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Fever (feat. D’Dorian) – Alexander Rybak – New music video

Alexander’s brilliant cover of “Fever”

A long awaited recording and music video of  Alexander’s brilliant version of the classic jazzy song  “Fever”.  

D’Dorian, who features Alexander in this song is Knut Bjørnar Asphol, who has produced several of Alexander’s earlier released songs.

“Fever” was one of the songs Alexander performed in “Kjempesjansen”, and it was also   on his playlist on his Christmas tour “Swinging home for Christmas” in 2010.

“Fever” was recorded first time in 1956,  and has since then been covered by numerous artists from various musical genres. You can read more about the song on Wikipedia. 

Where to stream and buy it :


And on Spotify


Superbarna nominated for Spellemann Award with “Hipp Hurra”, and Alexander plays on the album

Superbarna is nominated for Spellemann Award (Norwegian Grammy) 2016, and Alexander Rybak plays on the album 🙂

Superbarna’s album “Hipp Hurra” is nominated for Spellemann Award 2016 in the category “Childrens music”. The show is broadcast on Norwegian TV NRK Saturday 28.1.2017, starting at kl 20.55 CET.
Kan also be watched online on, but probably not from abroad. 

The album “Hipp Hurra” contains 11 great songs, and Alexander Rybak plays on two of them; “Banana” and “Ha det gøy”.  You can listen to the song here:  Continue reading Superbarna nominated for Spellemann Award with “Hipp Hurra”, and Alexander plays on the album

Foolin’ – Alexander Rybak

And finally,  “Foolin'”is properly released 🙂

Alexander won “Kjempesjansen” in 2006, performing his own song “Foolin'”. Now Alexander has recorded a new version of the jazzy song he performs in a crooner style (ref. Musikkonline).
Continue reading Foolin’ — Alexander Rybak

RETURN – new song and music video from Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak is out with a new song “Return”, where his beloved violin and voice are the only instruments, naked and vulnerable. A wonderful ballad.

Links for downloading and streaming below the video 🙂

Links to listen to and download the song on:
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On Spotify :

5 to 7 Years – Where to get Alexander Rybak’s gift to his fans

Where to get Alexander Rybak’s song “5 to 7 Years”

Alexander’s gift to all his fans, the music video “5 to 7 Years”,  was released only on YouTube the 20th of October 2013.

The 27th of June 2016, “5 to 7 Years” was released on Spotify, where you also can find it on Alexander’s  playlist Entertainer.

From the same date it was also available for download on itunes-logo ICON and AMazone logo Icon

 THE “ENTERTAINER” playlist.


I Came to Love You – Where to get it

“I Came to Love You” 

A happy love song by Alexander Rybak about his love to his girlfriend Julie 🙂  A song from the hearth and without his signature – the violin.

You can listen to or download it from here:

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Alexander has composed music to the game “The Little Grey Fergie”

Alexander Rybak has together with Svein Gundersen composed the music to the game “Little Grey Fergie Saves the Day” for phones and IPad.

The little tractor Fergie (original name is Gråtass) is a Norwegian children figure created by Fantasi-Fabrikken A/S (The Fantasy Factory) in Tønsberg i 1995. The figure is a “living”, grey tractor of the type Ferguson TE20 with two  black “eyes” as  lights. The Norwegian name “Gråtass” was a well-known nickname for this popular type of tractor in Norway.

Alexander Rybak Gråtass ordner oppLittle Grey Fergie Saves the Day is a complete farm adventure where you can build your dream farm together with Fergie the little tractor! They speak English in the game. Suitable for all from 4 years and up. Read more about the game HERE.

Link to download the game : itunes-logo ICON 

The game will also be released in Sami, German and Russia later in 2016.

Fantastic music made by the internationally acclaimed musician and composer Alexander Rybak together with Svein Gundersen puts you in a farming mood

In the trailer below you can hear a short piece of the music. 🙂