A hilarious backstage video from Finland (January 2010)

Alex, Torkjell, Ådne, Kathrine, Moa and Maria in Finland, 29-31 January 2010
Video was made by ÅDNE KOLBJØRNSHUS

Thank you so much, Ådne!

14 thoughts on “A hilarious backstage video from Finland (January 2010)”

  1. Очень позитивные ребята. Моа -- милая девушка с чувством юмора. Ну а Сушка -- просто чудо из чудес!!!!! Люблю его, желаю счастья!!!!

  2. Really cool video! I love it 🙂 But I don’t understand… But who cares? 😀 They’re funny even without my understanding 😀

  3. WooooooH!!!!!)) SuPeR!!!))) Veeery positiv!!!!) NICE!!!))) THAAAAAaaaaaAank you very much, Adne!!!

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