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We live like a family – Damn, what a life!

Alexander Rybak’s close female friends speak out.

Alexander Rybak doesn’t lack cute girls either in his audience or backstage. The ones closest to him talk about the special life with the Eurovision winner.

Text to the picture: Close relationships: Alexander Rybak has Kathrine Hvinden Hals and Maria Slyngstad as his closest support team. Continue reading We live like a family — Damn, what a life!

Interview in the male magazine “Alfa”, October 2010

Pleasant mood: Another adventurous day in young Rybak’s life


Journalist : Morten Ramm. Photographer : Espen Solli

Found by Olina Novikova, translated by Tessa Lande
Article Revision by Anni Jowett

Cool celebrities should pick on the ones further down the hierarchy. Therefore we let Morten Ramm from “Torsdagskveld fra Nydalen» nag on the fiddle-Jack Alexander Rybak.

How many girls have you actually “said hi to”?
– It is not few enough that I can keep the count, and there are not many enough that it might be fun to keep counting.

You’ve done all what an artist should not do in the media. Why?
– I was overwhelmed by the fact that people liked me, but eventually it was more important to be understood than to be popular.

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Christmas full-speed ahead for Rybak! 17th December 2010

 Article by Ann Turi Ford. Published on 17.12.2010.

Link to original article in Norwegian here

Translation: Marianne Saietz

Photo: Wiggo Larsen, Demokraten/ANB

Christmas at full-speed ahead for Rybak

After a rather hectic autumn, Alexander Rybak is swinging home for Christmas.

Half-way through his self-produced tour “Swinging Home for Christmas”, the multi-talented artist from Oksval can rejoice about his supportive audience and some great reviews. “A golden voice with a golden violin” and “a solid show”, Romsdals budstikke from Rb.nett writes to describe Rybak’s shows. “The live band-version of beloved christmas classics, without any worn-out songs. Makes one’s nape hairs rise”, Sunnmørsposten wrote.

Continue reading Christmas full-speed ahead for Rybak! 17th December 2010

Review about Christmas concert in Molde 13 Dec. 2010

A review from paper issue in  local paper “Romsdals Budstikke”.

Found and translated into English by Tessa La

In just a year and a half, he has managed to play, sing and charm himself into the hearts of many people, and the response to his concert in Bjørnsonhuset on Monday was incredible.

An audience of 400 to 500 singing and clapping people gave Alexander Rybak the boost he needed to make this concert one of the most cheerful Christmas concerts Bjørnsonhuset has ever experienced  at least, one can assume this judging by the audience’s reaction both at halftime and at the end of the concert. Throughout the concert, Alexander received lively participation from the audience for his sing-alongs. Continue reading Review about Christmas concert in Molde 13 Dec. 2010

Amorous Alexander Rybak – Interview in Polish magazine “13” November 2010

Amorous Alexander Rybak

Alexander at the Meet & Greet with his Polish fans! ( photo from his official Facebook page)

The interview was made 6th September 2010, when Alexander visited Poland

Scan: Monika Anna Fronczak  Source: “13” Magazine, published 18.11.2010 Author: Marcelina Drozd
Translation from Polish to English: Asia Chodkowska Revised by AnniJo

It’s already our second meeting with Alexander. The reason for this is the premiere of his second album ‘No Boundaries’ and his visit to Warsaw. He tells us about his first loves, dates and disappointments!

Continue reading Amorous Alexander Rybak — Interview in Polish magazine “13” November 2010

Alexander about his clothes

“Alexander Rybak: The main criteria when buying clothes are pleasant fabric and comfortable style”

Article from the Ukrainian Internet magazine Shopper.Ua., published 1. November 2010
Translated by Sonya Luzina)

Alexander Rybak shopper UA 2– Alexander, does your surname create your stage clothes style? Do you create the style of the smart country guy intentionally?

– I don’t dwell on my style. The main thing is that my clothes should be comfortable; it mustn’t constrain my movements on stage. Continue reading Alexander about his clothes

Alexander in Ukrainian magazine “Telegid”

(found and translated by Sonya Luzina, English revision by Anni Jowett)

Alexander Rybak was caught on the road

It seems he never changes:  an open smile on his face and a violin in his hands.
Nevertheless there are some serious changes in his life – recently he broke up with his girlfriend and was immediately hooked up by another girl.

Sasha, you’re a frequent guest in Ukraine these latter days .  Are things going well? By the way, Has your debut album sold better in the CIS or in Europe?

– In the CIS. If there were no “pirates”, the circulation would be estimated in millions. In Norway, for example, no one would never download something for free from the Internet, and here it is the rule of life. Nevertheless, here in Kiev I’m planning to release my second album in Russian and to give a concert in the October Palace. This show will be unique: October 19, me and Vitaliy Kozlovskiy will perform two solo programmes with live sound and ballet.

– What do you think, where does your career develop most quickly – among the English-speaking countries or the Russian-speaking ones?

– I want to be an artist, who is equally loved in all continents, but I realise that I’m mostly demanded in the Scandinavian countries and in the CIS. There is a lot of competition in Germany and France , they won’t let me perform on the big stage and, consequently, I will be forgotten there in couple of years. To tell the truth, I’ve visited half of the world thanks to Russian-speaking fans. They are everywhere – in America, Australia and Europe.

Why don’t you sing in German or in French?

– It’s too artificial. I had an unsuccessful experience – I recorded ” Fairytale” in French, but it went unnoticed.

Do you often  feel disappointed?

– This year I was disappointed only once – because of my girlfriend. It seemed to me that I had really fallen in love. However, I  hesitated a long time about her – I didn’t want to get too close with her. But then I  fell in love totally, I stopped paying attention to the other girls. And at that moment I became uninteresting to her. She just wanted to hunt…My premonitions haven’t deceived me. Though I’m still sad because of lost love, now I like another girl, I think she could be my girlfriend. Maria is very beautiful and she  is able to be a friend. And she lives near to me. Continue reading Alexander in Ukrainian magazine “Telegid”

A review of “No Boundaries” from Slovakia

Alexander Rybak – No Boundaries

Source: 26. 10. 2010

Found and translated by Danka Čolláková.

Probably the sweetest Norwegian on the globe is back. We met him in May 2009 when he won Eurosong and in the history of the competition he enrolled with a record number of points. At that time, however, he had consecutive appearances in theatrical performances in Fiddler on the Roof, Operahouse in Oslo, and the Norwegian received the highest theater award. Such a big prize, at such a young age? No wonder. Alex grew up in a family of musicians – his mother played the violin, and the father is a pianist (sic)* and after the family moved from Belarus to Norway, young Alex Rybak started the music fully.

Continue reading A review of “No Boundaries” from Slovakia

Interview in the Ukrainian magazine “Твои кумиры” (“Your idols”).

The Ukrainian vacation of Alexander Rybak

Found and translated to English by Sonya Luzina, revison by Anni Jowett

He’s the favorite of millions of girls across Europe and despite his big popularity, he adores strawberry cocktails, he sees the world through childish naive eyes, and he smiles so sincerely and openly that you will start to believe in fairy tales!

The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, Alexander Rybak, continues his victorious journey across Europe. Ukraine doesn’t remain behind. Despite his busy schedule. Sasha has visited the place here already, at least three times, and he even has spent a small vacation somewhere and in the Ukrainian capital. The artist in secret has informed “ТК” [The Ukrainian magazine] that he prepares a pleasant surprise for the Ukrainian fans this autumn. What? He insisted not to tell, therefore we will only give a hint: there is a big tour of Sasha ahead.

– Sasha, it’s not your first time in Ukraine, not the first time in Kiev…

– But I feel like this is the first time. How many times I been? Three? Last year in the autumn I had a tour across Ukraine, but the schedule was very busy: interview, filming, performances, and the weather didn’t favor – it was very cold. And in the summer I came to perform only for three hours. There was no time even to see Kiev. And now everybody smiles warmly, girls in skirts.

– Did you take a walk in the city this time?

– Yes. Such beautiful buildings and architecture here! Kiev strongly differs from Moscow. It’s beautiful there too, but, probably, even with an overabundance. Over here buildings and historical monuments are where it’s suitable, therefore you estimate their beauty much more.

– You were born in Belarus, you live in Norway, now you often have to tour in different countries of Europe. Do you have a favorite city, a favorite country?

– My favorite country – Norway. Because I know very well the culture of this country, this nation, it is my family. And from the CIS countries, Baltic is very interesting to me. I’m inquisitive, to me everything is interesting: culture, architecture, history monuments. Besides, there are special people, very honest. In Norway, for example, people always smile to you, but most likely because it is so accepted. And they come with all their heart to you, sincerely. And it is visibly an unaided sight. And still, next to Norway and Belarus, I would place Finland. I love this country very much.

Continue reading Interview in the Ukrainian magazine “Твои кумиры” (“Your idols”).

The Nordic Chamber Orchestra concert, Sweden. Oct.8th 2010



Marianne Mata Hari Saietz


1) ” Anniversary- Concert of the highest quality” – Published Oct.9th 2010 on

Link to the original article:

Picture-text: The Fiddle-hobbit. The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, gave body and soul to the expression ” Joy of playing”, when he performed with the Nordic Chamber Orchestra. Foto: Therése Ny Continue reading The Nordic Chamber Orchestra concert, Sweden. Oct.8th 2010

Alexander Rybak in the October issue of “Rusfri”- Norwegian Blue Cross magazine 2010

What is the big point of alcohol consumption?

Source: Published: October 2010
Thanks to Tessa La and Laila Ulvseth for the great translation!

The Norwegian fiddler, Alexander Rybak says he enjoys the role model status he seems to have achieved among children and adolescents. He regularly looking for good questions when the topic of alcohol and drug use is on the agenda.

It is not easy to get an interview with the famous son of Nesodden, Alexander Rybak. But in the end we got an one-hour talk in Oslo, on a nice sushi restaurant right next to Rybak’s apartment at Aker Brygge. The weather was so summary that we could sit outside – and with that we got a slightly view both of the Oslo Fjord and his childhood home there in the distance.

Alexander Rybak is not so busy with newspaper interview now a days. The media pressure subsided shortly after this year’s ESC in Norway and the launch of the CD “No Boundaries”. But the activity and the projects are many, and within a set range of music genres. Right after our meeting at the Sushi restaurant was Harstad and a charity concert next stop on the schedule.Both Grieg and Alexander’s latest single “Europe Skies” would be performed there.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak in the October issue of “Rusfri”- Norwegian Blue Cross magazine 2010

Interview in Russian magazine “Names” № 10, October 2010

Scan and translation by Kristina Ovcharenko

Link to the scanned photo of the interview.

( It is possible to read the text in russian here ):!/photo.php?pid=472102&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=183104285643&id=100000510743804


Our Norwegian Byelorussian: Born May 13, 1986 in Minsk. Mother – a pianist, his father – a violinist. When the boy was 4 years old, his parents moved to Norway. The family settled in a suburb of Oslo. Graduated at the School of Music, studying at the conservatory in Oslo. Winner of ” Eurovision-2009 ” in Moscow (387 points).

1) What book would you bring, to a deserted island?

– Is “Playboy” considered a book:)?  If not, then I would read books about Russian history.

Continue reading Interview in Russian magazine “Names” № 10, October 2010

Concert in Harstad Culture House, 02.09.10 – Harstad Tidende newspaper

Retrieved from the printed edition of the newspaper and translated by Sara Anja Ruske

Written by Kåre Torvanger, Gives 5 out of 6 points.

Alexander Rybak has control over the instruments when he is on stage. He knows what he does, is active and plays on many strings that have appeal. Therefore, he had a firm grip on the audience who clearly appreciated the concert. He spoke warmly about the beautiful nature and the nice and friendly people in Harstad, and believed that the city had the best conditions for hosting part finale of MGP.

Continue reading Concert in Harstad Culture House, 02.09.10 – Harstad Tidende newspaper

A letter from South-Africa. Valdres Summersymphony Newsletter aug.19th 2010

If you don´t know,  Sityhilelo is 15-year-old boy from South-Africa, who got the chance, to travel to Norway and participate in Valdres Summersymphony, june 2010, because of a birthday-present to Alexander Rybak from his fans and friends. Read more in this link:

A letter from South-Africa

We arrived safely on Wednesday the 6th and the trip back was great! I’m writing you this letter in remembrance of the great time I had in Norway, the people were warm, the food was great, the weather was wonderful and the 5 star service. I met new friends and I miss them already and we promised each other to meet again next year, hopefully! And my best friend Carl gave me a USB stick with all my favoured music in it and he also wrote a goodbye letter for me and got all the Woodwind players to sign it, that was very kind of him.

I learned a lot in the Valdres Sommersymfoni because the commitment those students have when we rehearsed in the orchestra and when they play their solo’s it’s inspiring and the standard of playing those children have is what we are not used to in South Africa, and I got an amazing masterclass from Frederick the clarinettist who was his idea to donate the clarinet to me.

I was so shocked I almost cried, it was so unexpected. I wish you guys a wonderful year and I hope to be back next year and thank you for the new clarinet it’s amazing. Thank you very much guys for the great times we shared together may this connection/relationship amongst us grow from strength to strength.

Best wishes to all

Yours Thankfully

Sityhilelo Gwenxanea

Link to original page from Valdres

Alexander plays for flood-victims in Pakistan

Charity-concert. Tuesday, August 10th. 18.00-20.00 CET
Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel
Holbergsgt. 30, 0166 Oslo Oslo, Norway
The following artists takes part in the concert:
Alexander Rybak,
Didrik Solli Tangen,
Torstein Sødal,
Merete Meyer,
Sebastian James,
Alexx Alexxander,
Kristine Hjulstad,

Great review of Alexander & Bettan’s show in Tønsberg on 28.07.10

Link to the original article:

English translation by Tessa La


The summer is ending,that is a fact, and last night last summer show had premiere at the Hotel Klubben. The two fiddlers Elisabeth Andreassen and Alexander Rybak had bet on a date to the stage that already has had three great shows to show off. Their show “Spellemenn” fits well into the rank of shows. First there was the Great Garlic Girls, then Kristian Valen, and then Lill-Babs on a quick visit. There is no doubt that Hotel Klubben is the winner as Tønsberg’s show venues this summer. The completion with Bettan & Rybak was tremendous.

The oldest was allowed to open the ball, of course. Bettan began with the beautiful melody of her countrymen Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus, “Klinga mina klockor. Here she really demonstrated her enormous rhythmic security, and scope of the voice. Has she really sung better than what she was doing that night? Continue reading Great review of Alexander & Bettan’s show in Tønsberg on 28.07.10

Meet & Greet in Tønsberg in VG, 31.7.2010

(Translation to English and photos by Tessa La)

Stole a kiss from the hero!

Alexander Rybak hugged his Facebook fans for two hours yesterday. However, only Victoria A. stole a kiss from the hero. Victoria A. was one of about 100 women and a man from 20 countries, who via the Facebook site of Rybak fans had gathered in the city to watch the hero play last night.

Victoria had travelled the longest of them all, from Canada. And when Rybak entirely surprising invited all participants of “Rybak Facebook-tour” to a Meet & Greet at the Klubben Hotel before the concert, Victoria knew what she wanted. A kiss from the hero. With a fan to keep her head clear, she leaned forward and gave Alexander a kiss on the tip of his nose when it was her turn in the two hour-long hugging queue. Continue reading Meet & Greet in Tønsberg in VG, 31.7.2010

Carefree Rybak. Article from Postimees, July 27th, 2010

by Esme Kassar

Found by our Estonian friends, English translation by Anglesina Est, Russian translation by Natalia Tallinnka

Original article

The second album of Eurovision singer begins with violin music – for a moment one get’s a feeling of beeing on some ball in the other century, the song is called “First kiss”. The young musician continues that kind of a journy with the listener throughout the album, doing some “Green Day”-like punk rock in the song “Why not me” and then the pure folk music in the “Barndance”. And then, of course, offering something to compete with his victorious ESC winning song – a captivating and dancing “Oah”. As the talented fiddler himself has in one Youtube interview smilingly said – let the critics cope with categorizing the album on their own. Exactly that means the limitless title “No boundaries”. Different styles and themes will be bound together by the violin and Rybak’s own sparkling energy and expressive performance form it to one whole. An extra big attention on this second album receive also the thousands and thousands of fans, my whom is inspired the song “5000 letters”, which seems to be the answer to those, whom Rybak hasn’t managed to write yet. And love is of course a main theme in many songs.

Fears identity-theft will end up in abuse. Interview with Kjell Arild Tiltnes, july 21st. 2010

Link to original article:

by Fredrik Furuseth,

English translation by Marianne Saietz, Russian translation by Zhanna Sergeeva

With more than 500 fake profiles on the website Facebook, Alexander Rybak is perhaps the most troubled by identity theft, among Norwegian celebrities.
The worst is, when people with bad intentions steal his identity to get in contact with young boys and girls.
Some of the pictures, used on the fake profiles are private, and shows the ESC- winner in bare chest and wearing only swimwear.
The profiles pretend to be Rybaks private – and several of them have made contact with fans and admirers who believe, they are talking directly to Rybak himself.
That is not the case. Continue reading Fears identity-theft will end up in abuse. Interview with Kjell Arild Tiltnes, july 21st. 2010

Alexander’s concert in Målselv, July 4th, 2010

(photo by Lise Løvland)

Underline: With a very enthusiastic audience in Istindportalen  Alexander Rybak  felt  that he was almost at home.

Link to the original article:

Translation by Tessa La


And it is of course an official opening, when it comes to the culture week. Some words from the deputy mayor, songs by local artists and sing a long should be the framework for the start of “Summer Målselv”. But it has to be said that it with benefit could tightened the concert program a part, for it was all about one man this afternoon, and it was the winner of last year’s Grand Prix. Continue reading Alexander’s concert in Målselv, July 4th, 2010

Alexander in FHM (For Him Magazine) August 2010

 Alexander Rybak

The fiddler reveals his darkest secrets…

Alexander Rybak FHM magaziine

(Found by Gesine Riech and translated by Hildebjørg Haugan and Tessa La.)

We tried to get an interview with you right after you won the Norwegian national ESC-final last year. Your manager said that they would probably try to make an appointment, but somehow we never got an interview. Did you hear anything about the interview?

No, and that is one reasons why I have changed manager. I was also scheduled to perform at a children’s festival. Suddenly it was gone from the calendar, and when I asked why, I was told that they would not have me after all. I called them to check, and was told that they wanted me, but that 200 000 NOK was too much for them. It’s okay that people are megalomaniac, but not that they are dishonest. I become directly evil when I do not get what I want…

Evil? Define evil, eh, please?

It is more proper to say I become like a spoiled little child. Prior to the ESC this year, NRK and my former management decided that I should fly down to the stage. I did not want to do that. When I got zero response to my complaints, I chose rather to go to VG [newspaper] and tell that they wanted me to fly. Thus, the news was released, so they had to drop the idea. But it sucks that I need to burn bridges to get what I want.

Continue reading Alexander in FHM (For Him Magazine) August 2010

Alexander & Bettan in VG paper issue, July 17th, 2010

On the picture: Elisabeth “Bettan” Andreassen and Alexander Rybak have great respect for each other as artists. This summer, they are again on stage together. This is from Cafe Sorgenfri at Aker Brygge

Translation by Tessa La

Elisabeth “Bettan” Andreassen (52) fully understands Alexander Rybak (24) violent outbursts in the past year.
The Swedish-Norwegian artist admits that she had similar reactions when she was on top after the Grand Prix victory in 1985.

– When Hanne Krogh and I toured in the “Let it Swing”- periode , it was a run all the time. Many times I was at the breaking point of what I endured, and then I would like to have crushed a double bass. It is better to get those things out than to keep it inside,- Bettan said to VG. Continue reading Alexander & Bettan in VG paper issue, July 17th, 2010

Interview to Ukrainian Internet Radio MyRadio.UA. Oslo, May 2010

This is a very new and very interesting interview by very young, but very talented Ukrainian  journalist from MyRadio.UA Vladimir Biriukov (the left one on the picture). Many thanks to Vladimir for posting the link on Official FB page of Alexander! Welcome to Planet Rybak, Vladimir!;))

Link to the original:

Alexander Rybak: No joking with love

Translation by Zhanna Sergeeva

We met Alexander in Oslo on the embankment which the windows of his newly acquired apartment overlook! The singer spoke about his new projects in which he will be involved this year, about the “Eurovision” and naturally about the relationship with the girls. Continue reading Interview to Ukrainian Internet Radio MyRadio.UA. Oslo, May 2010

First concert, then girlfriend – Interview in June 24th, 2010

Article published on 24.6.2010

Author: Hege Støtvig. Photos: Anne Charlotte Schjøll.

Translation by Marianne Saietz
Article revised by Anni Jowett

 Thriving: Alexander Rybak and Didrik Solli-Tangen feel they are among their own and thrive in the company of the Marine Music. Friday they will be on stage together, at the annual Firework-concert at  Karljohansvern.

First Concert – Then Girlfriend!

HORTEN: Alexander Rybak wishes for a girlfriend. He will try to make that happen this summer,  but first: The Firework-concert in Horten.

Yesterday  Alexander Rybak and Didrik Solli-Tangen had rehearsals with the Marine Music in Horten. Friday they will be on stage for the annual Firework-concert at Karljohansvern. The concert is announced as a family party by the  Festspillene.  The fact that great weather and  a record audience is expected at the concert on Friday, does not affect Rybak and Solli-Tangen very much.

–  It is going to be awesome, no matter what! Even if there is only an audience of ten. What we are going to do is quite unique, says  Rybak. – Come to the concert,  encourages Solli-Tangen.

Continue reading First concert, then girlfriend — Interview in June 24th, 2010

I have many new mayflies inside me – Dagbladet. June 17th, 2010

Translation by Tessa La

The album releasing Alexander Rybak (24) joked about his hand injury before the Eurovision. In reality, he broke his hand when he furiously hit the wall.

– Look ! I have just taken off the cast after 3 weeks. It looks like I have a rash, says Alexander Rybak to Dagbladet, showing his right hand. Continue reading I have many new mayflies inside me — Dagbladet. June 17th, 2010

My heart is broken but free – Interview in Russian “7 Days”, June 16th, 2010

Article published on 16.6.2010.

By Maria Adamchuk, 7 Days. Link to original article here

Translated by Olina Novikova and Marianne Saietz

Alexander Rybak:  “My heart is broken but free “

Since last year, when the unknown violinist and singer,  won the Eurovision, his life has changed dramatically. He is constantly on the road, but manages to do repairs in his recently bought apartment, and he still has time for romantic relationships! About his life today,  Sasha told reporters of  “7Days” while walking along the sacred places of his favorite Oslo.

Continue reading My heart is broken but free — Interview in Russian “7 Days”, June 16th, 2010

If I wanted, I could have made an album that got a 6 on the dices- VG June 18th 2010

Link to original article:

Translation by Marianne Saietz.

Rybak in the sun. “I think, many people think, it is IN trend not to like Alexander Rybak”,- says Alexander Rybak, when he met VG on a pier at Nesodden.

Foto: Krister Sørbø

Alexander Rybak doesn´t recognize the problem of the difficult second album.

– I think, many thinks, it is “in” not to like Alexander Rybak. I am prepared , it might be slaughter,- Alexander Rybak says to VG.

Monday, the Eurovision-winner releases his second album, which has been called «No Boundaries» and gets a 3 on the dice from VG. The first single, ” Oah” had the dice-throw one, but Rybak states, that he doesn’t care for the critique of the music he makes. Continue reading If I wanted, I could have made an album that got a 6 on the dices- VG June 18th 2010

Rybak without boundaries – Østlandsposten, June 16th, 2010

Published on 16.6.2012. Written by ANB – NTB.  Link to original article:

Translation by Marianne Saietz

Rybak releases monday the album «No Boundaries», which is, excactly as the title says, a mixture of different genres, though with the personal violin-mark of Rybak. Photo: Vidar Ruud – NTB.

Rybak Without Boundaries

– If I had liked one box, I would have shut myself inside it!  –  Says Alexander Rybak, who instead enters a legion of  boxes on his new album which, consequently,  has been named “No Boundaries”.

– I have so much in my heart, so much I want to say! –
But at the same time, he is fully aware, that the new disc, is what he describes as:  “Too versatile for a good roll of the dice.” – It is not allowed to experiment with genres, – says Alexander, who also believes there has been too much of him in Norway in the recent months – and that is why the new single ” Oah “was slaughtered in reviews.
– In Russia I haven´t been a lot recently, and there,  it was very well received. It is a signal about where I am as an artist.  Now,  the decline is official – because it is no longer ” in”,  to lift me up, –  he says without blinking. Continue reading Rybak without boundaries — Østlandsposten, June 16th, 2010

Rybak fears slaughter – Interview 17.06.2010

The Eurovision winner is prepered for the worst. To get massiv critic on his new album.

Reason:  The following up album jumps without any bounderies from genre to genre.
I’m terrified for the reviews, says AlexanderRybak
Text to photo: Alexander Rybak (24) will soon move from his mother at Nesodden till his new bought apartment at Aker Brygge. (Photo: Anne Elisabeth Næss)

Continue reading Rybak fears slaughter — Interview 17.06.2010

No one has more nominations -NRK June 11th, 2010

No one has more nominations

Alexander Rybak is in a league of his own, when it comes to nominations for Russians Music Awards.

Text to photo: Alexander Rybak has taken Russia by storm after winning the ESC in Moscow last year. Foto: Kim Erlandsen/

Russian-speaking,  Norwegian Alexander Rybak, of Belorussian origin, is now definitely  among the elite in the Russian entertainment business. Continue reading No one has more nominations -NRK June 11th, 2010

Portrait from ”Magasinet” in Dagbladet, May 29th, 2010

Quote on the cover: “”I think I will have to change myself to be able to get a girlfriend”

Source: Magasinet, Dagbladet, published 29th of May 2010. Translation by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak

Born: 13 May 1986

Family: I am an only child. That’s perhaps why I’m so eager to find myself a girlfriend.

Right now: Performs at the final of the ESC in the evening, and the new album “No Boundaries” is in stores in about two weeks.

This provokes me:  Indetermination

In ten years: I have found myself a milkmaid ( a symbolic  Norwegian statement for a steady and reliable girl). A wife. That is very important to me.

Best feature: I never give up faith in people

Worst feature: The same

What are you afraid of:  To end up alone, and to have too many girlfriends.

I wish that: That everyone understood me. No. Yes. That everyone understood me.

Reads: FHM “For Him Magazine”. And there is a lot of clever humor in “Tommy and the Tiger.”

Admires: Mom and Dad, who have endured.

If I could travel back in time: Then I would go back ten years, to an orchestra tour in Austria. There I met my first love. It was not very romantic, rather drunkenness petting. I would travel back to experience the pure love without the knowledge of how wrong things can go.

You are free and can go wherever you want: New York. You get so much more romantic there.


When Alexander Rybak (24) doesn’t think about pretty girls, he writes music. About pretty girls.


– When it comes to girls, I’m much more calmer now. Under the marked brows, the clear deep brown eyes, look serious.

-Last year was a little, well, what shall we say? Flamboyant? Hectic? Wild? When there are eight girls outside my hotel in Russia and almost flashing everything they have, I just go to my room and send an SMS to her I’m interested in at the moment. She is the one I want to convince that I’m serious. But if  three or four hours pass by and I don’t get an answer, then … Rybak gestures with his hands.

– Then you take advantages of their offers?

– No, are you’re crazy? The reason I have become so good in Russian the recent months, is that I have been  alone a lot in hotel rooms and watched TV.

“Years ago when I was younger, I kind a like a girl I knew ……” Yes, we all know that one. Through the “Fairytale” and the other hits from Alexander Rybak, we realized that girls standing in front of, behind, under, above and on the sides of the artist’s universe. Now also the fitted Frikar-boys is replaced by a trio of violin-playing beauties, and Rybak wrote amorous songs to all the three girls. And in reality? Is the man Alexander Rybak equally single-minded? Of course not. Nesodden’s big son has other interests than pretty girls. At least one. Outside the Rehearsal Hotel on Schous Plass in Oslo hums the construction machines. But inside the sound proof little rehearsal room, rhythmic despair fills the air

“And everybody knows your name / You ‘re driving everyone insane / I saw you laughing with that guy / It made me jealous, do not know why” Rybak is singing. But the band don’t quite follow. Rybak explains, but when words fall short, he lets the bow slip across the strings. And then they start again. There is no doubt about Rybak’s musical talent. There is no doubt of his natural stage charisma and with a facial expression that only Ivo Caprino could have done better, he is a winner when it comes to charm. The verbal talent is more limited, some critics have noted that more than once.

The album “No Boundaries” is right around the corner, and the entire summer there will be performances both at home and abroad. The line of text above comes from the song “Why not me”, which is dedicated to Kathrine Hvinden Hals, one of Rybak’s violin-playing girls. As usual the text is based on his own experiences. Just like the ballad “First Kiss” which is dedicated to Maria Strøm Slyngstad and the ompa-song “Oah”, which is for the 18 years old Moa Meinich, Circus Rybak’s youngest member.

– I’ve been in love with all three of them, Rybak says and smiles.

Is he kidding? Or has he just a slightly different definition of what being in love means than others? Haven’t you just begun to play together with them?

– No, I have known them for a long time.

We have moved on to the restaurant “Bølgen and Moi” on Tjuvholmen, and Rybak  crunches happily on a sugar cube.

– They have all studied at the Barratt Due Music Institute. I think people understand that I do not have a harem.

Rybak makes no secret of the fact that one of the girls in the trio occupies him more than the others. Who? It takes no Einstein to find out. The annoying catchy chorus on the new single “Oah!”, is namely this: “Singing o-ah / I love you, Mo-a/ You’re way too young for me / But I do not mind.

But before Rybak continues with his girl talk: A little bit about tonight’s big happening, this crazy event that is directly sent to 125 million viewers from Telenor Arena. What does he think about Norway’s chances?

– I think there’s a chance that we will have to arrange the final next year too. We have the best ballad, and Didrik is able to make an okay song sound totally amazing.

– So all the talk about that Didrik Solli-Tangen and you are not friends, is just nonsense?

Rybak smiles, nods and swallows the last remnant of the sugar piece…

It was in Belarus, that time part of the Soviet Union, that Alexander Rybak was born. The Soviet Union was not the best place to live for people who put freedom high, and during a tour in Norway his violin-playing father stayed behind. There was a lot of drama and secrecy, but with the help of God and diplomacy it ended well. When Alexander was five, he and his mother moved to Norway, and the three settled in Nesodden outside Oslo. You have to start practicing early to be good, and with a violin playing father and piano playing mother, the kid showed an early talent for music.

– To what extent were you pressured by your parents to play?

– They don’t call this pressure in Russia. It’s just the way it is. But I’m not bitter at all. If I had a strong enough desire to play rugby, I had certainly been allowed to do so, he said.

With his convincing play, Rybak won the talent competition “Kjempesjansen” on NRK in 2006.  And last year’s ESC with the self-composed song “Fairytale.” The album of the same name received international release and sold around half a million. Norway had a new superstar, with everything that comes with both ups and downs.

On 18 February this year, fans and others read the following on Rybak’s own Facebook page:  “Dear facebookies, please give me a break. I am in deep shit right now. Yesterday I had a nervous breakdown and started hitting the wall (!) till my hands were bleeding. The big guys are against me, while you demand the whole world of me. Trust me, everything will be all right. “ So it had thus happened.

About half a year after the overnight success the star had broken down with such force that it sent shock waves through the newspapers and online forums far beyond its borders. Had he, who was known for his solid ground contact, lost footing? Had the artist, who answered thousands of letters and wrote autographs for hours, become tired of his fans? What happened really?

– It was a lot of people who sent me messages. “What is it with you? You have been so reserved lately”. I wrote that they had to stop bothering me and that I would come back stronger. That was all I wanted to say and it worked. What I did not think about was that everyone around me was called by all the newspapers”, he said.

The young man who had landed in the middle of the “butter eye”, was simply tired. There were concerts, TV shows, interviews, release tours and numerous hours on the road, on rails and air. And now all this hit him.

– The “big guys” didn’t understand the situation. I said: “Please, I need to sleep”, but the management did not listen to me, he said, and takes a little break. That’s when I found out I had to do something. It was an early morning at the airport, and Rybak was exhausted. And this time he didn’t bother to pretend otherwise. The first item on the schedule was an interview with TV2.

– My manager said I didn’t look good, and we therefore could drop the interview. But I wanted to do it. I wanted to show everyone how I really felt. It was a cry for help.

– You say that the management  overexploited you?

– They probably meant well. But eventually the reality had to be shown  on TV.

– So, the Facebook message was because you were pushed too hard?

– I was in the midst of management change at that time. I could not live with a company that saw things in the way that I worked for them, and not vice versa, he said.

Since that, Kjell Arild Tiltnes has had the primary responsibility for the practical in Rybak’s career. Tiltnes is used by businesses as motivator and speaker, and he has known Alexander since he was a kid. Whether it is due to Tiltnes’ capabilities or not, Rybak seems to be in good shape now. He is pleasant and seems relaxed. That despite that the expectation pressure on him is greater than ever. In the showbiz jungle there is a law of nature, that the faster and higher one flies, the more brutal the landing will be. The fact that Norwegians are fond of both building up and tearing down, Rybak has already experienced.

The single “Fela igjen” received unanimous slaughter earlier this spring, and “Oah!”, the first song from the new album, also has got very hard criticism, with dice 1 in Dagbladet as the lowest.

How do you handle criticism? Under the heavy, brown fringe, a couple of wrinkles are seen in the forehead.

– Last year I was given dice six for the album in Dagbladet. Then I was scared. “Shit, that doesn’t happen with good artists,” I thought. Then I got dice 1 in the Swedish Aftonbladet, which strengthened the belief in my own musicality. Then I realized that I actually am that musically that it irritates some of them.

– How do you think the new album will be received?

– The reviewers are probably not going to like it. If this had been the last thing I did in my life, I would probably spend a long time to make a lot of noise. To get revenge on people and stuff. But now I only think “yes, yes”. You always go up in life. Although it sometimes goes down, you ending up on top sooner or later.

– You have to explain that some more.

– Yes. Or .. now I have to talk me out of that, “he said before he again starts talking about his favorite topic.

-I’m not sure the Eurovision victory was the highlight.

– Not?

– No. The highlight for me that night, was to get the girl I at that time was in love with. Or very interested in, at that time. During the two weeks I was in Moscow because of the final, I met the prettiest girl I had ever seen. And when I was on stage I thought:  “Can’t I just hurry to win, so I can go out on a date! Ha, ha!”

– How many of the girls you meet are concerned about the person Alexander Rybak?

– There are of course some girls who find it exciting to try to get hold of me. When they realize that I’m not the “straight in to bed” guy, they say about me: “No, he’s too serious.”.  I’m not that cool artist they thought I was. And then there are some suitors who never give up. There are some girls around Europe that send me messages every night.

– Isn’t that a little uncomfortable?

– At first I thought they were totally psycho. Especially a girl from Sweden. But now I start to get a proper sense of her. Because she dares and she doesn’t give up. And now I know that she is not completely co-co. It’s probably people like her, I’m going to have a coffee with in about ten years. Not the one I tried to get in touch with in a bar, who said she wasn’t interested, just to make herself “hard to get”.

But attempts to check up strange women in bars is history now. The bachelor and fiddler claims that he will slow down. Is that good or bad news? Rybak flashing the smile that make girls from Vladivostok to Barcelona soften their knees.

– It is good news for those girls who really try.

– And now you are sure that it’s all about only one girl?

– Yes. There is someone special I’m trying to understand now. The problem is that I get too excited. When I fall in love, I want her to share everything with me. And I do not understand why she should keep doing her things without saying something about how much fun she has with me. You know what I mean?

– No.

– What happens every time I fall in love, is that I end up feeling fuzzy. Most girls think it is too much.

– It’s too much?

– Yes. I have to change, if I’m going to get a girlfriend. My approach doesn’t work in this world. We live in individualistic times … Oh, that was a long word for me, he says, looking genuinely surprised.

– Will you ever find love?

– I think I found it with Ingrid, the one “Fairytale” is about. It was very, very true love. So if I die now, I’ve certainly experienced it.

– At age 24, is it not possible that you may experience something similar again?

– Yes, I hope so. I hope that I will find the one and true love.

– And now: A little about war and peace, and politics and stuff. “Rybak gets yelled at by Amnesty,” said Dagbladet for exactly one year ago today. It was just known that the recent Eurovision winner had agreed to join a TV show in Belarus, where President Alexander Lukashenko was present. “Untuned” Dagbladet wrote in the newspapers editorial, and emphasized that Lukashenko is described by both the EU and the USA as Europe’s last dictator. Why did Rybak do it?

– I was invited. Lukashenko was a nice guy.

– But he is referred to as Europe’s last dictator?

He shrugs his shoulders. – People like words. Dictator. Diva. There are few who know that he actually helped the Belorussian people, and that everybody has wealth. And those who do not have wealth, will be offered jobs as garbage collectors. Or they are banished to live in the countryside. And then the state doesn’t have as much responsibility for them. All are offered rehab if they are drug addicts, for example.

– Eh … You are not particularly interested in politics?

– No, says Rybak clearly. The criticism obviously did not impress Rybak further. In October, he posted a picture of himself and Lukashenko, arm in arm, on his Facebook page. Under the photo it said: “Because of him, Minsk is the cleanest and most beautiful city in Europe. Come visit! Alex “

Didn’t you understand that there would be reactions?

– Yes, he says pleased. It was either that or it would be writing about that I did not have so many people on my Russian concerts. Then I instead chose to post a picture of me and the president.

– To divert attention away from the fact that you were not as popular everywhere?

Rybak nods. – Last year I called Eurovision a gay parade, and it become a happy case in the newspapers. If I had said the same thing now, it would be published together with a real bad picture of me. I do not know how I did it, but last year I managed in a way to control the media.

– You said at one point that you should stop to read everything that was written about you. Have you done that?

– I did it in a while, but then I started again. It’s good to know what people are writing about me.

– Do you recognize yourself in it?

– Yes, definitely. I say some stupid things, make some mistakes and learn from them. And then I try not to hurt anybody on my way.

Alexander Rybak is famous in Norway, but he is even more famous in the former Soviet Union. And that creates money. But when the cake is shared, is the main character just one of many.

– Gross fees may have been, I do not know, ten million?

– How much is left for you?

– Let’s just pretend that I have received a great deal.

– The management has taken the rest?

– Among others, yes. I can understand anyway. They were eight, I was only one, he says and smiles.

In February Rybak dug up five million, and got an apartment at Aker Brygge. There is a swimming pool on the roof, and from the balcony the celebrity can look at the hectic nightlife without being seen. So Rybak admits that he has been left with something. That he is particularly fond of luxury, is not correct.

Some might think that an apartment at Aker Brygge can be described as a luxury?

-Yes, but I do not want unnecessary luxury. I got embarrassed, when I was offered my own car instead of driving in the van with the rest of the band. I rejected that. But I love knowing that I have a luxury escape room.

– Is it practical that the escape room is not so far away from  the boat to Nesodden and mom and dad?

– Yes, especially when I need to get my clothes washed. He-he.

– When millions of eyes and ears tonight are tuned into Telenor Arena at Fornebu, Alexander Rybak, like the rest of the country, is probably crossing his fingers for Didrik Solli-Tangen and his “My heart is yours”.
But it’s still not his favorite. And is it due solely to musical qualities?

– Didrik’s greatest competitor, and my favorite is Germany. Her name is Lena and something, says  Rybak and get a little lost. And then we are back to Rybak’s favorite theme. Again.

– Have you seen her? She is sooo sweet! Similar to Marit Larsen, except that she’s just so much cheekier. Very lovely, he said. Yes, and I’m going to invite her for dinner.

Practise little – Play a lot! – Alexander advises young string-players. April 22nd 2010

Original Article in 22.4.2010

Tekst: Torgeir Snilsberg. Foto Geir Hansen

Link to original article: Click here

Translation by Marianne S.
English and article revision by Annijo

Practise little, play a lot!

16 young local string-players welcomed Alexander Rybak with the well-known ” Fairytale” in Moss Art-gallery yesterday afternoon.

-You are so good! Complimented last years ESC-winner, who in return played together with – and gave advice to the children, even though not all the advice was educationally “correct”!
– Do you practise every day? That is a lot more than I do. When I was little I practised 2-3 hours every day. Now, I don´t practise at all, smiled the popular guest. Continue reading Practise little — Play a lot! — Alexander advises young string-players. April 22nd 2010

Bergen Youth Orchestra in Japan with Alexander Rybak – Report from the tour. March 29th – April 4th, 2010

From March 29th – April 4th, 2010 – Alexander accompanied the Youth Orchestra “Ung Symfoni” on a concert-tour in Japan. The report is written by Elisabet Haavet and was found at the webpage of UNG SYMFONI, HORDALAND

Translation of the last parts of the report,  in which Alexander is mentioned by Marianne Saietz:

“The concert in Osaka, would take place in the amazing IZUMI HALL. It was right next to the hotel and everybody got VIP-cards to get in and out. It was a big pleasure to practise there and people were well-rested from beds, spa and Ferris wheel. Funny, it was also, to accompany and sing back-vocals for Alexander Rybak – still a bit ours!! – and the orchestra took it as good sports, that he changed the partitur 140 times along the way. Swing it did and at the concert, he made the Japanese sing along and clap too. Continue reading Bergen Youth Orchestra in Japan with Alexander Rybak — Report from the tour. March 29th — April 4th, 2010

Valdres Sommersymfoni and its project “Playing for a Future”

(the following article was provided by Valdres Sommersymfoni and translated from Norwegian to English by Marianne)

Valdres Summer Symphony
Valdres Summer Symphony will be conducted this year for the 17th time. The festival has gained status as the leading summer music school of classical music – with strings, wind-instruments, piano, vocals and, this year, also guitar – and aims to be the place where students are inspired and where dreams are created. There is also a festival where international top-performers meet and work with each other and with the young advanced students.
This makes the Summer Symphony unique in an international context. For several of the country’s leading talents, as Vilde (Frang) Bjerke, Eldbjørg Hemsing, Catharina Chen and Alexander Rybak, Valdres Summer Symphony was their first meeting with a professional musical environment, where important contacts were linked; contacts that later became central to further development. From winter 2009 we also offer courses during the winter.

Continue reading Valdres Sommersymfoni and its project “Playing for a Future”

Outdoor concert in Oslo, Rådhusplassen, May 17th, 2010

(researched by Tessa La)

Oslo is planning a two week festival named “The sound of Oslo” in connection with the “Eurovision Song Contest 2010”. Alexander is among the artists who set the first party at Rådhusplassen on 17th May.

More info about that event you can find HERE

Collection of articles about Alex, April 7th – 10th, 2010

Norwegian press about Alex’s nomination in the most coveted Russian Music Awards “Muz TV 2010”

(researched by Ingegerd Claesson)

1), April 7th, 2010 – VG has written about Alexander being nominated for Russian Music Award. It looks like they got the information from Facebook. Continue reading Collection of articles about Alex, April 7th — 10th, 2010