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Schedule archive 2015 – Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak’s schedule archive 2015

Here is an overview of what Alexander did in 2015 that we know of and is official. Where we have videos, pictures or interviews related to the events, you can click on the words in THIS COLOR to watch/read about it. The list is not yet complete, and we have only finished January and February with links so far. But the work will continue 🙂 

2015 was a great year for Alexander. He took part in the popular Russian TV-show “One to One” with a great success and he published his children’s book “Trolle og den magiske fela”, which got a 5 on the dice with the reviewers.  Continue reading Schedule archive 2015 — Alexander Rybak

EVENT: Alexander Rybak in “Allsang på grensen” 2018

Alexander Rybak performs in Norwegian summer TV-show “Allsang på grensen” this year too 🙂 

Alexander will meet some familiar people among the artists. “Elg” from “Hver gang vi møtes” and Tor Endresen from the Christmas tour. Tor Endresen will perform together with his daughter. 

Artists in the show:
Alexander Rybak
Dance With a Stranger (Elg is the front singer in this band)
Finn Kalvik
Tor Endresen og Anne-Sophie Endresen

Recording of the show:
Date and time: 
Wednesday 18. of July at 18.00 CET. 
: Fredriksten Festning, Halden, Norway:

Broadcast of the show will be 19. of July on Norwegian TV2 (pay-TV) 

Alexander has taken part in “Allsang på grensen” several times. Click on the “year” to see his performances.

2009   2010  2011   2013  2014   2016 2017

Happy 32nd birthday Alexander Rybak!

The great entertainer and versatile violinist Alexander Rybak turned 32 the 13. May 2018.

Quiz made by Bita Janz


Updated – Follow Alexander Rybak in Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Two exciting weeks for Norway, Alexander Rybak and his fans.

Eurovision Song Contest 2018 has already started in Lisbon and will end with the Grand Final the 12th of May. is ESC’s official website. Follow them also on:


On Eurovision.TV’s social media you will find everything you need to follow the happenings in Lisbon. They post a Daily Digest and upload a recap of the day on YouTube. There are plenty of ESC websites worth following, and we have listed some of them further down in this post. Continue reading Updated — Follow Alexander Rybak in Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Violin jam of Eurovision songs – Alexander Rybak

Alexander’s violin jam  of some Eurovision 2018 songs

Another masterpiece from this fantastic musician 

“Some Eurovision songs are so irresistible for the violin, that I can’t keep my hands off them.  Tell me which one of these jams did you like the most? I’m curious 

Alexander Rybak with a new crew in Lisbon

Lisa Børud handpicked as a dancer for Rybak

Almost Alexander Rybak’s entire crew has been replaced before the international finals of  Melodi Grand Prix (Eurovision)

Source:, published 21.04.2018. Translated by TessaLa, revised by Anni Jowett

– It will be crazy exciting. I don’t think I’ll understand how big it really is before I get there” said Lisa Børud.

She was handpicked to be one of Alexander Rybak’s new dancers in the semi-final and most likely the international final at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon Saturday, May 12th. Continue reading Alexander Rybak with a new crew in Lisbon

Alexander Rybak ready for MGP 9 years later


Found his girlfriend on Tinder

Who: Alexander Rybak (31)
What: Artist.
Why: Participates in MGP with the song “That’s How You Write a Song”.

Source:     Text: Espen H. Rusdal. Photo: Julia Nagelstad. Found by Ulli C. Translated by Tessa La

Now you’re in MPG again. Is it like returning to familiar ground?
– Hee, hee certainly not. The only thing in common for 2009 and 2018 is that Oslo Spektrum seems as awesome as before. And I really look forward to joining Norway’s biggest music festival. Continue reading Alexander Rybak ready for MGP 9 years later

Alexander Rybak in the Norwegian talk-show Lindmo 20.01.18

Alexander Rybak guest at Lindmo 

Alexander was a guest in the Norwegian talk-show Lindmo on NRK1, Saturday 20. January 2018.  The show was pre-recorded 16. January. It’s the first time Alexander visited this popular talk-show, and the occasion was Alexander’s participation in Melodi Grand Prix, the Norwegian selection for Eurovision Song Contest. You can read more about his participation in MGP 2018 HERE

May Elisabeth Nipen has recorded the interview and TessaLa and Anni Jowett have seen to that the video now has English subs 🙂 




That’s How You Write a Song – Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak’s entry in the Norwegian Eurovision selection, Melodi Grand Prix 2018

I’ve been working with this song and its message for a very long time, and I’m very excited to return to Melodi Grand Prix again. This way I will get my message out to a lot of people!” Alexander

Stream and download the song from: 


“A firework. A bit jazzy, with a Blues Brother flirt, Incredible dance able and modern. Not least, it is quite original.” ESCNorge about the song

“That’s How You Write a Song”


Great news! Alexander Rybak takes part in Melodi Grand Prix 2018.

What great news! Alexander is taking part in MGP 2018

Alexander Rybak was presented as one of the 10 artists/composers who will take part in Melodi Grand Prix, the Norwegian selection for Eurovision 2018.

The presentation was broadcast and streamed live and below you’ll find a playlist of videos with subtitles from the presentation and several interviews  made at the press conference.  And of course his song 🙂

Some fans were in the audience at this event and gave us the inside scoop from the studio on this very exciting day! Please click HERE to read their report.

Alexander Rybak on tour in the Czech Republic, 4-5.10.2017

Two classical concerts with the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra

This autumn, after his visit in 2016 Alexander returned to the Czech Republic, this time with classical concerts in a project together with the renowned orchestra from Ostrava. The concerts took place in Ostrava on the October 4th and in Plzeň (Pilsen) on the October 5th.
Continue reading Alexander Rybak on tour in the Czech Republic, 4-5.10.2017

Schedule 2018 – Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak’s  events and official footsteps in 2018

Here you will find an overview of upcoming and past events for 2018, as we know of, and Alexander’s footsteps that is official.

Alexander’s official event list you’ll find HERE 


Continue reading Schedule 2018 — Alexander Rybak

Highlights from 2017 – Alexander Rybak

Our TOP5 favourite moments with Alexander Rybak in 2017

We wanted to highlight some of the great moments with Alexander from the year that soon is over. Way too difficult to choose, so we had an internal voting for the TOP5.  A very close race, and we ended with 3 on 5th place, so our TOP5 is actually a TOP7 🙂 

Below you’ll find the TOP5 list with a lot of stuff from these great moments. A big thank you to all the fans and TV-companies, media etc who make this possible 🙂  And don’t hesitate to tell us about your favourite Alexander moments from 2017.  We’d love to hear from you. Continue reading Highlights from 2017 — Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak and Franziska Wiese in Schlagerboom 21.10.2017

Alexander Rybak and Franziska Wiese performed their “Fairytale” duet in the big Schlagerboom Festival broadcast onTV .

Below you’ll find a video of their performance, pictures and an interview made after they performed. The interview has subs in several languages 🙂   Continue reading Alexander Rybak and Franziska Wiese in Schlagerboom 21.10.2017

Puttin’ on The Ritz – A tribute album to Fred Astaire

Alexander Rybak contributes to the electro swing album “Puttin’ on The Ritz”,  a tribute to Fred Astaire.

The album will be released 1. December, and can be pre-ordered from 3. November. 
Alexander’s song will be released already Friday 24. November 2017. 

You can listen to the whole album and buy the CD here

And this is the promo video for the CD where you can hear “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” performed by Alexander. Don’t hesitate to share it with your friends 🙂  Merry Christmas!  

About the project: 

Source: A Tribute to Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire (born Frederick Austerlitz; May 10, 1899 – June 22, 1987) was an American dancer, singer, actor, choreographer and television presenter. As well as being the 30th anniversary of the death of probably the world’s most eminent dancer, 2017 is also the 70th anniversary of Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Co-founded by this exceptional artist in 1947, the chain now boasts 170 franchised studios around the world.

For this album Rainer C. Regatschnig, Wolfgang Lohr and Justin Fidèle teamed up in order to explore how the original songs of Fred Astaire would sound with a contemporary arrangement and sung by some of the most energetic and still sensitive singers of nowadays.

Click on this picture for the audio-overwiev with extracts from the tracks:

Alexander with Meet & Greets in Istanbul, Warsaw and Athens :)

Alexander Rybak invites his fans to Meet&Greets  in 3 cities in Europe the next days, Istanbul, Warsaw and Athens. 

The details that are published so far:

13. August – Istanbul at 20.00 local time at Mr. Cas Hotel Address and google maps you’ll find HERE

16. August – Warsaw. The Meet&Greet will be held in the early evening. More info HERE

19. August – Athens. The Meet&Greet will be held in the early evening.  More info HERE


Nominate Alexander for the Norwegian Award “Gullsnutten 2017”

Nominate Alexander for the Norwegian Award “Gullsnutten 2017”

From Monday 20th of February till Monday 6th of March at 16.00 cet, you can nominate Alexander for the Norwegian award “Gullsnutten 2017”. Continue reading Nominate Alexander for the Norwegian Award “Gullsnutten 2017”

Alexander Rybak about Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day 

Valentine’s Day, the day about love and romance. 

Alexander has posted about Valentine’s Day several times, and also given interviews about it.  Below you’ll find two earlier interviews, and also his Valentine’s Day posts on Facebook back to 2012.  And of course the music video “Strela Amura” “Cupid’s Arrow”. Have a great day 🙂 Continue reading Alexander Rybak about Valentine’s Day

Miracles – The Biathlon World Championship song 2016

Miracles – Alexander Rybak and Gaute Ormåsen

Miracles Alexander Rybak Gaute Ormåsen

Gaute Ormåsen on vocal, Alexander  on violin and Oslo Soul Children as choir in the the new championship song for Biathlon WC 2016. The song is called “Miracles”, and will be performed live at the opening show 2nd of March in Oslo, Norway at Universitetsplassen, Medal Plaza, Oslo.

The show starts at 19.45 cet and will be streamed live on


                       You can download “Miracles” from   itunes-logo ICON

And it’s also available on Spotify

Alexander Rybak debuts as author

Alexander Rybak author debuts with an outcast troll and a magic fiddle.

– This is not far from the reality.”

Source: , published 12.06.15 Author: Pål Nordseth Photo Benjamin A. Ward and Cappelen Damm. Translated by TessaLa, Revision by  Bita J.

“Trolle og den magiske fela,” Alexander Rybak’s author debut, will be released in September. It is a semi-autobiographical children’s book about a lonely and outcast troll with a musical instrument that has the ability to completely bewitch its audience, and this becomes a curse for the owner. Continue reading Alexander Rybak debuts as author

Vote for Alexander Rybak in “One to One” show

Congrats to Alexander for a place in the final. Now his fate depends on our vote! Let’s help him win 🙂

The voting starts the 17th of May at and will last until the 23rd of May at 23:59:59 Moscow time. CET 22.59.59.

NB! Only people who lives in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan can vote.

Voting from Russia:
Text  05 to  1880, or call  8-803-333-55-05

Voting from Belarus and Kazakhstan:
Text 05 to 7375

You can only vote 20 times from each phone number

Russian fans made a cute video to support Alexander. You can watch it by clicking on this picture 🙂 

New Russian song “Kotik” and music video soon!

Last year when Alexander was in Moscow, he promised that next time he would come, he would have a new Russian song ready 🙂  And he kept his promise.

New song Moscow
From today’s shooting. Photo: Andrey Guzel

Thursday Alexander finished the recording of the last “One to One” show, and he is still in Moscow recording the music video for his new Russian song called “Kotik” (“Kitten”). Here you can see a few pictures from the shooting, and there is a link to many more 🙂 Continue reading New Russian song “Kotik” and music video soon!

Alexander performs at Time To Show’s anniversary concert in Kaunas, Lithuania

Alexander Rybak visits his dancer friends and will change his image in Lithuania

time to show anniversary

Source:  publihsed 16.01.15  Found by Sonya Luzina, translated by Erika Erikutia, revised by Anni Jowett

On Friday Alexander Rybak, the winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, is coming to Lithuania from faraway Qatar, where he gave an impressive performance. In the provisional capital the performer will have a concert and the Norwegian of Belarusian origin also has organised a secret visit in Vilnius, about which he refuses to tell.

On Saturday at the Veterinaries Academy in the Great Hall in Kaunas, Alexander will arrange a performance at the dance group “Time to Show”’s anniversary concert. Continue reading Alexander performs at Time To Show’s anniversary concert in Kaunas, Lithuania

Alexander takes part in the popular Russian TV-show “One to One” starting 8th of February

Alexander will take part in the 3rd season of the popular Russian TV show “One to One”, which will be broadcast on the TV-channel “Russia 1”! The show starts on February 8. It will be aired on Sundays at 13:00 CET.  And it’s possible to watch it online here 


“One to One” is the Russian version of the international interactive reality TV show “Your Face Sounds Familiar”, which has become a big hit on TV for the last two years. This is a show of transformations, whose participants will impersonate legendary artists of the past and present and perform their most iconic hits live on stage.

Continue reading Alexander takes part in the popular Russian TV-show “One to One” starting 8th of February

opening show 2015Handball Qatar – link to live streaming

The opening show for World Chanmpionship Men’s Handball 2015 in Qatar will be live streamed today at 17.00 CET.

Alexander is on of the 24 artists who will perform the official anthem “Live It”. You can read more about this unique project here

Link to watch online:

Postponed!!! – The House That Music Built- Alexander in Nashville



Hello, USA!

On January 25th, 2015 Alexander is participating in The House That Music Built, a benefit concert to support Habitat For Humanity of Greater Nashville.  He  will be appearing alongside a choir of over 250 people, a full orchestra, and local and international artists.  Habitat for Humanity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to the belief that every person should have a decent, safe and affordable place to live.

It’s always a pleasure to have him stateside (pictured above with Solveig Leithaug during their concert in Nashville last year), and this is a great opportunity to experience a varied evening of musical stylings and support a worthy cause. Tickets can be purchased here.

Alexander Rybak – A YouTuber – Nordic Screens

Alexander has joined the multi channel network at the Norwegian company Nordic Screens. The network contains more than 100 YouTube channels and have more than 3 millions views pr month.

When YouTube started up in 2005, the music business was sceptical because of the free access to music. Since then YouTube has been one of the most important online platforms for artists to spread their music.

Alexander says that YouTube has been a big help in his career, and that he sees his YouTube channel as his one radio channel, where he can upload his music and reach his fans worldwide.

You can subscribe to his YT-channel, and you don’t need to have your own YT-channel to do that. Just click on the link below.

In the video below  Alexander talks about YouTube and his collaboration with Nordic Screen.

The video has English subs by Nordic Screens, revised by Katie Anderson. Russian translation by Sonya Luzina, German by Susanne Berlin, Spanish by Lulu Barcelo, Vietnamese by Bôi-Dung Trân and Portuguese by Ana Bruna Soares.

Nominate Alexander for the GULLSNUTTEN Awards – Nordic Screens 2015

From 5th to the 19th of January you can nominate your favourites for the “Gullsnutten” Awards.

Alexander will automaticly be nominated in the category “YouTuber”. We can nominate him two further more categories, the music-channel of the year and the YouTube clip of the year.

In 2014 Alexander uploaded 8 videos to his YT- channel. Three songs from Christmas Tales (audio), What I Long For, Accent (audio), his new aria “I dine Hender”,  The DreamWorks soundtrack “Into a Fantasy” and the Q&A video.  You will find the URL-link to them all here:

You make your nominations on

Vote Nordic Screen Continue reading Nominate Alexander for the GULLSNUTTEN Awards — Nordic Screens 2015


Dear readers, as this year comes to an end today, it’s the perfect time to remember what it has brought to us. We asked Alexander Rybak fans what were the most cherished moments from 2014, and we publish the answers as a tribute to the passing year. Happy New Year…
Cover photo by Fleur Uiting photography


Look back and recall your Alexander Rybak memorable moments of 2014

So it´s almost 2015 and like last year we are collecting “Cherished fiddler moments from 2014».  So if you have some favorite videos, photos, experiences or anything else from 2014 that you would like to share, your contribution will be very welcome.
The intention is to make a posting here on Alexander Rybak International Fansite on New Years Eve to show a bit of 2014 as the individual fans have experienced it. And it will be nice if you include your first name and country. Post your contribution in comment to this post. Everyone is welcome to participate until December 30 20:00 CET


Milki got 4th place in Eurofest 2015, Belarus

Milki got 4 th place in Eurofest in Belarus. They came 2nd in televoting though. We´re sorry they did not make it to Vienna. We think Eurovision 2015 lost an attraction. We surely liked the idea behind the song. If Belarus don´t change their minds this year it will be the winner Uzari & Maimuna — “Time” that represents them.
Skjermbilde 2014-12-26 kl. 23.44.42

MILKI in EUROFEST 2015 – #Milki #ACCENT #AlexandeRybak – New post card video


Tomorrow, Friday 26th, is the final in Eurofest 2015, the national selection of Belarus’ song for Eurovision 2015. MILKI and “Accent” has got a lot of attention and seems to have good chances to win and get the ticket to Vienna.

Support MILKI by following them on Facebook, Instagram and vKontake, and watch the music video and Eurofest post cards on Youtube. You’ll find all the info here. There you also will find interviews and articles.


24. December: Presents are waiting by the Christmas tree


“Really that’s the best present I could get right now. After all you’re such good huggers.” Alexander talking about hugs (Summer 2014)

We all have wishes for Christmas and in today’s video it`s about presents.(Alexander`s own “wish list” in the past has included many things from simple hugs, football cards, pens, LEGO to the latest video games.) Continue reading 24. December: Presents are waiting by the Christmas tree

Alexander Rybak and MILKI – lovely postcard video for Eurofest 2015

Alexander and MILKI preparing for Eurofest 2014 in Belarus, a lovely postcard video. Watch the girls get their fortune read. Will they make it to Vienna and Eurovison 2015? The video has subtitles in English.

Link to page with more info on MILKI.

Recording by Sonya L. Translation and subs by Marina R. 

23. December: The versatile violinist…

“I like versatility. This is my way to make myself a versatile life” Alexander Rybak

Click the picture for link to more info on Christmas Tales
Click the picture for link to more info on Christmas Tales

 Alexander has always focused on versatility in his career. Based on his Classical education, graduating with the highest grade from the acclaimed Barratt Due Music Institute as a performing violinist, he has laid the foundation for being able to experiment in different music genres, and he does it with bravura. Be it jazz, pop, rap, reggae, funky rhythm, techno dance,  rock, Swedish folksongs, folk music, Slavic music, soundtracks .This versatility together with his enthusiasm and dreams has given him many opportunities to show his skills, in many different ways, like musicals, theatre, revue shows, orchestra seminars, TV and radio shows (both as guest and host), worldwide projects, collaborations with other artists, a music video for DreamWorks and even dancing. And his grand slam victory in ESC 2009, has made him a forever Eurovision star. He is a popular guest in national selections and has often been present at the big happening in May , as a guest, performer or even a reporter 🙂 Continue reading 23. December: The versatile violinist…

22. December: Heading home for Christmas

“I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams”

Click the picture for link to more info on Christmas Tales
Click the picture for link to more info on Christmas Tales

Life can be busy. We often become so caught up in our work and studies that we’re constantly on the go. And the same is true for Alexander; he’s always busy travelling around the globe attending to his various musical projects. Now is the season to take a deep breath, step back, and value what’s most important in life: spending time with the ones we love. Continue reading 22. December: Heading home for Christmas