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Creative stuff made for Alexander’s birthdays

Happy 30th birthday Alexander !

Today we wish Alexander a very happy 30th birthday! – but who’s counting anyway?! 😛

30 years have passed since you were born. 30 years filled with experiences far beyond normal. People from all over the world have been fascinated by your versatile musical footsteps, and you have all the reasons to be proud of yourself and what you have achieved so far.

Alexander Rybak – You bring joy to the world 🙂

alexander Rybak birthday 2016

To celebrate, we’ve created this quiz made by Bita J, in which we explore Alexander’s past decade as an artist. Enjoy!”



Happy birthday to the most handsome, brilliant, hot, sexy violinist walking on this earth. We wish you a happy year, and may your third wish (**** ******) come true happy valentines anniversary

During the last 12 months he has entertained us with great performances and given us wonderful new music we can enjoy. Just listen to this great PLAYLIST.


Greetings from Russian fans. Click on the picture to watch it 🙂



To celebrate, we’ve made this quiz about this versatile violinist. What have this guy done the last year? You’ll find the answers to that in his last year’s footsteps and interviews. Are you up for a challenge? Then let’s get started!


Happy 28th Birthday, Alexander Rybak! :)


Picture by Lena Fokina

Video greeting from Team International Fansite

Greetings from fans all over the world! 🙂


Dear Alexander. My best wishes for your 29th year, starting today. Hope you achieve your professional goals and that you will have a lot of joy in your life. And always remember you have a dedicated fan base that likes to be used, if you can use them in any way:) Happy birthday! Hilde M, Norway


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Happy 27th Birthday, Alexander Rybak! :)

One more year has passed and we have followed Alexander’s path in his career during this time. Now it’s time to remember what all Alexander has accomplished. It’s impressive how much this guy is able to do in just 365 days:)

Here is a video containing all the memorable moments of Alexander’s 26th year of life! Many creative people participated in the creation of this video, all of the names are listed at the end of the movie;)

Enjoy watching it!


Here is the video documentary of what you have done for the whole year since you turned 25 to the present day:) We tried to gather all we could, all the happenings: concerts, performance at the various events and TV-shows, Meet&Greets and many, many other things you managed to do during this “calm” year!;) Why calm? Because you announced you were going to take it calmer this year and finish your study. Yeah, right! Here you can see how calm this year was for you and…for us! Because the more you work – the more work for us!:)) But that is just great! Keep rolling, fiddler! And we’ll keep working for you!:-)


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