Let’s dance, Jive and Swing marathon, February 25th, 2011

(used photos from the web-sites: www.expressen.se, www.aftonbladet.se, www.tv4.se,www.starlounge.com)

Alexander’s self composed ballet for two – “Pas de Deux” 19.02.2011

Listen to Alexander Rybak’s self composed classical piece for ballet, «Pas de Deux» (=steps of two), which he performed with Kathrine at the Opera Festival in Kristiansund, Norway, 19 Feb. 2011!

Many thanks to Hildebjorg Ha for this recording!

Also on Dailymotion: http://dai.ly/hLd7IN

Alexander Rybak in Ukrainian TV program “Nashi” (Ours)

(Source found by Sonya Luzina. Recording and Greek translation by Yannis P. English translation and subs by Julia Bezbakh )

Big concert of Alexander Rybak, Vitaliy Kozlovsky and talented children in Kiev

The concert was held on 19th October, 2010 in Kiev, October Palace. More than 40 Facebookies from 5 countries were present there! We had so much fan and lots of amazing memories from this great concert! The TV version was broadcasted on Ukrainian TV on February 15th, 2011.

Many thanks for the recording of full concert (in 6 parts) to Svetlana Plyasun.

Part 1.

Description: This part doesn’t contain Alexander’s performance

1. Children from music boarding school. 2. Ballet “Forsyth” – Scotland 3. Vitaliy Kozlovskiy – “Ti hotela”

Part 2.


1. Vitaliy Kozlovskiy – “Nado lubit”
2. Alexander Rybak – Europe’s skies
3. Alexander Rybak – Funny little world

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Mini-concert in Mega, Moscow, February 12th, 2011

(pictures by Kate Lunar, Kristina Ovcharenko, Shezhanna Poluboyarinova, Irina Kuvaldina and Viktoria Kashtankina)

Run by a worldwide team of Alexander Rybak's fans