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He is a unique artist

Author: Eirik Sivertsen  Published14.05.2009  Source:  Translation by TessaLa. Revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak sees actor Dennis Storhøi as his artistic mentor. Dennis on his side is unabashed in tribute of his young colleague.

Back then Alexander had recently become the winner of NRK’s Kjempesjansen and was asked by director Svein Sturla Hungnes about taking the role as the Fiddler in the world-famous musical. Continue reading Dennis Storhøi: ALEXANDER IS A UNIQUE ARTIST

Interview with Alexander Rybak before the semifinal of ESC 2009 in Moscow

Source:  published 10.05.2009.


Translation by Tessa Lande. English revision by Anni Jowett

BLIR KJENT IGJEN: Alexander Rybak med to russiske fans utenfor Olympiastadion i Moskva. Foto: PÅL NORDSETH

 I became “Harry” (not trendy) overnight.

But Rybak believes it is 98 percent certain that he will go on to the Eurovision final.

MOSCOW (Dagbladet): On Thursday Alexander Rybak has to convince both the TV audience and the professional jury that he belongs in the final on Saturday.

With a dose of Drillo Mathematics, and the knowledge  that many people at home plan to follow Saturday’s finale on big screen in assembly halls and pubs, Rybak now estimates that it is 98 percent certain that he advances further from Thursday’s semifinal.

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Article: Million coup of Alexander Rybak. VG. 22.02.2009

Text: Camilla Bjørn and Marcus Husby

Photo: Espen Braata and Kristian Helgesen

Found by Marijke Arentsen. English translation by Jorunn Ekre. English revision by Katie Anderson and Anni Jowett.

Alexander gets the royalties: Million coup.

Alexander Rybak can laugh all the way to the bank after his record breaking victory in Melodi Grand Prix yesterday.

– It feels great, and overwhelming. It`s so wonderful that I get the chance to be the fiddler I`ve always dreamt of becoming.- Rybak says to VG. Last night the heartthrob celebrated his crushing Grand Prix victory at Hard Rock Cafe, after having received the amazing amount of 747 888 audience votes (the highest amount in the history of MGP), and beating the seven other finalists with the song “Fairytale”.

Thanks his ex-girlfriend

Rybak and his Frikar dancers got 600,000 more votes than their arch rival, Tone Damli Aaberge, who became second.

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Article: “Fiddle-dee-dee!”. Feb 7th 2009

Article published on Schlagerblog  7.2.2009

Written by Schlagerboys. Link to original article here

Found by Tessa La
Article revised by AnniJo


 About The Schlagerboys: The Schlagerboys love Eurovision and were born on the day Alcazar and Shirley Clamp kicked off Melodifestivalen in 2005. Since then we have set ourselves the task of championing schlager at every opportunity; travelling to various National Finals and trying to get on TV as much as possible campaigning for key changes. We want to be Swedish or Norwegian and sometimes Maltese, depending on their Eurovision song for the year. Outside the Eurovision season the Schlagerboys live in Birmingham in the UK trying to inject a bit of glitter and glamour in to everyone’s lives!

February 07, 2009


The Schlagerboys won’t be watching the last Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix semi-final tonight as we’ll be sitting through 5 hours of Maltese songs waiting for Jade to come on halfway through… However, we’ll be sending schlager good luck wishes to Alexander, who’ll be fiddling his way through “Fairytale”, and hopefully to the final in two weeks…

Schlagerboys: How did you get involved with the Melodi Grand Prix?

Alexander Rybak: I met this funny little schlagergnome called Per, and the rest is history…

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Article: Fedje celebrated with Elisabeth and Alexander. March 24th 2009

Fedje celebrated with Elisabeth and Alexander.

Source:   published : 24.3.2009.
Text and photos by Hans Egil Storheim.

Found by Tessa Lande. Translation by Laila Solum Hansen
English revision by Anni Jowett

“Everything was cool!” decided Elise Blomvågnes (7) after the Grand Prix-concert at Fedje.
The answer from the seven-year old came after Elise and 400 others gave a standing ovation for Elisabeth ‘Bettan’ Andreassen and Alexander Rybak’s concert.

Together with their skilled musicians, the artists went around in the packed multi-use hall. And from the stage Elisabeth had given a clear attestation to the people of Fedje, who filled up most of the seats: – “Oh my…how you have struggled to raise the wreck of the submarine!”

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