Alexander Rybak’s performance at Moscow university student’s party. 20.12.11

Picture by Lena Snetkova

Alexander performed on the New Year party for student of Moscow university at Roll Hall on December 20, 2011. This concert was so long awaited by Russian fans that there are lots of videos all over Internet. We made this list out from best recordings, but we are sure there are much more recordings and many of them are coming and coming to Youtube every day.

Thanks a lot to Victoria Vikhrova, Kate Lunar, Julia Tkach, Viktoria Kashtankina, Lesya Kozhevnikova and Julia Bezbakh for their recordings!:)

Небеса Европы/Nebesa Evropy (Russian version of Europe skies)

Also this video contains “Skazka”, FLW and “Let it snow” and all talks in between songs

recording by Victoria Vikhrova

Сказка/Skazka (Russian Fairytale)

recording by Viktoria Kashtankina

Funny little world

recording by Julia Bezbakh

Let it snow

recording by Julia Bezbakh

Как ты красива сегодня / Kak ty krasiva segodnya (Russian prototype for 5000 letters)

recording by Julia Bezbakh

Аlways a woman

recording by Victoria Vikhrova

Viva la vida

recording by Julia Tkach

Стрела Амура/Strela Amura (Russian analogue of Oah)

recording by Kate Lunar

Roll with the wind

recording by Kate Lunar


This video also contains part of RWW and “Fairytale”

recording by Lesya Kozhevnikova


recording by Kate Lunar

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