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Europe’s Skies – Lyrics – Alexander Rybak

Europe’s Skies – Alexander Rybak

From the album “No Boundaries”, released in 2010

Music: Alexander Rybak
Lyrics: Thomas Waernes, Alexander Rybak

Lyrics in the following languages:

1. English lyrics  (original lyrics)  2. Greek translation 3. Chinese translation 4. Persian translation

Now I’m home, but I cannot stay
I dream of you every day
Got to know every inch of you
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Disney girls

Music and lyrics: Bruce Johnston

Clearing skies and drying eyes
Now I see your smile
Darkness goes and softness shows
A changing style Continue reading Disney girls

Why not me?

Music & lyrics: Alexander Rybak

You’re standing right in front of me

with yet a purpose I can’t see

I wish I knew what’s on your mind

but that’s a key I’ll never find

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Dare I say

Music and lyrics by Alexander Rybak

Far from a place where I am writing the song,
There is a girl to whom my heart belongs.
She doesn’t know that I’m thinking of her,
But again – that’s not the point.

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Music: Alexander Rybak

Lyrics: Alexander Rybak, Thomas Wærnes

I used to be in search for beauty
Used to be in search for grace
Now I see your lakes, your forests
You have put a smile on my face

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