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Official press-release of Alexander Rybak’s management due to his visit to Moscow on 20.12.2011

Picture by Anita Lysak. English translation by Julia Bezbakh.

Alexander Rybak was kept at the Russian border for two hours.

Alexander Rybak visited Moscow right before the Christmas holidays started. Eurovision winner came to the capital of Russia for one day to perform at the student’s party of Moscow university. But the concert could have not take place due to the fact that the artist was detained on visa control at Sheremetievo Airport. It turned out that Alexander had Russian visa in his passport, but it contained  a misprint admitted by the employees of the Russian Embassy in Oslo. Accordingly the visa with error was not valid, so Alexander couldn’t be admitted to the territory of the Russian Federation, and he even was threatened to be deported back to Copenhagen, where he had just arrived from.

The singer spent about 2 hours in the VIP terminal of the airport and the concert, which had been waiting by Moscow students, could have been cancelled. However, the employees of the consular department responded quickly to the situation with the visa of  the Eurovision 2009 winner. They issued him a new visa, so  Alexander was able to cross the Russian border. Because of the time spent on the design of a new visa and hours of traffic jams in Moscow, they had to delay Rybak’s performance. The students chanted the name of  favorite artist for an hour, waiting to see when he comes on stage. The singer haven’t  stopped in the hotel, he  immediately rushed to the concert area right from the airport. Changed his clothes and in 5 minutes Rybak was ready for the concert. So Alexander had to play without the necessary training and rehearsals. The audience burst into applause when Alexander Rybak appeared on stage. About an hour Alexander performed with the ballet “Foresight” in front of the student audience, presented his new Russian-language songs, as well as their favorite hits. After the concert, students were satisfied for a long time asked autographs and took pictures with their idol – Alexander Rybak.

Artist’s Management and Alexander Rybak himself express their gratitude to the Director of the Consular Department Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia – Karlov Andrei and Deputy Director of the Consular Department of the MFA of Russia – Klimov Alexey for the quick solution of the problem, correcting typographical errors in the documents of Alexander Rybak and issuing the new visa to enter the Russian Federation.

Musical midwinter. Review of “Vinterbilder” in Ringsaker Church, Dec.22nd 2011

Diverse: Though each of them has their own role,  they are together in the sing-along, with a sympathetic audience. Anna Vada, Dennis Storhøi and Alexander Rybak.

Article published on , 22.12.2011

Text and photos by Paula Bjertnes

Link to original article ( with video ):

Found by Vigdis Nor. Translation Vigdis Nor.


Musical midwinter

Many keys

Just before Christmas a lot of people managed to get into the right mood, thanks to the concert, “Winter Pictures”.

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Review of Christmas- concert in Elverum, Dec.17th 2011

Article published on 18.12.2011.

Text and photos by Bodvar Lotsberg. Link to original article:

Found by Olina Novikova. Translation by Marianne Saietz


Strong team: Anne Vada, Dennis Storhøi and Alexander Rybak in action in Heradsbygd church, saturday evening.

Big party before Christmas with Rybak in Heradsbygd

Saturday evening, a big pre-Christmas-party took place in Heradsbygd Church. We were guests at the program, “Vinterbilder”, with actor Dennis Storhøi, singer Anne Vada and Alexander Rybak and two musicians.

It was a concert, that gave us a great Christmas-spirit.

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Review about Christmas concert in Ulsteinvik on 09.12.2011

Article in the paper Issue of Vikebladet 15.12.11
Journalsit: Mone Celin K. Skrede. Photographer : Jan Erling Davidsen

Articles found by Olina Novikova. Translation by Tessa Lande.

Beautiful winter pictures

Friday 9th of December it was a full booked church and very expectant mood in Ulsteinvik. The artist trio Alexander Rybak, Dennis Storhøi and Anne Vada met with singing, storytelling, a lot of good spirits and beautiful tones from well-voted instruments.

It was people in all ages present this evening, and the whole church buzzed expectantly minutes before the concert was going to start.. The scene was suddenly illuminated, and in a red light the actor, radio voice, and film and TV face Dennis Storhøi come walking up the aisle.

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Review about Christmas concert in Tønsberg on 13.12.2011

Article in the paper issue of “Tønsberg Blad”. 14.12.2011

Found and translated by Tessa Lande.

Journalist: Marikken W. Photographer: Peder Gjersøe


Tønsberg: Dennis Storhøi, Alexander Rybak and Anne Vada shared their winter pictures, and made some new ones for the audience in the cathedral last evening.

Welcome to the Christmas concert “Vinterbilder” in beautiful Tønsberg Cathedral, Dennis Storhøi said, before the concert started yesterday.
Together with him was Anne Vada and Alexander Rybak, and together they painted beautiful musical winter photos of the cathedral.

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