Making thousands of Wild Russe girls Cheer! 27.04.2011

Article from by Trine Høklie Jonassen. Photo: Torbjørn Berg. Published 27.04.11

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Translation by Laila Solum Hansen

Revised by Bita Janz

Made thousands of wild ‘Russe’-girls cheer

Alexander Rybak has made a new version of ‘Fairytale’ for an audience of Bærum girls. Yesterday, he had thousands of ecstatic ‘Russe’ girls cheering for his latest new song. Alexander Rybak has created, as many other artists before him have created as well– a special ‘Russe’ song.

Party Song

Yesterday evening, around 6,000 people gathered for the ‘Russe bus’ election at the Telenor Arena in Bærum. According to, the girls at “Atlantis” received a fair amount of attention when the song was played for the first time in front of the wild audience all dressed in red and blue.

“It’s pretty admirable that he did this. The song is extremely catchy, and it functions surprisingly well as a ‘Russe’ song! Even if it is a party song, you can still hear the typical “Rybak” elements” says Susanne Hægeland, one of the 24 girls on the bus.


It is not unusual for famous artists to write special songs for the ‘Russe’. It is well known that ‘Russe’ songs are a big deal for Norwegian music producers, and usually bring in a lot of revenue. Just yesterday, one producer confirmed to Aftenposten that a package of two ‘Russe’ songs could cost up to 80,000 NOK. But the Eurovision winner from two years ago, who is also a former student of the Bærum school Rud, has done all of this for free.

– “Atlantis” does have more songs to offer, but this one’s the best. Not to mention that he has done it all for free” Hægeland tells, and adds: “Now we’re real ‘buddies’ with Rybak. It’s pretty cool!”

3 thoughts on “Making thousands of Wild Russe girls Cheer! 27.04.2011”

  1. It’s probably impossible but i would like Alex to write a song for my university graduation in about 10 years or for my school graduation in 4 years if everything goes well… Guys… I’m just dreaming…!!!!!!

  2. His new song is great great great as always! 🙂 What else?
    I’m still dreaming of meeting him one day. Unfortunately there weren’t any concerts in Germany yet. 🙁 He is such a great musician! He doesn’t set value in clothes, but only in the music and I think that’s very admirable! I love him for his wonderful music, his charisma, his smile…:) He is simply amazing!
    Maria and Alex are such a great couple and I wish them good luck! (:

    1. Katharina, you can meet him in Germany, if you attend Eurovision in Dusseldorf! He will be there as a reporter of NRK TV-channel and will support Norwegian participant;) He is starting his new job next weekend;)

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