Alexander Rybak аt “Spellemann awards 2010”.05.03.2011

Alexander has been interviewed by the press on the red carpet of Oslo Spectrum, where he gave the Spellemann-2010 award. Also Alexander introduced his gorgeous girlfriend Maria to the world;) Cheers!:))

Video recording and editing by Julia Bezbakh. English translation by Tessa La. Russian translation by Sofia Khodorovskaya and Sonia Lusina. Greek translation by Yannis P. Czech translation by Jitka Holanova. Turkish translation by Alev CT. Subs by Zhanna Sergueeva.

Alexander Rybak dancing Slowfox and Charleston at Let’s dance. 04.03.2011

Recording by Yannis P. English translation by Tessa La. Russian translation and subs by Zhanna Sergueeva. Greek translation by Yannis Pap. Czech translation by Jitka Holanova.

Let’s dance, Slowfox and Charleston, March 4th, 2011

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Interview of Alexander Rybak to Aftonbladet

Thanks to Ingegerd Claesson , who found and translated it.

”I was very depressed”

By  Jon Forsling

Rybak has vomited several times during ”Let’s dance” – now he speaks out about the drama. The dramatic vomiting during live broadcast wasn’t a one off. Now chooses Alexander Rybak,24, to speak about what caused the drama in ”Let’s dance” last week. “I have been very very depressed”, he says.

It was last week that the Norwegian Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak, 24, unexpectedly interrupted an interview with David Hellenius in TV4’s ”Let’s dance”. He had just finished his dance performance with his partner Malin Johansson when he suddenly excused himself. “Dear jury and David, can you entertain Malin for a minute. I just have to run to the bathroom”, he said during the live broadcast and rushed out.

”Start to compete for real now”

Afterwards he revealed that he had to go to a bathroom to through up. The reason given was a temporary stomach disease or food poisoning- but Alexander Rybak now chooses to tell Nöjesbladet[section of Aftonbladet] the truth.

– It has been like this the last weeks, it just that I have managed to hide it.

Do you mean that you have vomited several times during this period?

-Yes, yes. But I’m feeling much better now.

Then he starts talking and tells that the time in ”Let’s dance” have been full of physical and emotional problems:

– I haven’t had a vacation for three years. I have started to say no to some things now, but before I was trying to be some kind of ”alpha-male” and do many things at the same time. Now I’m happy that I didn’t tried to be happy during those periods when I was very, very depressed. Now it feels like I can start to compete for real. ”Let’s dance is like a long distance race, now I have a completely different attitude.

Only breaths through the mouth

What was it that made you feel bad?

– It was many factors that contributed. Private stuff that I don’t want to talk about, at the same time it was all the jobs I was doing. It didn’t give me any time to think about private matters until I was going to bed. Then I started to think about my private problems and couldn’t sleep. Then there’s a medical problem which makes it only possible to breath through my mouth, I’m getting treatment and eats a lot of tablets. I have only been healthy for ten days this year.

Have you gotten any help for this?

– Yes I have sought more professional help than I ever thought I was going to need.

Have you talked with someone or is more of medical help?

– Both. Everybody have concluded that I’m normal. I’m just Norwegian(laugh).

What does your family say?

– It was dad who convinced me to continue with ”Let’s Dance”. He said ”it’s good that you listen to the doctors , but if you quit now you will always feel the pressure, because you once quit a job”.

Were you seriously thinking about leaving ”Let’s Dance”?

-Everybody around me said I should do it. But I made the best of the situation.

After ”Let’s dance” plans Alexander Rybak to take it easier.

-I hope I will able to leave the pop-star life for a while. I have made two albums in two years, and I’m very privileged. That part of being famous is fun.
-But I don’t feel like I have achieved anything great by dancing.

Alexander Rybak at Let’s dance. Rehearsal of Charleston dance. 03.03.2011

Recorded by Sonya Luzina.

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