Alexander with Paul de Leeuw in the TV-show “Manneke Paul”. Belgium. Nov. 5th 2012

The TV-show was recorded 4.11.2012. Broadcasted on VTM 5.11.2012. All rights belong to VTM

The full part of the “Manneke Paul”-show, with Alexander:

Interview, and performance of “Leave Me Alone”

This was the third time, Alexander was in a TV-show with Paul de Leeuw. The first time was in May 2009, on Dutch TV, right after Alexanders victory in ESC. Here,  Alexander did an improvisation of the song “Losing my mind” with Paul de Leeuw. In 2012,  3,5 years later, they performed the same song together:-)

2012: Alexander Rybak and Paul de Leeuw 2012: “Losing my mind” /”´t Is of de wereld vergaat”

 The first performance of “Losing my mind” by Alexander and Paul de Leeuw in May 2009. Uploaded by Senssus. Lyrics of the song in Dutch and English in the video-description.

2009: Alexander Rybak and Paul de Leeuw 2009: “Loosing my mind” /”´t Is of de wereld vergaat”

Photo from the Show. (VTM)

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