Schedule 2018 – Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak’s  events and official footsteps in 2018

Here you will find an overview of upcoming and past events for 2018, as we know of, and Alexander’s footsteps that is official.

Alexander’s official event list you’ll find HERE 




Week 15 – The rehearsal for the Soot-Play starts 

20th -.…. Alexander in Portugal some days recording the promo postcard for Eurovision

21thTV-show, Ukraine – 


1.- 13th – The Eurovision Song Contest days

Norway takes part in the 2. semi-final. The time is given in local time, which is one hour before CET:

9thPress rehearsal(closed event) at 14.00-16.25 
9thJury Show at 20.00-22.10 
10th  Family show at 14.00-16.10
10th – TV-show, Norway – Hello Europe! – Documentary about Alexander
10th – 2. Semi-final at 20.00- 22.10
Press conference – 22.30 – 23.10 (for the artists/countries who passed to the Grand Final)

If Norway goes through to the final:

11thPress rehearsal(closed event) at 13.00-16.00 
11thJury Show at 20.00-23.30 
12th  Family show at 13.00-16.30
12th – Grand Final at 20.00- 23.30
Press conference – TBA


9thSummer festival concert in Budapest, Hungary – MORE INFO

The theater play “Soot-Spelet” with 10 hows between the 22. of June and 1st of  JulyMORE INFO 

22-24th Theater play, Norway –  “Soot-Spelet”, in Ørje, Norway
26-29thTheater play, Norway –  “Soot-Spelet” in Ørje, Norway
30thTheater play, Norway –  “Soot-Spelet” in Ørje, Norway. Two shows this day


1st – Theater play , Norway –  “Soot-Spelet” in Ørje, Norway. Final show.

14th – Festival concert, Sweden – Performing at Victoriadagen in Borgholm (Öland) MORE INFO

20th  – Festival concert, Estonia – Performing at the Baltic Sun Festival in Narva, Estonia MORE INFO 



Click here for tickets and more info about the tour with Trondheimsolistene

6th – Classical concert, Flekkefjord, Norway – Concert with TrondheimSolistene

7th – Classical concert, Mandal, Norway – Concert with TrondheimSolistene in Mandal church. 
8th – Classical concert, Grimstad, Norway – Concert with TrondheimSolistene in Grimstad kulturhus. 

9th – Classical concert, Borre in Vestfold, Norway – Concert with TrondheimSolistene

12th – Classical concert, Narvik, Norway – Concert with TrondheimSolistene

13th – Classical concert, Harstad, Norway – Concert with Trondheimsolistene

15th – Classical concert, Leknes in Lofoten, Norway – Concert with TrondheimSolistene.


In this list of past events, you may also find links to videos or interviews etc from these past events. Just click on the “red marked text” 🙂


20thTV-show, Norway – Guest in the Norwegian talk-show “Lindmo” on NRK1. VIDEO OF THE SHOW

16th – Recording of the Norwegian talk-show “Lindmo”.  Broadcast on NRK1 20.1.18

15th – New music video: Realse of Alexander’s entry for Melodi Grand Prix – “That’s How You Write a Song”  MUSIC VIDEO

15thPress conference – Alexander announced as participant in the Norwegian Eurovision selection, Melodi Grand Prix- WATCH THE INTERVIEWS

6th – TV-show, Norway  – “Hver gang vi møtes – Special” with highlights from earlier seasons, but also new interviews with the artists. Pre-recorded. VIDEO OF THE SHOW



2-4th – Choir seminar  – “Fremtidens talenter møtes” , Mo i Rana, Norway – Event info
4th   – Seminar concert – Gruben church, Mo i Rana, Norway – Event info  

10th – Radio show, Norway – “Snart MGP” (Soon MGP). MORE INFO



5. – 9th – The MGP week. Several happenings during the whole week. MORE INFO

10th – TV-Show MGP – The final in Melodi Grand Prix 2018 – MORE INFO

11th Radio show, Norway  – Guest in the Norwegian radio program “Søndagsåpent” YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE  TALK

16thTV-show, Norway – Guest in the talk-show SKAVLAN  – Event info       VIDEO OF THE SHOW 

Vacation with Julie in LA, USA



3rdPhotoshot for the “Soot-Spelet”

7th  – TV-show, Norway. Alexander performed in “Virtous 2018” which is the Norwegian national final for the Eurovision Young Musicians. 
Event info –  Video of the interview   –  Alexander’s performance “Jelaous”  – Video with  Alexander’s message 

21st – TV-show, Ukraine -“Svetskaya Zhizn ”. Event info                            Video of the interview

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