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Alexander Rybak’s interview in “Желтая газета”/”Yellow Newspaper”

Interview from  “Желтая газета”/ “Yellow Newspaper” №1, 2013

Author: Kataeva Viktoria

Link to the original article in Russian here

Translation by Kristina Ovcharenko
Revised by Bita


Alexander Rybak: “The girl wanted to kill me”

The winner of Eurovision 2009, “sunny boy”, as he is referred to as by journalists and fans, violinist Alexander Rybak had come to Moscow to present his song with the self-explanatory title: «Dostala» («Driven me up the wall»). For almost three years now, a strange female fan has compulsively pursued Sasha, and he is so sick of her at this point that the musician decided to take action and teach her a lesson by making her the heroine of his music video. After his presentation, Rybak gave a frank interview to “Yellow Newspaper.”

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Article: Alexander Rybak opened Samvad center in Nepal. Hjelp til Selvhjelp, Nr.2. 29.05.2012

Article from “Hjelp til Selvhjelp” (Help to help yourself) – the monthly magazine of the charity foundation Strømmestiftelsen.

Date of publishing: 29 May 2012. Link to the source here.

Found by Sonya Luzina. Translated by Tessa Lande. English revision by Katie Anderson.

Alexander Rybak opened Samvad center in Nepal

The same day that the Strømme foundation was given the fundraising from “Operation Day’s work” for 2012, the artist and ESC-winner Alexander Rybak opened a new Samvad center in Nepal. Samvad, which means “dialogue” in Nepali, is a new education project among casteless “Dalits”. There are three million casteless people in Nepal.

– A strongly marginalized group of people without rights in the society, at the bottom of the social ladder.
“When all others, throughout your whole life, in words and actions tell you that you are not worth anything – then you believe it yourself too, ” – a man, who is a Dalit himself says.

Rybak traveled to the Asian mountain country in connection with being one of the five that will be the vocal part of the concert “Stille Natt Hellige Natt” this year.
A significant part of the proceeds from this concert for several years has gone to the “Strømme foundation”.

Alexander Rybak: “There is delicious Borsht and sushi in Ukraine”

Interview from the magazine “MasterChef” (“Telenedelya”. Special supplement № 68, November 2011)

Link to the original article here

Author: Tamila Ablaeva

Translation by Sonya Luzina. English revision by Katie Anderson

Alexander played a terrific piece on his violin in the first season of the show “MasterChef” , he shared his favorite recipe of “Norwegian salmon” and admitted that he accepts tasty gifts from his fans.

– Sasha, are you often invited to cooking shows?

– No, not often, but recently I was invited to a cooking show in Stockholm. But I didn’t like it, it was terrible, they didn’t ask me anything, for them it was only important to have a known person and that’s all. Because of that I was very afraid to participate in your show, but now I have a very positive feeling.

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“From Fairytale to Christmas music”. Review. Dec.22nd 2012

Review published on 22.12.12 . Link to original article here

Written by Maria Ludvigsen.

Found by Tessa Lande. Translation by Marianne Saietz. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn.

Alexander Rybak – “Christmas Tales”

From Fairytale to Christmas music

Most of us know Alexander Rybak best as the boy, who brought home the gold in the Eurovision Song Contest. Some have also seen him in the talent-competition “Idol” and we have all, in some way or another, heard the song Fairytale. Now, he has put together a Christmas album, which has got the title “Christmas Tales”.

I for my part, got more than enough of this man in the Fairytale-time, but will try the best I can to review the album objective and with an open mind. My first thought about the album is that it is very much in Rybak-style and easy to recognize. It is clear that he has managed, to put his own touch to well-known Christmas songs.

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Had picture taken with their idol Alexander Rybak 22.12.2012

Alexander Rybak Juleturne
A little embarrassing:  For Selina (10) and Anea Bråten(8), it was a little embarrassing, but very fun, to have their picture taken with their hero Alexander Rybak. They had a nice evening at the concert and would like to return once again.

Had picture taken with their idol

 Delighted Sarpsborg girls got to meet Alexander Rybak after the Christmas concert.

Source: Paper issue of Sarpsborg Arbeiderbladet 22.12.2012.
Author:  Marie Kingsrød. Photos by Vetle Grannath Magelssen

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Laila Solum Hansen. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn

Selina (10) and Anea Bråten (8) did not want to go to the Christmas concert. But that was before they heard that Alexander Rybak was coming.

-It was kind of strange to see him in person, since I have only ever seen him on TV, says Selina, who together with her sister was very pleased when, after the Christmas concert ‘Silent Night Holy Night’ in Tune church, had their picture with Rybak.
-He is very clever, and the concert was good. I have liked him for a long time. I didn’t want to go to the Christmas concert actually, but then Mom told me that Rybak was coming, Selina smiles.
In spite of the happiness she thought it was a little embarrassing to meet the star violinist.
-But it wasn’t scary. He was very kind,  the 10 year old says.

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