Article and pictures: Alexander Rybak – the children’s superstar

Article from paper issue of  “Opdalingen” 4.9.12.

Text and photo: Siv Storløkken

Energy bombs: Alexander Rybak in front of Superbarna (from left) Tobias, Kristine, Thea, Benjamin, Pernille and Jonatan.

The children’s superstars

Found and translated by Tessa La. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn.


Everyone was waiting for Alexander Rybak, but Superbarna impressed far more.
Auna: Children of all ages filled up the Culture House, and although there was great applause when the initiator Monica Beach entered the scene, there was no doubt who, that the most had come to see.

Supebarna made you feel happy with their vibrant and energetic mood songs. Even if the concert in many ways was in the style of the Sunday School, this is music all children, regardless of religious affiliation, can be engaged off.

Alexander Rybak invited the audience to sing along

The six children between the ages of four to twelve years, Mona Johansen Emilsen, Kristine Bang thoria, Jenny Louise Absolutely, Thea Haugland, Jonathan Hiis Ånestad, Benjamin Asphol and Tobias Asphol, managed to land straight into the audiences hearts.
Not only did they burst of singing joy and lust of life, even if some of the boys certainly looked bit a bored a little while, they also had good voices to be proud of. At a certain age, children can float for long on charm, but these guys had much more.

The concert was ended with a Good Night song made by young Tobias himself

Superbarna is an initiative of the married couple Tone Lise and Knut Bjørnar Asphol. The latter has been the producer and guitarist for Rybak, who therefore probably didn’t have any difficulty to ask for this first public performance.

Alexander Rybak got a memory to bring back home from Oppdal

– This is a fun break from everyday life,- the superstar said himself, having just boasted that Oppdal has the greatest kids. – Especially when I see that none of them are mine. Rybak delivered as usual. He is a big charmer, full of charisma, had the courage to do some cheeky jokes despite the context, and he is 100% present. And although big hits like “Fairytale” and “Funny Little World” still hit like a shot, it cannot hide the fact that Rybak is a far better violinist than singer.

Direction wise, the concert was easy settled, with the exception of “Universal Monster”, where it was dark, with thunder and lightning appearing before the children came dressed up with masks on stage. It was a lovely break, although it was a little scary in the beginning for some of the youngest, but that passed quickly when the song started.

If the next concert by Superbarna in Oppdal is not for free, I am still sure that many “outside the church” will show up.

Autograph hunting 1: Superbarna signing like “the ink was spraying”

Autograph hunting 2: But it was no doubt that it was Alexander Rybak most of them really were waiting for.

More pictures from the event you can find here:

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