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“BBC – This World. Norways massacre” – a BBC documentary. 2012

This is a video,  found on YouTube. It is a download  of the BBC-documentary “Norways massacre”, which has  been shown on national television in, so far,  United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

It describes the terror-events  in Norway in the summer of 2011, starting with the bomb-attack  in Oslo and the gun-massacre on young people at the AUF-summer-camp at Utøya  22.7. 2011, through interviews of survivors, relatives, police-officers, politicans, psychologists, journalists, lawyers and others.  Most of the speech is in english.

At  around  54 minutes into the program, there are recordings from the Rose-March in Oslo – the public demonstration against the terror-events –  with pictures  of Alexander, playing Bergrosa at Oslo City Square.

 All rights belong to BBC

Found by Danka Cóllaková

Oah – Lyrics. Fanvideo by Julie McCarthy . Jan. 21st 2012

Concert of Alexander Rybak in Alanya (Turkey), 17.05.2011

Millions thanks to our dearest Turkish Facebookie Alev Can for recording all Alex’s performances in Club Bistro Bellman, Alanya, Turkey.

Europe skies

Why not me

Roll with the wind

Funny little world

Cat’s take my eyes off of you


3 videos about the BOOK by Rybak´s Facebookies. At the one-year anniversary Oct.10th 2010

This is a picture of the Book, that was written, published and delivered as a present for Alexander Rybak, one year ago in Oslo on 10-10. 2009. The cover-illustration is made by the talented Jitka Holonova. Continue reading 3 videos about the BOOK by Rybak´s Facebookies. At the one-year anniversary Oct.10th 2010

Vote for “Europe Skies” on Radio Norge!


(researched by Tessa La)

The “Norwegian HIT of the week” on Radio Norge.

The song with lowest number of votes (of 5 songs) is out, and a new challanger is introduced every Monday. Last week Alexanedr’s Europe Skies was the challanger, and he got 89% of the votes and won that week. This week’s challanger is Didrik Solli-Tangen with “Best Kept Secret”. Alexander is in the lead this week too, and if you want to keep him at the top, you have to vote.

You can only vote once a week from each PC!

Vote by pressing the yellow star next to the song you want to vote for in this link:

Let’s keep on voting, friends!:))