010,  the Alexander Rybak International Fansite was opened as a Valentine’s gift for Alexander and his fans.  “Fans for Fans” in support of our guy was our motto back then and it still is.

5 years later we´re still going strong with our mission to collect, record, translate and share news about our favorite violinist, singer and composer, the versatile Alexander Rybak .

So, what do you know about Alex? Take our Birthday Quiz and find out :)

Quiz made by Bita J. Anniversary picture made by Lulu Barcelo. Revision Katie Anderson

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What do you think about the Quiz, and what do you think about the Fansite?                                                                                                                             We will be happy for feedback in comments.




“Midtvinterdansen” and orchestra seminar Verdalen 07.02.2015

Two articles about the orchestra seminar and concert at “Midtvinterdans” in Verdalen.


Underline to featured picture: FAIRYTALE: Alexander Rybak was the main attraction at the  concert of “Midtvinterdans” on Saturday night. The experienced charmer enjoyed himself together with children and teenagers, and the audience got a tremendous version of his “Fairytale”. 

Published in paper issue of Trønderavisa 09.02.2015.                                    Author and photo: Tommy Leonhardsen                                                                Found and translate by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Anny Jowett.

Alexander Rybak was the main attraction at the annual Midwinter Dance in Verdal.
Almost 280 children and teenagers got to perform together with their idol on his popular Fairytale in a sold out venue in Verdal.  Continue reading

Elvis Presley onetoone Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak will perform in the image of Elvis Presley at the premiere of “One to One” show

Alexander participates in the third season of the Russian TV-show “One to One”. In the first episode, he will perform in the image of Elvis Presley. You can read more about the show concept here.

A video from the TV-show  “Live Broadcast” 6.2.15, where Alexander got his first challenge as Elvis Presley.

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Alexander Rybak in teh show One to One

Alexander’s first challenge in “One to One”

Watch Alexander getting his first challenge in the Russian TV-show “One to One”.

Friday, in the show “Live Broadcast”  (“Прямой эфир”) on  “Russia 1″ at 16.15 – 17.35 CET, you can watch when the participants get their challenge for the premiere of the TV-show “One to One”.

The show can be watched online on this link  http://pro-tv.net/1297-rossija-1.html

The premiere of “One to One” will be broadcasted this Sunday  at the same channel   at 13.00 CET (15:00 local time). Don’t miss it!


Family concert Lillehammer  1.2.2015 Superbarna

Family Concert Lillehammer 1.2.2015 – Article and radio interview

Interview on radio NRK P1 on Friday before the concert.

Found by Ulli C, recorded by May Elisabeth Nipen, translated by Jorunn Ekre and revised by Anni Jowett.

Article in the paper issue of Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen, published 2.2.2015. Pictures to be found on gd.no


The family concert with Rybak was an experience for both grown ups and children.
It was fully packed in Northern Ål Church  on Sunday evening and the crowd really got value for their money. Continue reading

"There`s no place like home,there`s no home like love."

10. December… Mother and Child.

“There’s no place like home, there’s no home like love.”

Click the picture for link to more info on Christmas Tales
Click the picture for link to more info on Christmas Tales

Christmas is a time for family and “Himlen i min Famn” is a song about  the Virgin Mary’s hopes and fears for her unborn child.

Alexander accompanied Anne Vada on this beautiful song on the 2011 Christmas
tour “Vinterbilder” (Winter pictures). We present one of their performances here. Continue reading